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Joe Giudice Haunted by Mysterious Radio-waves?

Some time ago, a comment was posted on the I Hate Jill Zarin blog, by a commenter using the screen name, "Ches". The comment was a question about an FCC, (Federal Communications Commission), complaint, regarding Joe, (aka Giuseppe), Giudice.
The FCC posts complaints on their website as a matter of public record. Here is a screen capture of the notice that JOE GIUDICE received from the FCC:

The New York Office received information that an unlicensed broadcast radio station on 107.9
MHz was allegedly operating in East Orange, NJ. On February 27, 2010, agents from this office
confirmed by direction finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 107.9 MHz were
emanating from your building at 6 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange, NJ. The Commission’s
records show that no license was issued for operation of a broadcast station on 107.9 MHz at this
location in East Orange, NJ.
Radio stations must be licensed by the FCC pursuant to 47 U.S.C. § 301. The only exception to
this licensing requirement is for certain transmitters using or operating at a power level or mode
of operation that complies with the standards established in Part 15 of the Commission’s rules,
47 C.F.R. §§ 15.1 et seq. The field strength of the signal on frequency 107.9 MHz was
measured at 10,062 microvolts per meter (μV/m) at 275 meters, which exceeded the maximum
permitted level of 250 μV/m at 3 meters for non-licensed devices. Thus, this station is operating
in violation of 47 U.S.C. § 301.
You are hereby warned that operation of radio transmitting equipment without a valid radio
station authorization constitutes a violation of the Federal laws cited above and could subject the
operator to severe penalties, including, but not limited to, substantial monetary fines, in rem
arrest action against the offending radio equipment, and criminal sanctions including
imprisonment. (see 47 U.S.C. §§ 401, 501, 503 and 510).
IMMEDIATELY. (quoted text FCC notice to Joe Giudice)
In itself, aside from the fact that GIUDICE is somewhat notorious, this notice is not too interesting. It could be anything-right? We've all seen notices about accidentally interfering with the broadcast airwaves. I recently purchased a hair-dryer that had an FCC interference warning attached to it.  So as a one-off, this complaint appears to be some kind of electronic oversight.
That is until the complaints started to accumulate for various other properties that Giudice has owned under other names, and his business entities. Like this one:pdf. link to FCC database.
October 22, 2009
Canus Corporation
Philadelphia, PA
Case Number: EB-09-NY-0309
Document Number: W201032380014
The New York Office received information that an unlicensed broadcast radio station on 107.9
MHz was allegedly operating in East Orange, NJ. On October 5, 2009, agents from this office
confirmed by direction finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 107.9 MHz were
emanating from your building located at 470 Park Avenue, East Orange, NJ. The Commission’s
records show that no license was issued for operation of a broadcast station on 107.9 MHz at this
location in East Orange, NJ.

And THIS-(link to pdf. in FCC database), one.
August 18, 2009
17 Webster Place Association, LLC
Clifton, NJ
Case Number: EB-09-NY-0237
Document Number: W200932380057
The New York Office received information that an unlicensed broadcast radio station on 99.9
MHz was allegedly operating in East Orange, NJ. On August 16, and 17, 2009, agents from this
office confirmed by direction finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 99.9 MHz were
emanating from your building at 17 Webster Place, East Orange, NJ. The Commission’s records
show that no license was issued for operation of a broadcast station on 99.9 MHz at this location
in East Orange, NJ.

And, THIS, (link to pdf. in FCC database)
December 17, 2009
17 Webster Place Association, LLC
Clifton, NJ
Case Number: EB-09-NY-0358
Document Number: W201032380019
The New York Office received information that an unlicensed broadcast radio station on 107.9
MHz was allegedly operating in East Orange, NJ. On December 4, and 16, 2009, agents from
this office confirmed by direction finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 107.9 MHz
were emanating from your building at 17 Webster Place, East Orange, NJ, 07018. The
Commission’s records show that no license was issued for operation of a broadcast station on
107.9 MHz at this location in East Orange, NJ.

I researched who actually has the license to broadcast on FM, 107.9, in New Jersey, and there is a high-school, (ironically called, "The Pirates"), in NJ, that is legally allowed to broadcast on that frequency.
Yes, it is possible that someone could accidentally be interfering with radio-signals, but, to actually have the FCC, come out to your property, and monitor signals, and to have that happen MORE THAN ONCE, at MORE THAN ONE property that you are somehow affiliated-with, seems highly Unlikely-doesn't it?

Friday, December 17, 2010

NEW! Bonus Page added-Stalking the NJ Housewives

I've added a page which is linked at the top of this main page. Its the "Perma-link", page.
The purpose of this page is to keep resources for looking-up information in an easy to find place.
The first addition to the page is a link to the New Jersey Business Gateway page. I highlighted the search-choices that gave me good results with free information.
I'm also adding, below that, a direct link to some of the legal information databases that I have posted here before, but it tends to get lost, for easy searching.
Maybe I'll even add other surprises and links and tools that I find useful.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Updated Documents in Giudice Bankrupcy

In honor of the occasion of JOE AND TERESA GIUDICE'S appearance in Federal Bankruptcy court today, I went a lookin' for public documents on the case. I found a few recently uploaded, and I shared them on RECAP.
I also copied, and uploaded them to SCRIBD for your perusing pleasure. There are two sets of various, random, miscellaneous documents, with some interesting NEW! tidbits.
The official legal notice of household items, (that went-down today according to the docs.), and a list of creditors who were notified which includes the New York City Parking Violations Bureau.
You can see the docs HeRE and HeRe!

As far as I know, the proceedings that began today, are scheduled to be a two-day event. Official documents from today's proceedings have not been updated online, as far as I know.

Ratings Wrap-up Season II

10pm Monday Nights (Final Episode, 9pm)
I collected the Neilson Ratings for Season II that were updated weekly on TV By The Numbers during the broadcast season. I input the data into a handy-dandy graph-generator.
It should also be noted that many of these numbers represented record-highs for BRAVO and REAL HOUSEWIVES viewership.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Giudice Documents

just because he is cute!
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL   featured SONJA MORGAN'S bankruptcy filing today in the Bankruptcy Beat column. Included with the story, is a link to the filing documents, hosted on a document uploading site called, SCRIBED.
I liked the way that SCRIBED made the docs. easy to view & read, and I've been looking for a smooth way to upload documents.
I've had these saved for awhile, and I thought that I shared-them via recap, but I keep seeing questions about the Federal charges against Joe and Teresa. The documents that I  uploaded are charges that were made, AND the response to the charges from Joe & Teresa's lawyer.
I've looked for more as recently as last week, but have not found much else. Notice that the case number is different than the original case number on this and they are filed by the Federal Department of Justice representative for the Giudice's location.
Here's a link to the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE complaints, and the response from JOE & T'S lawyers , that I posted on SCRIBED.

