Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tweeter's Update

Back in the real-world of Now, DINA sent-out TWEETS to all of her followers asking them to "un-follow" TWEETMAXINE.
Well, she did more than ask, actually. She, (DINA), and "All 4" (Housewives?), are checking the list of people who follow MAXINE, and if they do, they are being BLOCKED! from DINA'S & other HOUSEWIVE'S TWEETS.
Here's a copy of two of DINA'S TWEETS from today:

The girls and I will start blocking all who follow Maxine as of tonight as well. This is your chance to unfollow it! about 8 hours ago via web

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just got home, thanking all of u who un followed crazy Maxine~remember we have to block it's followers at the end of the night~all 4 of us! about 3 hours ago via web

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THIS Boston news story tells us just about everything we never wanted to know about DANNIELLE'S Slimy-looking friend, "DANNY". Described in this article as a "WANNABE", and a "PUNK", and a person who has a problem with threatening people.
Pretty much the scum-bag that he appears to be on NJHOUSEWIVES. Did I mention that he needs a haircut?

THERESA has a baby

So I'm watching the late show since I wanted to see the last episode of LAW & ORDER.
I did peek a few times, and I have to say that I don't think anyone has ever given birth with so much make-up on before.
THERESA is on her way to the hospital. JUICY JOE looks like a little-person compared to the size of his bedroom furniture, and SUV, I wonder what his height is?
THERESA says, "Gross". when she puts on her hospital gown.
Back at THE BROWNSTONE, THE MANZOS hook-up CHRIS with some guy who owns a car-wash.
RICK, the car-wash owner says that CHRIS can have the car-wash on a Wednsday, since that's his slow day.
"As long as you don't do nothin' illegal."-(Mr. MANZO)
DANIELLE takes her girls out for lunch. CHRISTINE has a bad case of acne on her forehead.
DANIELLE wants to talk about CHRISTINE'S modeling career.
"The industry wasn't ready for me."-CHRISTINE, "And you're not ready for it."-(The other daughter).
The other daughter gets stares from DANIELLE & CHRISTINE. Looks like someone messed-up the lines they had rehearsed!
THERESA has her baby. They try to make cute talk about buying THERESA diamonds.
I'm really giving JUICY JOE the fish-eye now, I'm convinced that he's a Little Person!
Why has BRAVO tried to HIDE this from us with camera-angles?
Now it's starting to REALLY make sense when DANIELLE said that she wasn't sure if GIA "has what it takes" to be a model. She probably won't be very tall.
ASHLEY came to apologize to JACKIE. JACKIE wants ASHLEY to see a life-coach.
"I already have a plan, I already know what I wanna do." she wants to go to community college and then transfer to a university. JACKIE asks what she wants to study and ASHLEY says she's not sure about that, it could be fashion, or zoology.
CHRIS goes to SCORES slut/pig-bar to look at sluts for his car-wash gentleman's club.(sorry girls but I refuse to grant this dangerous profession any respect. Its bad for women.)
ED the owner invites CHRIS to hang-around and be an assistant manager for the night.
His friends come "To show support."
THERESA poops the baby out. IT'S A GIRL-cute baby. A-U-D-R-I-A-N-A -(THERESA spells it). Unless they re-dubbed the sound here, I'd have to say that that whiny voice of THERESA'S is no act. You can't fake it like that in labor.
JACKIE wants to liquor-up her husband to talk about the life-coach.
"What's in that safe?"-(JACKIE) "You don't wanna know". (CHRIS)
He has guns & ammo in the safe. JACKIE dresses-up like RAMBO and says, "I feel sexy."
DANIELLE is at a diner and she is asked to help with a benefit for a baby that has cancer.
The baby's dad says that it could cost ten to 20 grand a week for treatment. They say that the benefit is taking-place at THE BROWNSTONE.
"I'm hoping that everyone will set everything aside and honor your baby." -(DANIELLE)
DINA has a meeting with CAROLINE & JACKIE. She tells them about how ZEN-JEN told her to meet DANIELLE in person.
"JEN says, what does DINA say?"-(CAROLINE)
 "I think the only thing that DANIELLE has changed, has been her name, four times, BEVERLY, MERRILL, DANNIEL, STAUB...".-(JACKIE)
"It's not gonna work."-(CAROLINE)
JACKIE & BABY NICHOLAS visit THERESA and her baby in the hospital. Both babies are sleeping-very cute.
BRAVO has a quiz-what is DINA'S cat's name? GRANDMA WRINKLES of course!
What did I win?
CHRIS is at the car wash. Girls in bikinis & shorts show-up.  ALBIE tells us that the girls are NOT strippers, they are friends of CHRIS.
RICK the owner shows-up. Business is booming. "You make it fun and that's great."-(RICK)
Now we get to meet DANNY, DANIELLE'S friend. DANNY PROVENZANO went to  prison for 4 years. His friend JOHNNY is also an ex-felon.  "DANNY is definitely gonna escort me to the BROWNSTONE.", "DANNY can speak without words."-(DANIELLE)
"How does it feel to hold your God-Daughter?"-(THERESA to DINA)
DINA crys. The baby is beautiful, and perfect like DINA said, but the hat is a little much, that can't be comfortable for a baby-can it? The flower is as big as the baby's head.
Someone that I know has the lepord-print jammies that THERESA is wearing at the hospital. They are JOE BOXER, and they had them at K-MART.
I wonder if THERESA packed K-MART PJ's in her BURBERRY or designer luggage?
"I could care less what she does."-(CAROLINE)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


