Monday, October 4, 2010

"Press Stunt"?......or Jumbo Mortgage Fraud?

TWITTER-version of a Kiss...

and make up....

Betweext ROB SHUTER over at POPEATER.COM, and TERESA. Awww. A happy-ending.
But is it? And does this look like a "Press Stunt" to you?
MASTROPOLE'S Complaint. Read the rest here.

You can see JOE & TERESA'S lawyers answer, and more details about this case, in the WAYBACK MACHINE ARCHIVES. (here) . These court documents, are the complaint filed by JOE'S EX-business partner. Among other things, they confirm that JOE indeed was a Section-8 landlord, which refutes the statements that TERESA gave to the press claiming that tenants couldn't pay the rent due to the economy.
WE were paying the rent! And according to the COMPLAINT-it went right into JOE'S pocket.  The US government subsidizes & guarantees rent payment for Section 8 tenants, most of whom also receive welfare, Social Security, or other subsidies. Fixed-income, yes, but for a Section 8 landlord, a dependable source of CASH.
MASTRAPOLE is the ex-business partner/"creditor", who claims that he was injured when JOE G. committed fraud, by forging his name on some jumbo mortgage documents  and/or title claims, or both. However JOE did it, it led to more $$$$ in his & TERESA'S pockets, and money-pit/mansion. MASTRAPOLE was shut-out from getting what was owed when GIUDICE filed for bankruptcy. The complaint, is an appeal to the courts, to deny the bankruptcy. Incidentally, GIUDICE'S lawyers, in their answer to the complaint, claim that MASTRAPOLE lacks "standing", or authority, to make such a request.
The folks over at IBUYSSS.COM, Tabloid TV, have been keeping a close-eye on this case. They have an interview with MASTROPOLE on their site, and they want us to know that we should circle our calendars with some important dates in THE GIUDICE'S on-going legal saga:
OCT 7 2010
Joe and Teresa Giudice must answer  JUSTICE DEPT complaint if they hide money
DEC 12
They have some great stuff over there, including MORE! legal docs. related to this case, and lots more.