Friday, November 5, 2010

While We're Waiting for more NJ Housewives.................Instant Free! Eyelift! & Wrinkle Deleter

So I thought that I would share something here with anyone who drops-in. A-Thank-you for visiting this site!, and B, if you're like me, you may be a, "certain age".

model-sagging skin
I guess that could be any age, but specifically, I'm referring to that age in which gravity starts to do funny things to your skin.

A while ago, someone borrowed my pillow, and forgot to return it. That is my first, "suspect". Then I got new glasses. Anyhow, due to what I think is a combination of, time, gravity, not using the right pillow, throw-in some allergies/sinus, and not squinting anymore and, I woke-up one day to a sorry sight.

BAGS under my eyes! As I was searching for a plastic surgeon online & gathering information about the problem, I came-across some products that were basically, TAPE. That's right-tape. Hmmmmm.
I tried it and it worked.

The end.

OK-not really the end. Of course I have to remind you about how delicate the skin under your eyes really is. That may be part of why this actually worked for me so well? Anyhow, you may want to make the tape a little, "un-sticky-er", by putting it on your hand, and peeling it off before you use it on your under-eye area.

I do NOT recommend duct tape. The adhesive is way too strong for this, you actually want to make sure NOT to tear, or damage your skin! And you don't want the tape to get stuck on your eyelashes either! And whatever you try, you sure do not want to get ANYTHING in your eye itself!

Anyhow--since my problem was worse in the morning, upon waking, I decided to apply the tape, (and I think that you could use First-Aid tape, but I used regular, "invisible"-style), overnight. Other people online have sworn-by the tape-method for erasing wrinkles on the forehead, and especially the, "11", between the eyebrows. Just use as much or as little tape as you want, in whatever way makes sense to you, and carefully remove it in the morning. Or, use whatever you normally wash your face with, to help remove it.

In my case, something was going-on with my facial skin at night. In using the tape, I have more of a choice with how my skin looks in the morning, and for the rest of the day actually since whatever fluids were building-up in my under-eye area, were re-directed to my cheeks and the outer side of my face.

People who have plastic surgery wear compression bandages, like Ace Bandages, to help the fluids under the skin settle in the right place, and, "bandaging", (being wrapped in elastic bandages), is actually a treatment being offered without the surgery part. I'm considering purchasing one of these, "after-face-lift", compression bandages to wear at night, minus the face-lift, to see if I have a good result. They are surprisingly inexpensive, (about $29.-$40.), and I bet that I could even find a used one to launder, from someone who had a face-lift.

I'm basing the principal of this on what has been happening to my facial skin while I sleep because it makes sense-doesn't it? Instead-of waking-up with a crazy line on my face because-of how I slept, I'm actually telling my skin how I want it to look, and shaping it, while pushing the lines, and materials under the skin, to the outer-areas of my face.

I was watching The Doctors the other day, and they actually recommended using regular white glue, like Elmer's glue, as an inexpensive alternative to the Biore products. They said to apply some glue. Allow it to dry, and then peel it off. I'm planning on trying a "glue-mask" myself, and also experimenting with a little under my eye. Maybe the blue gel kind that dries clear? Forget about Krazy-glue, or anything strong or possibly toxic, it could cause serious skin damage & scaring. But if The Doctors say that its OK to put Elmer's Glue on your face, it must be pretty safe, (I hope). I think they did say that you could even dilute the glue with milk, or water. They didn't say that you should fan your skin to help the glue dry faster, but I think that I will do that. They may have recommend a low setting on your hair-dryer?

The other tip that I saw a lot of was to use Preparation "H", under the eyes, the one with the shark-oil, and/or raw potato slices. (I tried a frozen french fry and that worked also), but for me, the TAPE, worked like a miracle, and since I used the clear-tape, it was barely noticeable, (plus I was sleeping anyhow).
As a bonus, my sinus feels like it has also cleared-up since I used the tape.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!


So there was some recent activity in the GIUDICE bankruptcy case. 2 of JOE'S business properties, including Giuseppe's Home-style Pizza, along-with the upstairs domicile(s) & other businesses located at 1576 Maple Ave., in Hillside, were freed from the protection of the bankruptcy case, in effect, allowing the mortgage lenders to begin foreclosure and/or other legal remedies that had been blocked by the bankruptcy case.
(copied from PACER/uploaded to RECAP)

Click-on Doc to view
 Life & Style Magazine has a current story reporting that JOE was a strip-club regular at a strip-joint that closed-down in 2006, and some other sordid, sex, claims about JUICY JOE, (ick?). Claims that TERESA herself has sold that story to Life & Style, don't surprize me at this point.

There is a rumor circulating that TERESA has set  a deadline of MIDNIGHT, on HALLOWEEN, for BRAVO, and/or the production company to come to a contract agreement for Season 3 of The RHWONJ.
BRAVO has responded with this:

Realitytvmagazine, (here)  Says that , (again Life & Style Magazine, who's content is only available on newstands),  says;
Teresa Giudice is filming season three, but without a signed contract!  This news comes with reports that Teresa has been trying to get her own reality spin-off show and that contract negotiations with Bravo have altogether broken down.  -(realitytvmagazine)

In other RHWONJ news, TMZ, (here, with video), reports that DANIELLE STAUB, and her eyebrows, were served legal notice of a defamation suit by SLEEZY STEVE, while trolling the red-carpet recenly at an event.

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Press Stunt"?......or Jumbo Mortgage Fraud?

TWITTER-version of a Kiss...

and make up....

Betweext ROB SHUTER over at POPEATER.COM, and TERESA. Awww. A happy-ending.
But is it? And does this look like a "Press Stunt" to you?
MASTROPOLE'S Complaint. Read the rest here.

You can see JOE & TERESA'S lawyers answer, and more details about this case, in the WAYBACK MACHINE ARCHIVES. (here) . These court documents, are the complaint filed by JOE'S EX-business partner. Among other things, they confirm that JOE indeed was a Section-8 landlord, which refutes the statements that TERESA gave to the press claiming that tenants couldn't pay the rent due to the economy.
WE were paying the rent! And according to the COMPLAINT-it went right into JOE'S pocket.  The US government subsidizes & guarantees rent payment for Section 8 tenants, most of whom also receive welfare, Social Security, or other subsidies. Fixed-income, yes, but for a Section 8 landlord, a dependable source of CASH.
MASTRAPOLE is the ex-business partner/"creditor", who claims that he was injured when JOE G. committed fraud, by forging his name on some jumbo mortgage documents  and/or title claims, or both. However JOE did it, it led to more $$$$ in his & TERESA'S pockets, and money-pit/mansion. MASTRAPOLE was shut-out from getting what was owed when GIUDICE filed for bankruptcy. The complaint, is an appeal to the courts, to deny the bankruptcy. Incidentally, GIUDICE'S lawyers, in their answer to the complaint, claim that MASTRAPOLE lacks "standing", or authority, to make such a request.
The folks over at IBUYSSS.COM, Tabloid TV, have been keeping a close-eye on this case. They have an interview with MASTROPOLE on their site, and they want us to know that we should circle our calendars with some important dates in THE GIUDICE'S on-going legal saga:
OCT 7 2010
Joe and Teresa Giudice must answer  JUSTICE DEPT complaint if they hide money
DEC 12
They have some great stuff over there, including MORE! legal docs. related to this case, and lots more.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Who is Susan B Komen, and What Does She Have to do With the HOUSEWIVES?

