Monday, August 30, 2010


CAROLINE lost 25 pounds. TERESA calls DANIELLE a pig, disgusting, and desperate. Andy asks DANIELLE why she didn't call JACKIE when Baby NICK was born. They argue, then DANIELLE says, "Congratulations Jacqueline", in a somewhat nasty tone.

ANDY asks about what CAROLINE meant on last year's re-union. ANDY says that its the number one question for a year.

The girls say that DANIELLE'S lawyer has a gag-order. DANIELLE says that DINA said something in a four-page interview.

"God Bless ya, Love and light baby, love and light"-(CAROLINE)

"Let's not talk about DINA, she's not here, shut your mouth."-(JACKY)

Uh-OH. The TERESA jumping-off the couch happened a LOT sooner than I thought it would. Not even 13 minutes into the re-union.

"You fucking bitch! She's a, Fuh, Fuh, GGRRRR.....BITCH! DO NOT SPEAK OF MY FAMILY!"-(TERESA)

TERESA jumps-up. ANDY tries to stop her and TERESA pushes ANDY.

DANIELLE walks-off. She walks like a hooker on the street-corner doing the stroll. I hope someone tells her daughters that their mother wears army boots. Because she does.

OK-so now we know that DANIELLE has gag-orders in place.

"How dare she-that pee, I hate her."-(TERESA)

"Its true, she didn't even acknowledge her nephew"-(DANIELLE)

"Don't get off the couch."-(ANDY to TERESA)

"DANIELLE claims that she introduced you to her fertility doctor"-(ANDY)

JACKIE says that DANIELLE lied to everyone & says that DANIELLE told everyone that she drove
JACKIE to every Doctor appointment. JACKIE says that DANIELLE introduced her to her doctor, and
that was it, but that DANIELLE lied all-over town.
Commercial with KIM from ATLANTA-her face looks weird. Really bad plastic-surgery weird.
The HAM GAME? I never want to see it again.
CAROLINE almost looses an eyelash crying when they show the scene with ALBIE. ANDY asks where ALBIE stands now, CAROLINE says that its not looking too good right now. He has applications out and he lost some college credits.
DANIELLE is sitting on the couch leering-at CAROLINE.

"I never insulted her for being a stripper because I don't see anything wrong with strippers."-(CAROLINE)

They discuss DANIELLE'S "My dogs wore leopard" remark. TERESA asks her what she meant by that.

"You equated her children to dogs."-(CAROLINE)

ANDY ask about the remark that CAROLINE made about DANIELLE'S children having a look in their eyes.

"If you look at them, they have a blank stare...I'm not takin' that back"-(CAROLINE)

"Do you know they cry at school every day?"-(JACKIE)
JACKIE says that DANIELLE'S children are in the nurses office crying every day at school.

-break for commercials-

TERESA tells us that the "period rule" also applies to wine-making.

A question about the ring. It was a yellow sapphire. We see scenes of TERESA shopping.
We see DANIELLE & DANNY gossiping about JOE.
CATHY from CHICAGO e-mailed us the million dollar question, is your home in foreclosure?
ANDY starts itemising TERESA'S bills. TERESA says, "NO"-"A lot of it's incorrect"-(TERESA)
They ask if JOE told her what was happening. She says no.
JACKIE adds that as soon as TERESA found-out, she's been working every single night.
TERESA looks at DANIELLE and says,
"WE were out to dinner.",
when talking about JOE'S accident.

"Is it classified as a DUI now?"-(ANDY)
"UM. Yeah."-(TERESA)
DANIELLE says that she find it hard to believe that someone gets wasted after being in a car accident.

We see clips of DANIELLE. CAROLINE rolls her eyes when she sees the priest.
ANDY asks DANIELLE to explain DANNY. DANIELLE says that DANNY filed for divorce during the first two weeks of filming. JACKIE *TERESA (edit/correction 8/30) says,
"I wonder why?"
DANIELLE says that she only paid for busing & security for the sweet 16 party.
They start going around & around about if DANIELLE is with LORI.
"I think your 20 questions are up"-(CAROLINE)
"Your opinion of me means less than nothing"-(CAROLINE to DANIELLE)
DANIELLE says that she cannot talk about the sex-tape because its a legal issue.
ANDY says that she must have a lot of legal bills.
ANDY asks if DANIELLE was paid for the HUSTLER sex-video that is out.
DANIELLE says that she has not made money from it.
JACKIE says that she saw a preview. She giggles.
TERESA asks if she had long hair or short hair in the sex-video. DANIELLE says that she had clip-in extensions.
"Are you kidding me? How do you know so much about my life?"-(DANIELLE to TERESA)
(they scream at each other)
DANIELLE says that the girls don't watch the show. She says that they may have seen two episodes.
She says that they are in a "bubble".
DANIELLE says that her girls have light in their eyes & that they were upset by CAROLINE'S remark.
CAROLINE asks DANIELLE how the girls would know about that if they are in a "bubble" and don't watch the show?
DANIELLE evades the question. ANDY re-phrases it, about the girls being in a "bubble" he asks if someone at school tried to hurt the kids by telling them what CAROLINE said.
DANIELLE continues to not answer and CAROLINE gets pissed.
"We are in the OK CORAL, buckle-up, yippee Ky-A, answer my questions!"-(CAROLINE)
DANIELLE uses her baby voice and they break for commercial.

