Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess Which Housewife is winning a free Ipad?

 So I noticed today that a company that pays people for #TWEETS, advertises the fact that BETHENNY FRANKEL uses their service. I looked at BETHENNY'S recent TWEETS, but I didn't see any that looked like ads, so I'm not sure if she is very active with that service or not.
Then I decided to look at the blog-page that I set-up to run a bunch of HOUSEWIFE TWITTERS, (and ANDY), in real-time, and I noticed that TERESA was TWEETING about the paid-TWEET service that she has signed-up for, My Likes Dot Com. 

I looked-over the site, and it actually is a pretty good idea.(OK-I signed-up for it myself, and I even sent-out a #PAID TWEET! to see how it works.)
They pay for clicks through your FACEBOOK, and TWEETS, AND, they also have contests. The prize in the current contest is an Apple IPAD.  They had a link to the "leaders" in the current contest , and GUESS WHO IS WINNING?
That's right, TERESA is winning that contest by a mile! So unless some dark horse , (with about a jillion followers), jumps into the contest, it looks-like TERESA will be the proud owner of a brand-new IPAD.
look who's winning!