There may be a Susan "B" Komen, but if she has a foundation that sells pink-ribbon bracelets, I bet that the Susan "G" Komen For the Cure® people are not very happy with her!
I found the Susan "B" bracelet, for sale on CANDICE LAURITA'S website,  .  Does everyone in that family have a name that begins-with "C"? (Caroline, Claudine, (<--Dina), Chris, Candice...)
CANDICE is DINA & CAROLINE MANZO'S niece, and should be entitled to her privacy, I agree, except for the fact that she has made her family relationship public, and has even promoted the fact on her site by offering, "Housewives" jewelry. 
Not only that, but the way that I found her site in the first place, was because she frequently #TWEETS to CAROLINE MANZO, and those #TWEETS have a direct link to her online store . So she's obviously hoping that her association with THE HOUSEWIVES will be good for her business.
Her bracelets have also been featured on HOUSEWIFE STYLE is one of my favorite websites, even-if it is a little tricky to get the hang of how to read it. The person who runs that site is amazingly diligent in finding items that we've seen worn by THE HOUSEWIVES, and telling us where we can find them. She has photos and info.that I haven't seen anywhere else.
When I first clicked-in to DAZZLE CANDY, my first opinion was that $300. was too high of a price for me for beads, ($75 for children's), even though the bracelets are nice. I continued browsing the site to see if  I could find something more affordable, and the pink-ribbon, "Susan" bracelet was only forty-dollars.
And that's when I realized that Ms. LAURITA , may have made a mistake.
She did. No biggee, her heart is in the right place I'm sure, just like AUNTIE DINA'S, but there are problems with using the registered trademark name of a company, even-if that company is a charitable organization.
What does Susan G Komen For the Cure say about it?
Susan G. Komen for the Cure is very protective of its trademarks and service marks and has registered such marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and/or claims common law rights in these marks. All use of these marks must be with Susan G. Komen for the Cure's permission. -Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has actually had very big problems reigning-in and defending it's tradmarks.
In the past, KOMEN, has been criticized for defending it's legal property, because contributors didn't like the idea of money that they had donated for breast-cancer research, going to lawyers. But they are entitled to profit from the use of their valuable name , and they, like any other major organization, have strict rules about who they establish a partnership with. They do not currently have a partnership with DAZZLE CANDY, and DAZZLE is NOT authorized at this time to use their name, or registered trademark. 
I'll have to assume that she hasn't sold many of the counterfeit bracelets yet, because I would hope that she at least notices her spelling mistake, when she writes that check to the Susan "B" Komen...
CANDICE is not the first, or only person to assume that she does not need permission to use the KOMEN brand-name. EBAY, ESTY, & others all have policies & have implemented ways to make charitable donations through crafts. 
Maybe someone should start a fund to send the kind-hearted MANZOS to a boot-camp or seminar, "How to fund-raise without getting into trouble."?
By the way, here's a link for authorized, "official", Susan "G" Komen for the cure merchandise:  there are some darling  PINK items there, and you can be sure that its legit.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

DANILLE STAUB Accused-of Lying about being Adopted!

This is a shocker to me. Earlier today, while hanging-out in the comments section of Lynn's latest blog, ,someone posted a link to another blog WWW.HOUSEWIVESBLOG.TV. The topic on that blog, was CHRISTINE STAUB'S Sweet-Sixteen party episode. There was some interesting, "inside" information posted about TOM STAUB actually footing-the-bills for a party that DANIELLE claims was provided completely by donations. (OK- Daddy could have "donated" too, but IF he actually paid for his daughter's party, it would have been nice for her to be able to say, "Thank-you" to her dad instead-of pretending that other people had "donated".)
THAT is not even the SHOCKING part of that blog. What blew-my-mind, was this:
Copied From
Back at LYNN'S blog, the above-mentioned blog, and the allegations, were questioned. No one has ever heard these things, it is from an un-named source, and the blogger is opinionated. 'nuff said right? Um-not quite. First of all, that particular blog has remained online for months. I decided to reach-out to that blogger, so I left a message on her FACEBOOK, since she seems to check there frequently. I decided to have a look at my FACEBOOK, and check-on DANIELLE STAUB IS AN IDIOT on FACEBOOK while I was there.
Danielle Staub is an Idiot FB
Then I see it a SECOND time! WHAT THE H???? Unfortunately, this time, the "info.", is attributed to "the Housewives blog"-UM-Which one???? KIM G.'s name is also mentioned, so that might be another "clue" as to where this story is coming-from, but this rumor is getting around, that's for sure.
IS DANIELLE a "pathological liar"?  GOOGLE© seems to think-so!
Click image to enlarge

DANIELLE has a sister who to my knowledge, has never been heard-from. If only SHE would sell a story to RADAR or TMZ, then we might really learn some truths. IF DANIELLE is lying about being adopted, that lie would now be decades old! DANIELLE'S novel, which ironically has the word, "Truth" in the title, is based-on the story of DANIELLE'S, ("alleged"???) adoption. Being adopted, is/was the ONLY thing that DANIELLE has maintained, that people have accepted as fact. Now I'm not so sure about it.

*GOOGLE BOOKS (here) has a great-deal of DANIELLE'S memoir, The Naked Truth, posted online.
of course Death by 10-Thousand, (link on right-hand side of this page), disputes much of those "truths" in the book.

Dina's Stll Being Pestered About PROJECT LADYBUG

LYNN FROM CHICAGO has added to "Project Ladybug Woes", on her site. It has now become a collection of document(s), and screen-shots of bizarre TWITTER messages. People who have made innocent, (ok-maybe sceptically innocent), inquiries into the PL, (PROJECT LADYBUG), financials, have been met with emotionally charged messages, like, "You are trying to hurt sick children!!!", to THREATS that they have been reported to "authorities".
LYNN'S blog is abuzz with talk of PL today, and one commenter posted a link to a recent newspaper article, (August 2010), that boasts donations of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.
(Cut from North
Since last year, Project Ladybug has donated $20,000 to pediatric cancer patients.
 That's nice. But in July, I wrote a post about just how much PL has raised this year, there is a link below, but I neglected to post a screen-shot of the current Saint Joseph's Hospital web-page, where the headline says that TWO-HUNDRED THOUSAND was raised, yet in the body of the story, it appears a zero, was, and still is, missing. Also, by doing the math on ticket costs & attendance at PL'S major fund-raiser, I would have to say that more than a hundred grand was collected. Here's the screen-shot:
Click image to view 200 or 20-Thousand. Red circles, mine.
I copied that from SAINT JOE'S Hospital, where people who hit the "Donate" button on PL'S site, are re-directed. Currently, people who donate online to PL, are directed to SAINT JOSEPH'S Hospital. But that raises another question for me. PROJECT LADYBUG, according to JENNIFER SALE, of CHICAGO NOW, mentioned in the post below, DID help a patient. Apparently, a donor kicked-off the NATIONAL PROJECT LADYBUG, with a large donation earmarked for a hospital in CHICAGO. If PL is going NATIONAL, will SAINT JOSEPH'S be willing to administer funding to other hospitals ?????
Yeah, I put a lot of question marks there because I don't even know where to begin with that one.
The major fund-raiser for PROJECT LADYBUG, NIGHTS IN MOROCCO as stated in the above document, sold over a thousand tickets. HERE'S a link  to the page that contain the invitation and information about that event. Copied here is a screen-shot of the costs for tickets, and ad-sales from that page:

I am not trying to "hurt people with cancer"!-As other investigators have been accused-of, (Geossomething'smom on Twitter). I'm curious about this. I've been thinking about TERESA & DINA, and how they had big dreams, and small wallets, and how they just may have lucked-out. The latest rumor for TERESA, is that she is getting her own spin-off, and working & negotiating her heart out to put a dent in her debt problems. DINA has associated PL with none other than, THE BLESSED MOTHER. A pretty powerful patron, and I'd rather mess-with the MOB, than piss-off a SAINT!   So you never know, the story of both of their financial difficulties could be the the story of the JERSEY GIRL method of making money.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Tangled-Tweets, the Ball is in ClauDINA'S Court.

*(and yes, DINA has been sent TWEETS about this today also!)
About Claudine/Dina's Project Ladybug financials: there was another little Twitter-war going on about it this morning. It may have started when Lynn recently posted a PROJECT LADYBUG document at the top of her site?
Anyhow, this morning, someone who has a blog-forum dropped this little TWIT-turd about a 2008 NJ financial record of PROJECT LADYBUG.
I sent Real_Housewives a TWEET, letting her know that I had more info. about this in an older blog of mine, and that her info. was from 2008. (old) .
 Sometime later, I looked at Real_Housewives forum again, and what should I see? Someone was irritated that Real_Housewife had, um, "borrowed" her screen-shot, (the PROJECT LADYBUG INFO.), that she had posted last night! Pasted below, is the message on REAL_Housewives forum, and below that is some of the TWITTER convo. about the "borrowing".

 JENNIFER SALES/aka REALITY JEN from CHICAGO also had some complaints. I have a cut & paste masterpiece of  JEN'S TWEETS, and I did edit-out some of it for space & privacy. Unfortunately, you have to read the TWEETS from the bottom-up, and the "juicy" parts are at the top. Here's what JEN had to say about it all.
REALITY JEN'S TWEETS                               


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess Which Housewife is winning a free Ipad?

 So I noticed today that a company that pays people for #TWEETS, advertises the fact that BETHENNY FRANKEL uses their service. I looked at BETHENNY'S recent TWEETS, but I didn't see any that looked like ads, so I'm not sure if she is very active with that service or not.
Then I decided to look at the blog-page that I set-up to run a bunch of HOUSEWIFE TWITTERS, (and ANDY), in real-time, and I noticed that TERESA was TWEETING about the paid-TWEET service that she has signed-up for, My Likes Dot Com. 

I looked-over the site, and it actually is a pretty good idea.(OK-I signed-up for it myself, and I even sent-out a #PAID TWEET! to see how it works.)
They pay for clicks through your FACEBOOK, and TWEETS, AND, they also have contests. The prize in the current contest is an Apple IPAD.  They had a link to the "leaders" in the current contest , and GUESS WHO IS WINNING?
That's right, TERESA is winning that contest by a mile! So unless some dark horse , (with about a jillion followers), jumps into the contest, it looks-like TERESA will be the proud owner of a brand-new IPAD.
look who's winning!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The special discount-rate of $75. has been extended for one more week on the previously mentioned HOUSEWIVES Bus Tour. For more info check their Facebook page.!/pages/Wayne-NJ/The-NJ-Housewives-Tour/142127712490698

About KIM G. & Are The REAL HOUSEWIVES the GREY GARDENS of the 21st Century?

So there has been an interesting development regarding KIM G. It all started when THE REALLY OLD HOUSEWIFE OF MANATEE wrote a blog-post mentioning KIM, on her blog.
post about KIM G. attracted some commenters, and REALLY OLD HOUSEWIFE... then updated her blog with even more posts about KIM G. and the tactics that she has been using to get publicity.
But its that first post, and the comments,  where a continuing, on-going discussion about KIM, and activities related to KIM has landed.
I'm mentioning it here because it's a topic worth visiting and re-visiting. People in the comments are posing as people who know KIM G.-who knows if they do or not, but it sure appears like they have a personal ax to grind. Here's a sample of a recent comment from the topic, but this is by no means the most interesting;

Anonymous said...
Kim's face on the reunion show was priceless when once again, Caroline declined a lunch with her. I happen to know, Caroline Manzo thinks she is nothing but trash and wants nothing to do with her. The only reason she is civil to her is because she likes John Granatell and the Granatell family. Caroline never wanted anything to do with Kim even before the show. Kim should stop putting her on the spot and stop begging like a pathetic puppy.
Even KIM'S hired publicity  people are having remarks posted about them, and following-up with the name of a man who supposedly runs KIM'S FACEBOOK, was a very interesting side-tangent.
Yes, I've heard the pop-culture references to GREY GARDENS before, but I must have missed all of the excitement while it was happening at the time. Apparently, KIM G'S FACEBOOK person, was a student at RUTGER'S UNIVERSITY at the time that GREY GARDENS was released, and he made a pilgrimage to visit the famous mother-daughter CAT-HOARDERS, in the HAMPTONS at the time. The INTERVIEWS & TRANSCRIPTS (here) are all collected on a website devoted to that trip.
Of course all of that has nothing to do with KIM G., but it was a little bonus to my web-surfing. Actually, it does draw from the same kind of subject matter and in a backwards-sideways kind of way, it probably is relevant. Although JACKIE O!, (relative to the principal characters of GREY GARDENS),  was a "real" celebrity, (as-opposed to a "Bravo"-lebrity), and the style of film-making, something known at the time as Cinema Direct, is the long-lost distant cousin, once-removed, of what we now know as REALITY TV, there are still some common denominators.
So I spent a few hours researching & learning about the original GREY GARDENS film and although at first I was convinced that this Cinema Direct form of documentary film-making was the authentic "real reality" that I had been craving-for and missing in REALITY TV, I was called-on-the-carpet by remarks about the original film editors.
The editors of GREY GARDENS were given credit for assembling massive amounts of film about, "nothing", and producing a finished product. I came to the conclusion that, aside from the integrity of the subjects, GREY GARDENS wasn't any more "real", or "unreal" than the HOUSEWIVES, except for some set-ups, which as far as I know, were not used, or used sparingly in GREY GARDENS.
Another device that was taken from GREY GARDENS, and used with the HOUSEWIVES, is allowing the subjects to narrate. That technique is probably what ties both productions together the most, and I can only imagine how different all of the women's stories could be if narrated by a third-party.
*Its also interesting to note that WALTER NEWKIRK (link here) the person credited with running KIM G'S FACEBOOK, in ROHWOM's blog comments, (not to be confused with, "boy-toy" TOM MURRO), has also interviewed AN AMERICAN FAMILY'S PAT LOUD.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drama never stops for RHWONJ