We see a clip from next week. "SOMEONE LEAVES FOREVER"-(ANNOUNCER). It is implied that that someone is DANIELLE by the reaction from TERESA.
We see a short clip of CAROLINE facetiously telling DANIELLE that she wants her autograph because she is so perfect.

We see a clip of THE BROWNSTONE & DANNY. ANDY said that DANIELLE didn't give any money ANDY says that the child's father was upset. DANIELLE says that she raised money. CAROLINE says "LIE-LIE-LIE".
"You brought danger to my son in the form of that sweat-hog reject"-(CAROLINE)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Everything the Media Tells us a Lie? REAL HOUSEWIVES Make me Real Cynical

Cat Credentials
I've watched every single episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW YORK CITY, and NEW JERSEY in 2010. Even the many of the "real", (and I'd almost feel stupid at this point to not put quotes around that word), "Housewives" themselves, have spoken-out about how "real", "reality"-TV is.
To say that I'm cynical about REALITY TELEVISION right now, would be an understatement.
But has my experience with "reality"-TV, clouded my vision, so much so, that I now see FAKES everywhere?
When it comes to THE HOUSEWIVES, and their "reality", or their version of it as-seen-on-TV, it's currently my opinion that it's a mixed-bag.
KELLY and DANIELLE, have both made public statements claiming that they are actors doing their jobs.
Those two have good reasons for saying that!
Some of the others, insist that they are, "keepin' it real".
Do I think that THE REAL HOUSEWIVES are as scripted as THE HILLS? No. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
THE HILLS were caught red-handed, even exposed for sending dialogue/lines via text-message, during taping. So they coined a new term, "scripted-reality", and continued-on. They even had a spectacular surprise ending to have a laugh over how fake they really were.
We KNOW that HEIDI is technically, physically, um, plastic/FAKE. But is SPENCER really nuts? Or just "reality"-nuts?

And don't even get me started on THE KARDASIANS. They're eye-candy, and mostly a mindless pleasant way to waste an hour, or an afternoon if you're watching a marathon. But maybe they should stay-away from sensitive subjects like Domestic Violence? Was that an act? Because those Kwazy-Kardashians didn't fool anyone when they convinced ROB to pretend like he "accidentally" ingested un-stoppable boner-pills.
And KIM did a pretty bad job herself of acting like she found a sick pup when she actually borrowed the dog.

But just like TWOP classifies "competitive reality", with "candid reality", when it comes to competition, I know that I expect a higher-standard. OK, maybe not in a silly "pimps & whores" competition like FLAVOR OF LOVE, or ROCK OF LOVE, but in something like AMERICAN IDOL, (HEY! They have the word "American" in the title, that has to give it some credibility-doesn't it?),  one would hope that there's not a lot of cheating. It's a TALENT show. How do you CHEAT in a talent show?

Well, VOTEFORTHEWORST.COM, has already exposed how its done. Those stadium cattle-calls? FAKE according-to In one recent season, had ferreted-out the fact that the MAJORITY of finalists, had been selected for Golden Tickets BEFORE the auditions had even begun.

Oh well, its still a talent contest-right? We can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears, and we can judge for ourselves who is the most talented.

That is unless the producers CHEAT.  That's right. The British version of AMERICAN IDOL, X-FACTOR, where SIMON COWELL now sits at the Judges-table, has ADMITTED that they use AUTO-TUNE, not only to enhance bad-singers, but to make good-singers, sound BAD! And even in some cases, to make bad-singers sound even worse.
And that sympathetic sweet "amateur", who claimed to be a receptionist for the past 5 years, who charmed the audience into wild applause and fake-flubbed only to beg SIMON for one more chance? That would be katie-waissel-aka-katie-vogel aka ... , a seasoned professional.

