Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drama never stops for RHWONJ

Just a couple tidbits about the JERSEY wives. It has been reported that JOE GIUDICE has been sentenced to 10 days in jail, and that the REPO-MAN has caught-up with DANIELLE. I guess that the drama doesn't stop for these people when the cameras are turned-off?
Speaking-of drama, if anyone wants to keep-up with TERESA'S bankruptcy, here's a great link to the PACER court documents.  RECAP, (PACER spelled backwards!), is a great site, and a great add-on for Firefox.
RECAP allows you to view court documents, that have already been downloaded & paid-for.
PACER is a great site, but its a pain to log-in etc.
The link above will take you to a long list of PACER documents from TERESA'S bankruptcy case, there are some at the bottom of the list that are available for free, including almost ALL of the furniture & knick-knack receipts for the items that were listed in the auction. I'm pretty sure that TERESA'S cell-phone number is on one of those receipts, I wonder if she had to get that changed?
I was also wondering about those receipts. I'm thinking that they were provided as an after-the-fact thing? Like they needed them to prove something? Either the cost of the items, or when they were purchased?
I noticed that at least one of those billing receipts said that payment was from "TG FABULOUS".
Maybe that was how the solicitor discovered that TERESA had that account?