Just a couple tidbits about the JERSEY wives. It has been reported that JOE GIUDICE has been sentenced to 10 days in jail, and that the REPO-MAN has caught-up with DANIELLE. I guess that the drama doesn't stop for these people when the cameras are turned-off?
Speaking-of drama, if anyone wants to keep-up with TERESA'S bankruptcy, here's a great link to the PACER court documents.  RECAP, (PACER spelled backwards!), is a great site, and a great add-on for Firefox.
RECAP allows you to view court documents, that have already been downloaded & paid-for.
PACER is a great site, but its a pain to log-in etc.
The link above will take you to a long list of PACER documents from TERESA'S bankruptcy case, there are some at the bottom of the list that are available for free, including almost ALL of the furniture & knick-knack receipts for the items that were listed in the auction. I'm pretty sure that TERESA'S cell-phone number is on one of those receipts, I wonder if she had to get that changed?
I was also wondering about those receipts. I'm thinking that they were provided as an after-the-fact thing? Like they needed them to prove something? Either the cost of the items, or when they were purchased?
I noticed that at least one of those billing receipts said that payment was from "TG FABULOUS".
Maybe that was how the solicitor discovered that TERESA had that account?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maybe being a HOUSEWIFE isn't such a good Marketing Plan?

Every once in awhile, I scroll-down the right-side of this page, and click-through to the link for Death by 10,000 Papercuts. There is a story posted about DC HOUSEWIVES CAT, and the title looked interesting, so I opened the post. cat-ommanney-cat-claims-bravo-editing-portrays-cat-as-nightmare-bitch-racist-cow-from-hell/ . I read the piece, and at the end, something about CAT'S new book, (which, according to the article, CAT'S Bravo-blog, and her website is yet-to-be-released), grabbed my attention. It sounded like a good read. Kind-of like a cross between, Eat, Pray, Love, and Shit my Dad Told Me.
The author of the DB10K blog was a little snarky about the book, which made me even more curious.
I entered the main title of the book, Inbox-Full into the search-box, and I got my first surprise.

Oh boy, do we have another Skinny-Girl Margarita/ Skinny Italian going-on here? Be Carefull What You Wish for vs. Be Careful Who You Trust The WHITE-HOUSE PARTY-CRASHERS, and CAT have dueling titles!
I decided to stay on-track, and I clicked-through to CAT'S book. Surprise number 2, CATHERINE "O"..., is using CATHERINE "A", as her non-de-plume. Maybe not such a good idea, if you want to make it easy for people to find your books unless one has a very well-known AKA?
Surprise number 3, was that Amazon has the book listed as "Out of print---Limited Availability" (click to page here) . What? No "pre-order"?  This wording is usually used for a book that has already been published. But, there are no used copies available for sale on Amazon either. Just what is going ON here? I decided to get cute, and visit Amazon.UK. Another surprising occurrence.  No-the book is not available there either, ,but they will send me a text-message as soon as it is, AND, CAT, (according to Amazon.UK., at least), is using Catherine "O", as her authoring-name on that side of Amazon's pond.
Is, or was it, CAT'S divorce, and sur name-change/confusion, that's holding-up the publication and/or release of her book? I really don't know.
My final surprise in researching this item, was result number "3", Butterfly Girl  which is unfortunately going along with THE HOUSEWIVES for a ride. No, I don't know if that Catherine "A" is our Catherine "A", but I do know that whoever it is, her book-tag suggestions on are being peppered-by, and influenced-by THE REAL HOUSEWIVES...And maybe even her book sales, since I know that I certainly wouldn't buy anything for a child that has the suggested tags that Amazon is asking me to choose to describe   Butterfly Girl
 Would you?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Ready to Say Goodbye to RHWONJ? Get on the Bus!

(Bus-trip details below photo)
If you feel let-down after that re-union, the first thing that you need to do is get yourself over to PUT YOUR HAIR UP'S re-cap, of Part II of the Re-union. There is a "warning"-label attached to the post. There's a reason for that. Heed the warning, get yourself a nice cup of tea while the page loads, and make-sure to read the entire post, because PUT YOUR HAIR UP gives us the ending to SEASON II, that BRAVO! couldn't quite deliver. HeRE! (it's worth the hype!)
*Not the actual bus. Barbie Hot-tub Party Vehicle sold separately

The Second thing that you might want to do, is reserve yourself a seat on THE NJ HOUSEWIVES BUS TOUR! For $75.00, ($80.00tt), Here's a link! .
The FOUR COURSE LUNCH at the BROWNSTONE makes this tour worth the cost of admission in my opinion, since as far as I know, you can't just walk-in to THE BROWNSTONE and order lunch. If you can't get yourself to NORTH JERSEY on October 22nd, its worth checking-out the itinerary for a little arm-chair traveling in my opinion.
Of course I had to be nosy, so I filled-out a "test" reservation, and I was given seat number 20. So, there could already be 19 passengers on the bus?
In my snooping, I just HAD to know who was running this, (I sure didn't want to get on a bus with the like of a DANNY P.,), and my nosiness paid-off. CELEBRATIONS EVENTS (here) looks to be as thoroughly professional as the site advertising the tour. I'd have to guess that this professional events manager, (ha ha no its not EVA or whatever her name was), has been watching the HOUSEWIVES along with us, and that she designed this "fantasy tour", while she was watching events unfold on her screen?

Monday, September 6, 2010


I have been notified that my post below about DANIELLE STAUB, the student, is NOT our DANIELLE.
I will be deleting or changing it shortly. Sorry!

Bitches Hug-it-out on the Couch, Matriarchal Marrionetist Objects!

ANDY asks DANIELLE if she went-into THE BROWNSTONE with a chip on her shoulder.
DANIELLE says that, "There was a person..."
CAROLINE says that they need KIM G. out there right now.
We see scene of DANNY P at THE BROWNSTONE. We're going to talk about DANIELLE being a "gay advocate".
(ANDY)-"You lost your title..."
"Stop blaming editing. STOP blaming editing."-(CAROLINE)
DANIELLE says that in her defense, she needed to get outta there.
ANDY says that he "took offense."
DANIELLE says that she no longer speaks to DANNY because of that. (LIE!)
JACKIE throws-in, "Delusional?"
"Did we ever stalk you bitch?"-(TERESA)
"Bitch I'm gonna pin you down-keep goin'-(TERESA)
CAROLINE then tells about her neighbor telling her that he has seen DANIELLE stalking CAROLINE'S home. In the white Range-Rover.
"You're despicable"-(TERESA)
"Shut-up you f-ing whore, you call girl"-(TERESA)
"You're still an escort.....with married men"-(JACKIE)
ANDY tries to change the subject.
"I'm done"-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE walks-off JACKIE gets-up
"They're saying that I sleep with married men-but they don't investigate me?"-(DANIELLE)
Danielle asks LORI from backstage,
"You're with me everyday, do we go to FRANKLIN LAKES?"
Lori laughs & covers her face.