All right then, I tell myself,
"Don't trust entertainment.".
News. Cold hard news. They can't screw with that too much, can they?
"Just the facts M'am "-as they say.
I love a good conspiracy theory maybe even more than most people. I am naturally a little bit cynical & suspicious in general. I try to keep myself balanced somewhere between healthy skepticism and paranoia.
But the media sure isn't making that easy for me.
I recently watched an interesting investigative-journalism news report, (or should I say, "story?"), exposing those scoundrels hawking education. The FBI was even mentioned as being involved. I found the story so interesting, and legitimate, that I found myself synopsizing the highlights for some friends.
Apparently, homeless people and other unfortunates were being taken-advantage-of by being relentlessly hounded to sign-up for bogus educations at "degree mills". The hapless homeless were easy-pickin's for OBAMA GRANTS, a marketing-term for Federal Student Loan & grant monies.
An investigation ensued, and the GOOD-GUYS win!
Just a minute. An INVESTIGATION? Maybe someone should investigate the investigators?
THAT would be paranoid-wouldn't it?
Sure. But, just in case, let's find-out who PAID for that investigation.
So they did. And (article here) discovered that the "investigation" was bought & paid-for by an INVESTMENT FIRM.
An investment company that just happened to have a financial interest in the "outcome" of the "research".
Yeah-I put the sarcasm-quotes there again because its not really research if you manipulate the "outcome" is it?
Apparently, making diploma mills look bad can make stock-market short-sellers rich.
They even convinced the subjects of their "research" to sign a plea to the Federal Government.
Incidentally, the same group of short-sellers actually made money by short-selling in the sleazy/shaky mortgage market when the economy crashed.
(copied from article on
executives from homeless shelters and service agencies around the country eventually signed the letter, addressed to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, asserting that "for-profit trade schools and career colleges are systematically preying upon our clients." The June 17 letter pledged "unequivocal" support to the department's steps to tighten regulation of the for-profit industry.
Some who signed had personal knowledge of aggressive recruiting tactics, but others told ProPublica they had only heard about them secondhand from colleagues and news reports. Early visited with many of the executives, they said, drafted the letter and coordinated the effort to get them to sign.
What Early did not tell Panico or several others who signed: She was working for a financial firm that pays her to investigate for-profit schools.-(
If you've seen DANIELLE'S "hit" (there go those pesky quotes again), song, 
(I like PEREZ'S version. (Here) "HORRIFFIC!" and the comments are great),
then you might be thinking like I am that someone either accidentally, or accidentally-on-purpose forgot to plug the AUTO-TUNE in? Because they sounded OK on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE. Was THAT fake?
Or-could it be a double-whammy mind-F?

I'm not the greatest PHOTO-SHOPPER in the world. In fact, I use MS-PAINT.  Recently I've been playing with my #TWITTER avatar & background. I was fooling-around with a photo, or what looked-like a photograph, of one-of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. I won't name who it was, because like I said, I'm no expert in digital graphics. But when I enlarged the image, I wondered if what I saw were the tell-tale signs of an entirely FAKE, (computer-generated), image of a person.-The jury is still out on that.

What about MARY BALE? Did she really throw someone's pet kitty in a WHEELIE-BIN (story here)?
Is there even such a thing as a WHEELIE-BIN???????
Maybe its all just RUBBISH!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Quote;

"I will get the dignity and respect that I deserve"-(DANIELLE)

She said this to her daughters about her meeting with CAROLINE. CAROLINE offered DANIELLE her respect. DANIELLE refused the offer.
Dignity? No one gives another person dignity. Dignity is something you have. I didn't think that DANIELLE has behaved in a dignified manner.
No dignity for you DANIELLE!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finale Finally

We started-out with scenes from the season.
Bla bla bla
Looks-like the MANZOS  & LAURITAS are coming for dinner at the GIUDICES.
TERESA says that she feels like,
 "We're just one big happy family"-(TERESA)
ASHLEY is not there but they talk about the hair-pull.
JACKIE says that she talked to "the bodyguard, who was right-there" and he said that ASHLEY did not say that she would kill DANIELLE.
CAROLINE names what DANIELLE is doing to ASHLEY, and says that DANIELLE is spreading lies about "this house", (TERESA'S house).
CAROLINE decides to try & make a deal with DANIELLE.
She wants to ask DANIELLE to drop the charges against ASHLEY.
She says that she will give DANIELLE her word that ASHLEY will stop.
That everything will stop.
They toast to it, and send DANIELLE a text.

"This is interesting"-(DANIELLE)
"CAROLINE MANZO just text-ed me." -(DANIELLE)
"Are you really going to go?"-(CHRISTINE)
"What normal person would want to go?"-(JILLIAN)
"You seem upset."-(DANIELLE to JILLIAN)
"I don't want you to go."-(JILLIAN)
DANIELLE decides that she will go. She says that she doesn't want anything to do with them, bla bla bla, that CAROLINE is the "Matriarch" of that family, but that she is the "Matriarch of her family".
UM. at least 1/3rd of her family asked her not to go, so why is she going? Maybe to get more screen time?

CHRIS & JACKIE have a talk with ASHLEY.
They tell her the plan.
"None of us are going to talk about her anymore....that includes the internet"
"She's like herpes, she never goes away"-(ASHLEY) *correction 8/25
CHRIS says that her attitude isn't helping.
"I don't CARE!"-(ASHLEY)
"Promise me you won't do anything else, no internet, no nothing,'s time to move-on"-(CHRIS)

"I'm not the one that started anything"-(DANIELLE)
(calling ASHLEY a "coke-whore", playing her little PARIS HILTON phone thing to "piss people off", holding-up the fashion show for two hours.....didn't start anything?)
"This is what they're telling their daughters & sons to treat woman like; Chase them, investigate them, claw them..."-(DANIELLE)
"Woman that I know? I don't tink so."-(DANIELLE)
(AHA!---sorry DANIELLE, you just proved again that you're no JERSEY GIRL. JERSEY GIRLS don't have to tell their children to investigate people. JERSEY GIRLS are born knowing that we investigate everyone).
"I'll bring security"-(DANIELLE)
"She's living her life, I'm gettin' chased all-ova da place."-(DANIELLE)

CAROLINE talks to her children about her meeting with DANIELLE.
CAROLINE says that she's going to try & get pretty.
She wants to close the book.

