Friday, October 29, 2010


So there was some recent activity in the GIUDICE bankruptcy case. 2 of JOE'S business properties, including Giuseppe's Home-style Pizza, along-with the upstairs domicile(s) & other businesses located at 1576 Maple Ave., in Hillside, were freed from the protection of the bankruptcy case, in effect, allowing the mortgage lenders to begin foreclosure and/or other legal remedies that had been blocked by the bankruptcy case.
(copied from PACER/uploaded to RECAP)

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 Life & Style Magazine has a current story reporting that JOE was a strip-club regular at a strip-joint that closed-down in 2006, and some other sordid, sex, claims about JUICY JOE, (ick?). Claims that TERESA herself has sold that story to Life & Style, don't surprize me at this point.

There is a rumor circulating that TERESA has set  a deadline of MIDNIGHT, on HALLOWEEN, for BRAVO, and/or the production company to come to a contract agreement for Season 3 of The RHWONJ.
BRAVO has responded with this:

Realitytvmagazine, (here)  Says that , (again Life & Style Magazine, who's content is only available on newstands),  says;
Teresa Giudice is filming season three, but without a signed contract!  This news comes with reports that Teresa has been trying to get her own reality spin-off show and that contract negotiations with Bravo have altogether broken down.  -(realitytvmagazine)

In other RHWONJ news, TMZ, (here, with video), reports that DANIELLE STAUB, and her eyebrows, were served legal notice of a defamation suit by SLEEZY STEVE, while trolling the red-carpet recenly at an event.