Back from commercial. ANDY trys to get order. TERESA says,
"I know she's sue-happy"
ANDY talks about how the events at THE BROWNSTONE were too much for DINA, and that DINA left. we see a clip of DINA.
"What do you think DINA owed you an apology for?"-(ANDY)
DANIELLE says that things happened off-camera, bla bla bla.
ANDY reads DINA'S BRAVO blog about DANIELLE.
 DANIELLE says that it was,
" harsh."

A viewer question about ASHLEY. Now we see scenes of ASHLEY.
Don't forget, ASHLEY blogged that she didn't talk to her mom for a week after this re-union, what's coming?
JACKIE says that
"This is how its been since she was two years old."
She says that they gave her car away.

ANDY-"DANIELLE, "bye"- is not a death threat."

DANIELLE says that she didn't reply to text messages from ASHLEY
that she never confronted her on FACEBOOK.
DANIELLE denies it all.
CAROLINE asks if DANIELLE would ever wish for someones birthday wishes to come true, when they say they want ASHLEY to kill herself.
"Did I say that?"-(DANIELLE)
"I have no idea why I would say anything like that".-(DANIELLE)
"Do you know him?"-(JACKIE)
Yes he follows me on Twitter."-(DANIELLE)
"He Tweets me several times a day."-(DANIELLE)
"I will block him"-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE says that there is NO proof that she responded to that Tweet.
She says,
"If it was, then I'm sorry, I would never do such a thing. Never."-(DANIELLE)

quick commercial break

Now we see the night of THE BROWNSTONE clips. The fight between DANIELLE & TERESA
"My house is not in forclosure!"-(TERESA)

ANDY asks, "Who started that fight?"
He says that a lot of viewers think that TERESA did.
TERESA says that she doesn't like to have people put their hands on her.
A viewer says that they are suspicious about the hair-pull
DANIELLE says that there are 80 of them in her head. (beaded, glued extensions)
ANDY attemps to re-create a hair-pull on the head.
JACKIE pulls TERESA's hair.
"She didn't pull my hair, she pulled my hair from my head".-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE says that ASHLEY was laughing for the 4 hours that they spent in court.
JACKIE says that KIM G. told her that DANIELLE said that she would not drop the charges against ASHLEY because, "No I will not let jaqueline and TERESA win"
DANIELLE says that she was abused in her life.
TERESA says "Pay me a hundred thousand dollars, I would get in the ring with her {giggle}"

(commercial break)

Here comes KIM G.  OMG-where is she going to sit???????
"What a sadistic, twisted bitch"-(DANIELLE in narration)
"Well, she's here"-(ANDY)
Some back & forth between KIM G. & DANIELLE
DANIELLE accuses everyone of knowing that KIM G. was there.
They say that they did not know.
CAROLINE grills KIM G. a little. "Did you tell DANIELLE that ASHLEY did cocaine?"
KIM G. says "Absolutely not-never".
CAROLINE asks DANIELLE to "own-up" to anything.
JODI from LODI asks if CAROLINE will have lunch with KIM G.
CAROLINE says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
A viewer asks about KIM D.
"her step brother was your ex-husband,-(ANDY) .....and her father-in-law, was my (husband?"-(KIM G.)
KIM G. is asked about teasing TERESA on TWITTER. KIM says that she was in ROME at the time, and she was "hearing things"
KIM apologises, she's been Tweeting a lot of cracks at TERESA lately.
DANIELLE warns KIM G. to "be careful of what you wish for."
KIM G. is dismissed.

PARIS HILTON'S SISTER does a commercial about accessories & designer trash, (sorry CHANNEL-I don't mean you), for BLUEFLY.COM

ANDY tries to unite everybody in not-liking KIM G. but JACKIE says that she doesn't mind her.

Two "matriarchs". You mean the CLOWN DINNER ANDY?
CLOWN DINNER. CLOWN DINNER. CLOWN DINNER, I don't think I can ever get enough of that sentence.
"Matriarch"?-not so much.

ANDY asks CAROLINE what she thought when DANIELLE walked in with protection. CAROLINE says that she is five-foot-one. It was, "Asinine."
CAROLINE says that she would like DANIELLE to answer a question.
What did she ever do to DANIELLE.
CAROLINE says that she's not buying DANIELLE's Bullshit.
DANIELLE says that she asked for an apology, but that ASHLEY would not do it. She says that ASHLEY laughed. She says that she would have dropped the charges. JACKIE says that ASHLEY was upset because DANIELLE lied about saying that ASHLEY said that she would kill her.

(commercial break)

JACKIE gets serious and teary, apologises to DANIELLE. DANIELLE apologises. to everyone. CAROLINE purses her lips and squints hard.
"...I was wrong... I'm sorry... I was mad....."-(DANIELLE)
JACKIE tells DANIELLE that she doesn't have to worry about her, (JACKIE) doing anything behind her back.
ANDY says that JACKIE had an epiphanny during a break.
JACKIE says that she was hurt.
DANIELLE does a dramatic apology. She says maybe they could break-bread and admit where they were wrong.
ANDY mentions the look on CAROLINE'S face.
CAROLINE says, "...This is what I wanted all season long..."

ANDY asks DANIELLE for parting-words. She wants to address Jaqueline. She says that she got so mad at her because she loved her a lot.
ANDY asks if DANIELLE will drop any litigation.
DANIELLE says that she will speak to her attorneys and fix everything.
DANIELLE gets-up and HUGS TERESA. Then she latches-on to JACKIE and whispers sweet-nothings that are captioned for us by BRAVO.
"We don't want to take you down,"-(TERESA)
"Biggest crock of shit I've ever seen in my life".-(CAROLINE)
DANIELLE starts screaming & whining at CAROLINE
"I'm no dummy"-(CAROLINE)
and that's about it. The end.

Did I Find DANIELLE? Did She Go Back to School?

(Exclusive) People have been wondering where DANIELLE has been. KIM G. #Tweeted a nasty message about the repo-man looking for her, and supposedly the process-server is after her also, trying to serve papers for a lawsuit.
If THIS, link to FACEBOOK belongs to DANILLE, OUR DANIELLE, of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, than apparently, she's gone BACK-TO-SCHOOL, and has scored herself  a job on campus!
(if its NOT, "OUR" DANIELLE, what a name to have to live-down as a rookie newscaster?)