DANIELLE does some breathing mumbo-jumbo
"DANIELLE'S Mafia, in place"-(DANIELLE)
we see JERRY, DANIELLE'S driver & bodyguard.
"There's guys here wit guns"-(DANIELLE)
CAROLINE explains that she arranged for a private room because DANIELLE likes to "make a scene".

The family is waiting back at THE BROWNSTONE.
ASHELY & JACKIE have an argument and ASHLEY walks-out.
CHRIS tells DEREK to tell ASHLEY to "keep her mouth shut".-(CHRIS)
JACKIE talks to ASHLEY like she's two years old and tells her to pull herself together & then come upstairs.
LAUREN gives ASHLEY a pep-talk.
She says that they'll go upstairs arm & arm together & be laughing and everything will be normal.
DEREK tells ASHLEY that she, "Needs to know your place."-(DEREK)
He tells her that she raised her voice.
This poor kid can't do anything right-can she?
Personally, I think that JACKIE is a real B-I-T-C-H to ASHLEY, and ASHLEY is constantly groveling for approval.
Can JACKIE ever let ASHLEY get the last word?
It sure seems like she ends-up apologizing every time she tries
And I don't know about their family, but if anyone tried what CHRIS did, with that "be the man" crap in my house, they might get kicked in the balls.And so would DEREK for having the nerve to go there.
Even the Italian people in my family wouldn't try that shit around women, unless they were looking to get hurt where it counts.
I really think this all had to be an act-even so, I resent the fact that it was acted-out.

CAROLINE says that she wants to teach their children how adults should act.
DANIELLE says that "What she did was illegal", "You do have to and I did have to be punished."
"You were that girl-you were that kid, is your chance to show everyone"-(CAROLINE)
CAROLINE explains that she agrees that what ASHLEY did was wrong.
"What did I do that was wrong?"-(DANIELLE)
"Tell the truth, then I'll respect you"-(CAROLINE)
"What have I done to attack you?" "Give me one example right now"-(CAROLINE)
CAROLINE gets pissed.
CAROLINE starts complaining about DANIELLE and her entourage at the BROWNSTONE. And calling her son a "faggot"
DANIELLE accuses CAROLINE of investigating her.
"You're not fooling me"-(CAROLINE)
"You wanna know something? You wanna know what you are? You're a clown."-(CAROLINE)
"When I called you garbage, I meant that you were garbage."-(CAROLINE)
that's it. CAROLINE leaves.
"TERESA'S husband's a drunk. and here's a little message for TERESA, at that age, my kids wore crinoline, my dogs wore lepord."-(DANIELLE)

DANIELLE brings the bodyguards in and makes her girls hug them.
We see an ad for her sex-video.

CAROLINE tells everyone what happened.
JACKIE says that she will never forgive DANIELLE.
I think that ASHLEY says thank-you to CAROLINE.
ASHLEY apologizes to her mom for the millionth time.
JACKIE tells her that she loves her "no matter what."

The two babies are adorable together. someone says that they are "falling in love".

SO, that's it. I have to say that I haven't liked DANIELLE, or JACKIE at all this season. And TERESA- well, when do I get my "free" 11 million dollars? When do you get yours? What would WE spend 11 MILLION DOLLARS ON?
If The GIUDICES were a private family, or friends, I probably wouldn't care, but I don't see how they expect to get-away with what they have done financially, and be in the public eye.
In my book, you can't have it both ways.
The only way that I will watch RHWONJ next season if THE GIUDICE'S are on it, is if they act like a family that is worth negative 11 million dollars. Which is worse than broke. Worse than being "poor". They are "poor" PLUS negative 11 mil. They are NOT the TRUMPS. They do NOT employ thousands of people with the money that they took and spent on themselves. They DO NOT deserve to have their debt forgiven. And if they get away Scott-free, I will not watch if they are on next season.

One thing BRAVO forgot to add in the ending credits, NONE of them, including BRAVO, are EVER! allowed in The NORTH JERSEY COUNTRY CLUB again! And I don't know if they'll be allowed in my house again either.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lies and the Liars who Tell them

