Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dina's Stll Being Pestered About PROJECT LADYBUG

LYNN FROM CHICAGO has added to "Project Ladybug Woes", on her site. It has now become a collection of document(s), and screen-shots of bizarre TWITTER messages. People who have made innocent, (ok-maybe sceptically innocent), inquiries into the PL, (PROJECT LADYBUG), financials, have been met with emotionally charged messages, like, "You are trying to hurt sick children!!!", to THREATS that they have been reported to "authorities".
LYNN'S blog is abuzz with talk of PL today, and one commenter posted a link to a recent newspaper article, (August 2010), that boasts donations of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.
(Cut from North
Since last year, Project Ladybug has donated $20,000 to pediatric cancer patients.
 That's nice. But in July, I wrote a post about just how much PL has raised this year, there is a link below, but I neglected to post a screen-shot of the current Saint Joseph's Hospital web-page, where the headline says that TWO-HUNDRED THOUSAND was raised, yet in the body of the story, it appears a zero, was, and still is, missing. Also, by doing the math on ticket costs & attendance at PL'S major fund-raiser, I would have to say that more than a hundred grand was collected. Here's the screen-shot:
Click image to view 200 or 20-Thousand. Red circles, mine.
I copied that from SAINT JOE'S Hospital, where people who hit the "Donate" button on PL'S site, are re-directed. Currently, people who donate online to PL, are directed to SAINT JOSEPH'S Hospital. But that raises another question for me. PROJECT LADYBUG, according to JENNIFER SALE, of CHICAGO NOW, mentioned in the post below, DID help a patient. Apparently, a donor kicked-off the NATIONAL PROJECT LADYBUG, with a large donation earmarked for a hospital in CHICAGO. If PL is going NATIONAL, will SAINT JOSEPH'S be willing to administer funding to other hospitals ?????
Yeah, I put a lot of question marks there because I don't even know where to begin with that one.
The major fund-raiser for PROJECT LADYBUG, NIGHTS IN MOROCCO as stated in the above document, sold over a thousand tickets. HERE'S a link  to the page that contain the invitation and information about that event. Copied here is a screen-shot of the costs for tickets, and ad-sales from that page:

I am not trying to "hurt people with cancer"!-As other investigators have been accused-of, (Geossomething'smom on Twitter). I'm curious about this. I've been thinking about TERESA & DINA, and how they had big dreams, and small wallets, and how they just may have lucked-out. The latest rumor for TERESA, is that she is getting her own spin-off, and working & negotiating her heart out to put a dent in her debt problems. DINA has associated PL with none other than, THE BLESSED MOTHER. A pretty powerful patron, and I'd rather mess-with the MOB, than piss-off a SAINT!   So you never know, the story of both of their financial difficulties could be the the story of the JERSEY GIRL method of making money.