Copied here are some screen-shots that I just grabbed from the WCMO-TV15" Student produced and managed TV Station based out of Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio"-(quote from WCMO Facebook)

The first screengrab, I have circled where someone using the name Danielle Staub, has "liked" an item that was posted about upcoming student auditions.
The second image, DANIELLE STAUB is announced as an ANCHOR on the student television station. .

Saturday, September 4, 2010


On August 23 2010, it was announced Danielle Staub was fired from the show. However despite speculation and news from sources, Staub was simply not asked back. As of right now it has not been denied yet many sources have confirmed she is not returning despite she saying a spin-off was in progress, which was also shut-down by Bravo representatives.{{fact|date=December 2010}}
On August 23, 2010, it was announced that Danielle Staub was fired from the show. On September 1, 2010 it was announced that Teresa Giudice's sister-in-law Melissa Gorga has been cast as the newest housewife, replacing Staub. Reports have surfaced that Melissa has had intimitate relations with Teresa's husband.  -(WIKI) *spelling error is theirs
(above copied from Wikipedia)

I swear I had nothing to do with this. I decided to take a look at TERESA'S WIKI-page because I was looking-for some info. about her second book. When I opened the page, a little blue box popped-up to let me know that some revisions were made recently. The revisions on WIKI are pretty funny sometimes, and like I said, I had nothing to do with what was posted, because I really don't know all that much about WIKIPEDIA and the mischief that can be done there.
The reason why I was looking-for details about TERESA'S second book, is because LYNN FROM CHICAGO posted a link to BETHENNY'S next book, even though it has not been published yet. Here's the link:

*note that it says, "cover to be unveiled", so the cover is some kind-of placeholder. I don't know if AMAZON has used this cover before? I've never seen it, but maybe they do this when they want to sell pre-orders.

Monday, August 30, 2010


CAROLINE lost 25 pounds. TERESA calls DANIELLE a pig, disgusting, and desperate. Andy asks DANIELLE why she didn't call JACKIE when Baby NICK was born. They argue, then DANIELLE says, "Congratulations Jacqueline", in a somewhat nasty tone.

ANDY asks about what CAROLINE meant on last year's re-union. ANDY says that its the number one question for a year.

The girls say that DANIELLE'S lawyer has a gag-order. DANIELLE says that DINA said something in a four-page interview.

"God Bless ya, Love and light baby, love and light"-(CAROLINE)

"Let's not talk about DINA, she's not here, shut your mouth."-(JACKY)

Uh-OH. The TERESA jumping-off the couch happened a LOT sooner than I thought it would. Not even 13 minutes into the re-union.

"You fucking bitch! She's a, Fuh, Fuh, GGRRRR.....BITCH! DO NOT SPEAK OF MY FAMILY!"-(TERESA)

TERESA jumps-up. ANDY tries to stop her and TERESA pushes ANDY.

DANIELLE walks-off. She walks like a hooker on the street-corner doing the stroll. I hope someone tells her daughters that their mother wears army boots. Because she does.

OK-so now we know that DANIELLE has gag-orders in place.

"How dare she-that pee, I hate her."-(TERESA)

"Its true, she didn't even acknowledge her nephew"-(DANIELLE)

"Don't get off the couch."-(ANDY to TERESA)

"DANIELLE claims that she introduced you to her fertility doctor"-(ANDY)

JACKIE says that DANIELLE lied to everyone & says that DANIELLE told everyone that she drove
JACKIE to every Doctor appointment. JACKIE says that DANIELLE introduced her to her doctor, and
that was it, but that DANIELLE lied all-over town.
Commercial with KIM from ATLANTA-her face looks weird. Really bad plastic-surgery weird.
The HAM GAME? I never want to see it again.
CAROLINE almost looses an eyelash crying when they show the scene with ALBIE. ANDY asks where ALBIE stands now, CAROLINE says that its not looking too good right now. He has applications out and he lost some college credits.
DANIELLE is sitting on the couch leering-at CAROLINE.

"I never insulted her for being a stripper because I don't see anything wrong with strippers."-(CAROLINE)

They discuss DANIELLE'S "My dogs wore leopard" remark. TERESA asks her what she meant by that.

"You equated her children to dogs."-(CAROLINE)

ANDY ask about the remark that CAROLINE made about DANIELLE'S children having a look in their eyes.

"If you look at them, they have a blank stare...I'm not takin' that back"-(CAROLINE)

"Do you know they cry at school every day?"-(JACKIE)
JACKIE says that DANIELLE'S children are in the nurses office crying every day at school.

-break for commercials-

TERESA tells us that the "period rule" also applies to wine-making.

A question about the ring. It was a yellow sapphire. We see scenes of TERESA shopping.
We see DANIELLE & DANNY gossiping about JOE.
CATHY from CHICAGO e-mailed us the million dollar question, is your home in foreclosure?
ANDY starts itemising TERESA'S bills. TERESA says, "NO"-"A lot of it's incorrect"-(TERESA)
They ask if JOE told her what was happening. She says no.
JACKIE adds that as soon as TERESA found-out, she's been working every single night.
TERESA looks at DANIELLE and says,
"WE were out to dinner.",
when talking about JOE'S accident.

"Is it classified as a DUI now?"-(ANDY)
"UM. Yeah."-(TERESA)
DANIELLE says that she find it hard to believe that someone gets wasted after being in a car accident.

We see clips of DANIELLE. CAROLINE rolls her eyes when she sees the priest.
ANDY asks DANIELLE to explain DANNY. DANIELLE says that DANNY filed for divorce during the first two weeks of filming. JACKIE *TERESA (edit/correction 8/30) says,
"I wonder why?"
DANIELLE says that she only paid for busing & security for the sweet 16 party.
They start going around & around about if DANIELLE is with LORI.
"I think your 20 questions are up"-(CAROLINE)
"Your opinion of me means less than nothing"-(CAROLINE to DANIELLE)
DANIELLE says that she cannot talk about the sex-tape because its a legal issue.
ANDY says that she must have a lot of legal bills.
ANDY asks if DANIELLE was paid for the HUSTLER sex-video that is out.
DANIELLE says that she has not made money from it.
JACKIE says that she saw a preview. She giggles.
TERESA asks if she had long hair or short hair in the sex-video. DANIELLE says that she had clip-in extensions.
"Are you kidding me? How do you know so much about my life?"-(DANIELLE to TERESA)
(they scream at each other)
DANIELLE says that the girls don't watch the show. She says that they may have seen two episodes.
She says that they are in a "bubble".
DANIELLE says that her girls have light in their eyes & that they were upset by CAROLINE'S remark.
CAROLINE asks DANIELLE how the girls would know about that if they are in a "bubble" and don't watch the show?
DANIELLE evades the question. ANDY re-phrases it, about the girls being in a "bubble" he asks if someone at school tried to hurt the kids by telling them what CAROLINE said.
DANIELLE continues to not answer and CAROLINE gets pissed.
"We are in the OK CORAL, buckle-up, yippee Ky-A, answer my questions!"-(CAROLINE)
DANIELLE uses her baby voice and they break for commercial.