HeRE is a link to an excruciatingly detailed break-down of some of DANIELLE STAUB'S lies. I have a perma-link to  DEATH BY 10K PAPERCLIPS, on the side of this page, but I didn't catch this last week when it was posted. Someone from LYNN'S (link also on the side), comments pointed it out.
I guess there are "reality show" lies, and then there are "real" lies. The first category would be something that's obviously scripted, like TERESA all of a sudden coming-up with the idea to go to ITALY, and the next thing you know 20 people & a camera crew are on-the-way.
I'm going to try & leave the "reality show" lies out of this, but it does get a little confusing.
Like "birthdays". I've covered that here already ad-nausea, but DANIELLE has had four this year already that we know of. Maybe that's one of her old "tricks"? A good way to wrangle presents, money, and attention?
I'm still wondering if I can give DANIELLE a pass on her multiple birthdays, since it is true that she was adopted as an infant, and when a person is adopted, they may not really know when their birthday is since they don't usually have their original birth certificate. (which really isn't fair to adopted people is it?)
But, even if I let her slide on that, DBK1K, goes-on to illustrate exactly how DANIELLE has lied on television, and in her book, (which has the word, "Truth" in the title ironically), about knowing the circumstances of her adoption.
Which all leads me to then come-up with another excuse for DANIELLE'S behavior. She also claims that she is a victim of abuse while she was a child. I didn't read her book, but I have read parts of it, and also interviews, and she specifically claims that she was sexually abused. Yet, she is vague about who abused her.
The problem here is that DANIELLE is what's known as a pathological, compulsive liar.
Now, I do understand that there is a proven theory, that women who work in the sex industry are more likely to have experienced some kind of sexual victimization in childhood .
I don't have a reference for that- its practically conventional wisdom, and I believe it.
But you know what? At least two of our other HOUSEWIVES had what could be considered pretty traumatic childhoods, (BETHENNY & RAMONA), and although I'm positive that both of them have participated in, "reality show" lies, they wouldn't be considered as "liars". OK, maybe it wasn't sexual molestation or being adopted, but there are a lot of people who have lived through those problems, and they wouldn't be called "liars" either.
So, there just really is no excuse for DANIELLE'S lies. None.
Is she a damaged person? Yes. Maybe she got more abuse than anyone should be expected to endure, especially a child. Unfortunately, because of the fact that she lies with impunity it really is hard to believe anything that she says.
I'm sure that DANIELLE has been telling lies for a very long time, so by the time that she announced her tale of abuse, her reputation made anything she says questionable. As far as I know she never did name names, except to say that her Mother was unable to protect her.
And what could possibly be the reason for DANIELLE not naming her, (alleged), abusers?
She sure isn't afraid of the COLOMBIAN MAFIA, or really even the AMERICAN MAFIA, or The HELLS ANGELS either, she's publicly made fools of them ALL! She apparently put people in prison, AND owes them money!
And she sure made sure that ASHLEY paid for PULLING DANIELLE'S HAIR.
Let me get this straight. A grown woman, who is obviously NOT afraid of anyone,(oh yeah, except THE MANZOS-"reality-show" lie?),  a woman who believes in "justice", and "Law & Order", so much that she insists that charges are filed against someone that SHE teased & provoked, who pulled her hair.
And yet, this same person is willing to keep a perverted child-molester's secret. Someone who, (allegedly), hurt her very badly when she was unable to fend for herself.
Does that make any sense at all? Even by REALITY SHOW standards, it doesn't make sense.
And yet no one so far has called her on this. Because most people are too polite or too disturbed by the idea of child abuse, that we are willing to accept a victim at their word.
Maybe lying could be a consequence of being forced to keep sexual abuse a secret? Which, if it is, is a really horrible consequence for a victim to have. And actually, there is a person that I know in real life who has that lying problem who was forced to keep a secret when they were young-so maybe it does have something to do with the, (alleged unfortunately), abuse.
But I do know people who have suffered terrible abuse, including sexual abuse, who don't lie.
I could appreciate when CLAY AIKEN "officially" came out-of-the-closet as gay, and when he was asked what it was the helped him decide to make that information public, he said that he didn't want his son to feel like he had to lie about his dad when he was older.
DANIELLE on the other hand is using homosexuality as an element of intrigue to make herself appear mysterious.
No matter what the cause of it is, it really is annoying. People have wondered about KELLY and the source of her lying behavior also. And  THE GIUDICES-lying is more of a criminal nature with greed and avarice being the source.
But I really think that DANIELLE takes the cake when it comes to being a bald-faced liar.
And there really can be no excuse for that kind of behavior after a certain point. Its a terrible habit and if one is in the habit of doing it, (lying), well-that's what therapy is for, isn't it?
DANIELLE announced today that she is doing a "spin-off" reality show. We do know that there is a "spin-off" BRAVO show currently in production, set for viewing in the Fall, but I don't think that BRAVO would give DANIELLE a spin-off. Or if they did, who would watch it?
She is a big fat despicable, (in my opinion), liar. And in this season of RHONJ, her character did nothing except give the other characters a bit of diversion from their own short-comings.
TERESA & JOE are con-artists? LOOK!, DANNIELLE is a slut. TERESA is raising brats? OH look, DANIELLE is taking the moral high-ground & calling herself the best mother in the world. AND her children are portrayed as the best behaved children on the show.
ASHLEY never should have physically touched DANIELLE. BUT, the woman should not have called ASHLEY a "coke whore", either. And you know what? I get that CHRIS & JACKIE don't like ASHLEY'S attitude, but if I was the girl's mother, or her lawyer that they supposedly made ASHLEY pay for, I think I would have supported a counter-claim based-on the "coke-whore" comment alone.
That was completely inappropriate & vile. As was an item that DANIELLE posted on her first BRAVO blog of season II about ASHLEY, which I think she later deleted.
I don't know yet what happened at the re-union. I've heard that DANIELLE & CAROLINE sat on the same couch, and that there will be surprises.
I don't think I'll believe one word that DANIELLE says. And I resent the fact that BRAVO gives her a platform for her lies.
Besides the fact that I find DANIELLE physically ugly & repulsive, I think it is the lying that gives me that impression mostly.
Personally, I don't like the botox, "plastic", bat-wing-eyebrow, or any over-done or obvious plastic-surgery look, but it usually doesn't bother me if the character is not too annoying.
The fake JERSEY accent is another problem I have with DANIELLE, and of course her terrible attempts at "acting". A fake NEW JERSEY accent is unforgivable in my opinion, and ruins just about any kind of entertainment because it is a distraction, but in a "REALITY", even a FAKE-REALITY, a wanna-be JERSEY accent is contempt-worthy in my opinion.
OK-so I really don't like DANIELLE, and I don't feel sorry for her, (especially when she looks at the camera and talks in baby-tawk, yuk!), but I think the main reason, aside from the rest of my reasons, is the lying.