We see a clip from next week. "SOMEONE LEAVES FOREVER"-(ANNOUNCER). It is implied that that someone is DANIELLE by the reaction from TERESA.
We see a short clip of CAROLINE facetiously telling DANIELLE that she wants her autograph because she is so perfect.

We see a clip of THE BROWNSTONE & DANNY. ANDY said that DANIELLE didn't give any money ANDY says that the child's father was upset. DANIELLE says that she raised money. CAROLINE says "LIE-LIE-LIE".
"You brought danger to my son in the form of that sweat-hog reject"-(CAROLINE)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Everything the Media Tells us a Lie? REAL HOUSEWIVES Make me Real Cynical

Cat Credentials
I've watched every single episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW YORK CITY, and NEW JERSEY in 2010. Even the many of the "real", (and I'd almost feel stupid at this point to not put quotes around that word), "Housewives" themselves, have spoken-out about how "real", "reality"-TV is.
To say that I'm cynical about REALITY TELEVISION right now, would be an understatement.
But has my experience with "reality"-TV, clouded my vision, so much so, that I now see FAKES everywhere?
When it comes to THE HOUSEWIVES, and their "reality", or their version of it as-seen-on-TV, it's currently my opinion that it's a mixed-bag.
KELLY and DANIELLE, have both made public statements claiming that they are actors doing their jobs.
Those two have good reasons for saying that!
Some of the others, insist that they are, "keepin' it real".
Do I think that THE REAL HOUSEWIVES are as scripted as THE HILLS? No. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
THE HILLS were caught red-handed, even exposed for sending dialogue/lines via text-message, during taping. So they coined a new term, "scripted-reality", and continued-on. They even had a spectacular surprise ending to have a laugh over how fake they really were.
We KNOW that HEIDI is technically, physically, um, plastic/FAKE. But is SPENCER really nuts? Or just "reality"-nuts?

And don't even get me started on THE KARDASIANS. They're eye-candy, and mostly a mindless pleasant way to waste an hour, or an afternoon if you're watching a marathon. But maybe they should stay-away from sensitive subjects like Domestic Violence? Was that an act? Because those Kwazy-Kardashians didn't fool anyone when they convinced ROB to pretend like he "accidentally" ingested un-stoppable boner-pills.
And KIM did a pretty bad job herself of acting like she found a sick pup when she actually borrowed the dog.

But just like TWOP classifies "competitive reality", with "candid reality", when it comes to competition, I know that I expect a higher-standard. OK, maybe not in a silly "pimps & whores" competition like FLAVOR OF LOVE, or ROCK OF LOVE, but in something like AMERICAN IDOL, (HEY! They have the word "American" in the title, that has to give it some credibility-doesn't it?),  one would hope that there's not a lot of cheating. It's a TALENT show. How do you CHEAT in a talent show?

Well, VOTEFORTHEWORST.COM, has already exposed how its done. Those stadium cattle-calls? FAKE according-to In one recent season, had ferreted-out the fact that the MAJORITY of finalists, had been selected for Golden Tickets BEFORE the auditions had even begun.

Oh well, its still a talent contest-right? We can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears, and we can judge for ourselves who is the most talented.

That is unless the producers CHEAT.  That's right. The British version of AMERICAN IDOL, X-FACTOR, where SIMON COWELL now sits at the Judges-table, has ADMITTED that they use AUTO-TUNE, not only to enhance bad-singers, but to make good-singers, sound BAD! And even in some cases, to make bad-singers sound even worse.
And that sympathetic sweet "amateur", who claimed to be a receptionist for the past 5 years, who charmed the audience into wild applause and fake-flubbed only to beg SIMON for one more chance? That would be katie-waissel-aka-katie-vogel aka ... , a seasoned professional.

All right then, I tell myself,
"Don't trust entertainment.".
News. Cold hard news. They can't screw with that too much, can they?
"Just the facts M'am "-as they say.
I love a good conspiracy theory maybe even more than most people. I am naturally a little bit cynical & suspicious in general. I try to keep myself balanced somewhere between healthy skepticism and paranoia.
But the media sure isn't making that easy for me.
I recently watched an interesting investigative-journalism news report, (or should I say, "story?"), exposing those scoundrels hawking education. The FBI was even mentioned as being involved. I found the story so interesting, and legitimate, that I found myself synopsizing the highlights for some friends.
Apparently, homeless people and other unfortunates were being taken-advantage-of by being relentlessly hounded to sign-up for bogus educations at "degree mills". The hapless homeless were easy-pickin's for OBAMA GRANTS, a marketing-term for Federal Student Loan & grant monies.
An investigation ensued, and the GOOD-GUYS win!
Just a minute. An INVESTIGATION? Maybe someone should investigate the investigators?
THAT would be paranoid-wouldn't it?
Sure. But, just in case, let's find-out who PAID for that investigation.
So they did. And (article here) discovered that the "investigation" was bought & paid-for by an INVESTMENT FIRM.
An investment company that just happened to have a financial interest in the "outcome" of the "research".
Yeah-I put the sarcasm-quotes there again because its not really research if you manipulate the "outcome" is it?
Apparently, making diploma mills look bad can make stock-market short-sellers rich.
They even convinced the subjects of their "research" to sign a plea to the Federal Government.
Incidentally, the same group of short-sellers actually made money by short-selling in the sleazy/shaky mortgage market when the economy crashed.
(copied from article on
executives from homeless shelters and service agencies around the country eventually signed the letter, addressed to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, asserting that "for-profit trade schools and career colleges are systematically preying upon our clients." The June 17 letter pledged "unequivocal" support to the department's steps to tighten regulation of the for-profit industry.
Some who signed had personal knowledge of aggressive recruiting tactics, but others told ProPublica they had only heard about them secondhand from colleagues and news reports. Early visited with many of the executives, they said, drafted the letter and coordinated the effort to get them to sign.
What Early did not tell Panico or several others who signed: She was working for a financial firm that pays her to investigate for-profit schools.-(
If you've seen DANIELLE'S "hit" (there go those pesky quotes again), song, 
(I like PEREZ'S version. (Here) "HORRIFFIC!" and the comments are great),
then you might be thinking like I am that someone either accidentally, or accidentally-on-purpose forgot to plug the AUTO-TUNE in? Because they sounded OK on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE. Was THAT fake?
Or-could it be a double-whammy mind-F?

I'm not the greatest PHOTO-SHOPPER in the world. In fact, I use MS-PAINT.  Recently I've been playing with my #TWITTER avatar & background. I was fooling-around with a photo, or what looked-like a photograph, of one-of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. I won't name who it was, because like I said, I'm no expert in digital graphics. But when I enlarged the image, I wondered if what I saw were the tell-tale signs of an entirely FAKE, (computer-generated), image of a person.-The jury is still out on that.

What about MARY BALE? Did she really throw someone's pet kitty in a WHEELIE-BIN (story here)?
Is there even such a thing as a WHEELIE-BIN???????
Maybe its all just RUBBISH!