KIM G. Tried to CRASH! DANIELLE'S party! & Mystery revealed?

Found these tidbit quotes at the link above. From DANIELLE'S (latest) birthday party at a strip-club. So I guess DANIELLE is the one that the pornographer, (DENNIS mentioned/photo below), is doing a new reality show with?

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub revealed during her strip-club birthday bash last night that she is in the works of creating her own spin-off reality show. 

There was a surprise appearance of her “Real Housewives” nemesis, Kim “G” Grantell, before Staub arrived at Scores. Grantell was escorted from the premises before Staub walked the red carpet. (quotes from story

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Viewer Participation IRL Round-up of contests & stuff

I just found an item about  THIS (click here)  in the BRAVO Message boards.

Participate in a RHNJ Survey for an Article with a Major Online-Media Outlet!

Its an invitation to answer a suvey and email your responses to be included in an article "addressed to ANDY COHEN".
Also, if you haven't already heard, or you did hear, but need the link, there are a couple of contests going-on.
THE REALLY OLD HOUSEWIFE OF MANATEE, is awarding a "survivor" magnet to people picked-from comments posted on her blog. HeRE is the SURVIVOR Contest
And the eagerly awaited TWITTER Inagural awards, live on TWITTER! (Central Standard time).
HERE! is the link  for more details, and yeah, it looks like cocktail/semi-formal dress is required?
Also, LITSNITCH is entered in THE COUNTESS'S Lip-syncing contest, and she needs VOTES!
You can find your way there (here) by following instructions and voting, "thumbs-up".

Monday, August 9, 2010

I can't wait to say Arriva Derci' to Season II

So I'm getting warmed-up here for this episode, and I notice how easy it is for DANIELLE to lie.
I'm watching the scene with DANIELLE & KIM G. at  PORTOBELLO, when DANIELLE says to KIM G.
that her daughter, (CHRISTINE), was,
 "very upset"-(DANIELLE talking about CHRISTINE), to hear that DANIELLE was looking-for her biological mother.
We all saw the scene where CHRISTINE told DANIELLE that she knew about looking for the biological mom, and it was very clear that she was not upset at all. To DANIELLE, that was, "very upset"? LIER.

THE GIUDICES are having a dinner-party to celebrate JOE'S DUI.
"You gonna do any driving-'cause I'll drive."-(CHRIS)
"Whaddaya tryin' ta say?"-(TERESA)

DANNY & DANIELLE are out together talking about JOE'S DUI.

Back to THE GIUDICES' place-JOE describes his version of the story. Wine is being served in individual fish-bowls.

Back at the diner, DANIELLE says something about how,
 "strip-clubs are open"-(DANIELLE), at 2am, and what the hell is JOE doing out at that hour when he has four children at home.

"CAROLINE didn't investigate TERESA & JOE did she? ....why did she investigate me?"-(DANIELLE)
Yeah-I bet that CAROLINE'S been asking herself the same question!
We see DANIELLE chewing something. Is there something wrong with her teeth? My God, this woman can't even eat without being dramatic.

"We need to seriously relax and get away from all this drama."-(TERESA)
"How about Italy?"-(TERESA)
They toast to , "Bella Vita."

"I said as a joke, "we should go on vacation", and TERESA decides we should go to Italy"-(CAROLINE to ALBERT)

"ASHLEY can't go, but maybe we should bring the little ones."-(JACKIE)

"Are you payin' for it? If you pay for it we're goin'."-(JOE)

TERESA is wearing Rosary beads around her neck.  Everybody is packing and getting ready to go.
JACKIE explains that ASHLEY is staying behind because she has to work to pay her lawyer bill from the attack on DANIELLE.

JOE and NETTIE,  CAROLINE'S parents, FILOMENA, JOE'S mom, FRANK, JOE'S father, , and an assortment of in-laws bring the party to a total of 20. (not including camera crews!)

JOE has his hands full of wine as they all get aboard a limo to the airport.

Now we're in VENICE.
"The master plan is we spend a day in Venice and then we board a cruise ship..and so it begins"-(CAROLINE)

For as much crazy I may or may not have to endure on this trip, seeing them made it all worth it"-(CAROLINE)

TERESA wants to go to CHANEL.
"That girl was on a mission, a quest, to find CHANEL."-(CAROLINE)
They finally found it, but it was closed.
JOE tells TERESA that she has a problem with spending money and shopping.
TERESA shows everyone an ugly green emerald ring and says, "At least I got to buy sumptin' in Venice."

The party embarks on the COZA DELIZIAOSO ship. They all wave "Arriva derci" to Venice.

JOE talks to CHRIS about,
"putting all that bull-*beep behind me."-(JOE) at the bar on board.
Then they gossip about DANIELLE.

During the commercial break, we see a preview of next week's episode about DANIELLE'S search for her biological mom. There's another episode? I thought this was it.

CAROLINE is going to watch the GIUDICE children so that TERESA & JOE can have sex. JACKIE and CHRIS take a cooking class together. They make pasta with pesto sauce. ALBERT and CAROLINE entertain the GIUDICE girls. CAROLINE says that she had a bad attitude about baby-sitting, but ALBERT was better. I agree.

Its MILANIA'S birthday. She's four.
 "I'm four!"-(MILANIA)
TERESA has planned a private party.
JACKIE and her son are sea-sick
MILANIA falls asleep during her birthday party. They wake her up for the cake.
The cake has chocolate frosting and what looks like potato-chips as garnish.
That was a really bad idea. Of course she cries, what did they think would happen?

Three minutes to go in this episode, and I don't think there was any drama except for the children whining a little, and hearing TERESA'S whining. At one point in the gondolas, JACKIE remarked about hearing TERESA whine.

We end the episode with CAROLINE talking at the dinner table about how relaxed JACKIE is, and how great everyone is, bla, bla, bla... In the scenes from next week, we hear CAROLINE saying,
"This trip is anything but civilized. This trip is mayhem."-(CAROLINE)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who is Dennis D and What is he Doing With Bravo?

So I was perusing, (here)(Adult Video News), to see if I could get any sales data for DANIELLE'S sex video, and I happened to notice this article;(copied from AVN)

DNA Owner Dennis D. Shooting Reality Show

DNA Owner Dennis D. Shooting Reality Show
LOS ANGELES—DNA owner Dennis D. has always been a busy man. While DNA is still in business, though with a lower profile, he’s got mainstream projects firing on all cylinders.
D. told AVN today that he’s currently filming a reality TV show that’s slated to air on Bravo this fall that follows the exploits of him and two friends. The show is a spin-off of a popular show currently on the cable network. D. wouldn’t divulge the name of the show because it’s currently in production.

 OK. I'm intrigued. A "popular" BRAVO show, "currently on the network"...............SPIN-OFF???
Dennis has a TWITTER, so I'm off to TWITTER-STALK him a little, and see if I can find any more clues about this one.
(EDIT/UPDATE) OK-so He's following 21 people on TWITTER. Here are all of the women he is following, copied from his list. LIZZIE GRUBMAN is one name that stands-out for me as a "possible" here. Her name has been mentioned as a replacement for BETHENNY a few times.(copied list from TWITTER)

DENISE_RICHARDS   Denise Richards
Jessalynnhinton Jessica Hinton
TheRealEve   Eve
ShandiMissUSA Shandi Finnessey
Lindsaylohan   Lindsay Lohan
AubreyODay   Aubrey O'Day
juliebenz   Julie Benz
AudrinaPatridge   Audrina Patridge
hollymadison123   Holly Madison
LizzieGrubman Lizzie Grubman
joannakrupa Joanna Krupa
HollyHuddleston Holly Huddleston
ShannaMoakler   Shanna Moakler

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A little house-cleaning here; There are edits and updates to the following two posts:

The first one was about DANIELLE'S Birthday(s). It appears that she has taken her "birthday" on-the-road.
I copied & pasted the invitation.
The second one is an *UPDATE* to the on-going saga of "Which HOUSEWIFE sold the most books?". I added a TWEET from BETHENNY. Her only comment on the topic. (so far).

Friday, August 6, 2010

The End is Near?

The title of this post about the DC HOUSEWIVES, caught my eye. Of course I don't have to bother to learn how to spell the WHITE HOUSE PARTY-CRASHER'S name, since I will not be watching the series, or commenting much about it. Over at CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS DOT NET,
they have an Apocalyptic view of REALITY TELEVISION, courtesy of THE HOUSEWIVES. As with any good doomsday scenario, the author includes a prediction.
"In order to get attention in the 24/7 world of buzz, everyone who is on a show or wants to be on a show will push a little harder and harder and then finally in the next year or two, something will make it explode. I don't know if it will be a death or an injury, but something will happen. It has too. You can't just keep pushing and pushing and not expecting anything to happen. The bubble will burst. Michaele Salahi is the beginning of the end."-Crazy Days & Nights
Personally, I think "something" already has happened. And that's why I won't be watching the DC bunch. I think it started somewhere before SPOOKY ISLAND, and continued with RHWONJ. And yeah, those people who's name I will never have to learn how to spell are the continuation of it. Maybe the "something" will be terrible ratings that force BRAVO to act responsibly?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Boycott Begets Another?

I boycotted the premiere episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of DC tonight. I did that to protest what I see as BRAVO going "too far" with the series in general. I was not the only person who decided to boycott DC, we'll see how they do in the ratings. I hope there was an impact.
But that's not why I'm posting this message. I'm posting this to remark about what I DID watch.
It was a repeat of an episode of LAW & ORDER SVU, that originally aired on ST. PATRICK'S DAY, (March 17, 2010). I missed it the first time around.
The episode was titled, "Witness".  Season 11, episode 19 according to my YAHOO TV-Guide.
The story had the usual twists and turns of LAW & ORDER, and it was the very ending that left me in tears.
The title character, who's name I don't know-but her testimony scene stunned me, delivered a monologue about conditions in the CONGO.
I'm making this post as a marker, and a place-holder for future research on this topic, because I'd like to find some quotes from the show, and also do some research to learn more about current conditions in the CONGO. There was one line in particular, a line about the "three T's"; tungsten, Titanium, and something else, that the "Witness" articulated as being valuable components for the USA electronic/cell-phone manufacturing market, as being the cause of AFRICAN-RWANDAN violence.
I need to know if any of what was said in this story, was truly, "ripped from the headlines".
Because if it was, you can sign me up for any/ and all boycotts or protests that affect UNITED STATES policy regarding violence in AFRICA.

Kim G. Works for Free? 

After all of the fuss yesterday about our JERSEY GIRLS and how much they are paid, I was surprised to see that TOM, aka, "The Celebrity Magnet", actually has an item on his blog, (link above), that says exactly what more than a few commenters were supposing about the HOUSEWIVES yesterday. And that is, that at least one HOUSEWIFE, KIM G., does the show FOR FREE!.
OK, maybe KIM G. isn't an "official" HOUSEWIFE yet, but I'm willing to bet that DANNY P. collected a paycheck.
TOM has a few great stories about KIM G. on his blog, it's worth a visit, and speaking-of visits, he says that he spent the day with KIM G., (and has photos & video to prove it!).
Here's the quote about KIM G., copied from his site., also, he says that KIM D. is KIM G.'s cousin.
Hmmmm. I thought they were Sister's-in-law?
"…like how the other Kim on the show, “Kim D,” is actually her cousin. And, how Kim G does not even get paid to do the show, she just enjoys working on it, and would definitely do another season if it happens." (from Celebrity Magnet)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bravo makes actors Pay for Sets! URL for TERESA'S Online Auction

HERE IS THE LINK to register & bid on the contents of TERESA'S home. The online company only charges ten dollars, unlike the in person which requires a $300. deposit to attend.
It looks like they plan on web-casting the event if/when it happens. (Aug 22)
If you have seen the photos of the inventory, you may have noticed that you've seen the items ON TV!
ROB @ POPEATER posted a plea this morning that our HOUSEWIVES are not being paid fairly.
Was he only guessing, based-on TERESA'S bank papers?
OR, is he serious?
IF he was serious, think about it.
Who pays for their own sets?
Should JOE & TERESA and their family pay for that crap for years?
Should they have had to buy the sets in the first place?
Or, are the cast willing to continue to say that HOUSEWIVES is "reality"?
Also keep in mind that the daytime syndication deal will be affected by this.
http://absurdtosublime. (HeRE)  did a story about syndication today.
Think about the REALITY TV children. Do their parents have the right to sign-away their residuals & syndication rights?

Should Housewives STRIKE?

Not being paid to tape the reunion according to ROB at POPEATER. Ladies, are you freekin' kidding me?
Here is my message to NJ HOUSEWIVES, "CALL THE UNION".

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another lie? *edit/UPDATE*

FOURTH B-DAY this year! So Far.  
EDIT. It seems that DANIELLE can't get enough Birthday. -(added Aug 7th) Photo story from Big "news" this morning, Radaronline has an exclusive story about how DANIELLE & her GF went out to celebrate her B-day.

Wiki does say that DANIELLE'S B-day is July 29. But just last night, TERESA TWEETED this, to a fan:

Eps were shot Sept-Apr. Reunion hasn't filmed yet [cue scary music] RT @WTFGARRETT when is the reunion shot as opposed to the episodes?
I think I have to give DANIELLE a little slack here, since she was adopted, and she just might not know for sure when her B-day really is? But if BRAVO taped from Sept.-April, how does that explain the Birthday party that KIM G. threw for DANIELLE  this past season? I don't recall anyone saying that it wasn't "really" DANIELLE'S birthday, if they did, I missed it.