(May 9, 2011)-UPDATE! I was lurking Teresa's new book today, and I was shocked to see a *NEW* version of how Gia was named. On page 24 of Fabulicious, (which I found by signing-in to Amazon and searching-for "peppers" in look inside the book), Teresa says that her daughter Gia was named-after her father Giacinto! Of course I remembered that Teresa told an interviewer that Gia was named-after famous supermodel model Gia.
CLICK HERE on Amazon-LOOK inside the book pg. 24

(originally posted in 2010)
The other night while I was watching THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY, it occurred to me to think-of GIA.
Not THERESA'S little GIA, no, I recalled GIA-the "supermodel". Known-by-her-first-name, Italian last name, (Carangi), died tragically from AIDS. That GIA.
So I did a little research to refresh my memory about GIA'S story, and see what connections, besides being Italian, that that GIA, has with THERESA'S GIA.
And here's where it get's interesting.
GIA'S, (the supermodel),  only connection with NEW JERSEY that I could find, is her connection with ATLANTIC CITY, where she may, or may not have dabbled-in "prostitution-whoring", shooting heroin, being raped, and otherwise doing whatever it was that she did that led to her untimely death.(at 26).
GIA, (supermodel GIA), was a SOUTH PHILLY Italian girl, of the variety that THERESA, actually reminds me more-of than your typical GARDEN STATE housewife. (and I mean that as a compliment to SOUTH PHILLY girls so don't get excited).
I happened to find a recent interview with THERESA, who is currently on a book tour.
Ava Gacser, a NEW JERSEY writer on her blog, (here), quotes THERESA, as saying that her GIA, was actually named-after (supermodel, only one name needed), "the" GIA. Or maybe the movie GIA?
(from the blog-post)
she named Gia after the Angelina Jolie film of the same name. (“Gia,” by the way, was based on the life of model Gia Carangi, who died of AIDS in 1986.)
“I know it wasn’t a great movie because of the way it ended,” Teresa admitted, but added that she loved the name nonetheless.

(Copied from Mission statement page at The Gia Carangi Foundation .org)
The Gia Carangi Foundation will help children who have been stripped of their innocence by life-threatening crises which often lead to drug abuse. By educating these children about the dangers of drugs, we hope to empower them so that they, unlike Gia, will survive to see bright futures.

We dedicate the healing we accomplish to Gia, in the hope that her tormented soul will rest in peace knowing that her death will save the life of someone else and that her intended message will be heard around the world.

With that, I think I will dedicate this post to THERESA'S & JOE'S GIA, and all of our REALITY-show child "actors", in the hopes that they are never "stripped of their innocence".
GACER'S blog, (linked above), has photos of THERESA & GIA'S recent appearance (May 7th, 2010), (yes THERESA is still rocking the bangs), and it is definitely worth clicking-in for updates on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW JERSEY, and GACER'S other observations from her NJ perspective.

Monday, May 17, 2010


DANIELLE'S daughter receives roses from JACKIE. For some reason, DANIELLE asks her younger daughter to stay with her while she calls JACKIE to say thank-you. JACKIE'S machine picks-up.
DANIELLE then asks her daughter to leave the room, and calls JACKIE back and leaves another message.
"Nutin' is gonna take me down, nut-in'" (DANIELLE)

"The worst thing that could happen during the fashion show is if THERESA'S water breaks."-(CAROLINE)
DINA & THERESA are having some herbal tea. They talk about DANIELLE.  "I guess she can't change the ho-bag that she is."-(THERESA)
"Hopefully we can just put everything in the past."-(DINA) "I'm so done with her, done done done"-(THERESA)

CAROLINE and JACKIE are getting to know each other better. They talk about DANIELLE. JACKIE tells CAROLINE how DANIELLE is making her uncomfortable. "Did DANIELLE ever acknowledge NICHOLAS'S birth?" -(CAROLINE) "I never got a phone call, ...a balloon, nothing." -(JACKIE), "MY marriage comes first before my friendship with DANIELLE." CAROLINE tells her to let it fade-out naturally.

DANIELLE is telling her daughter how she's gonna love walking in 8 inch heels. She tells the younger one that she's next. She says that she's already talked to the modeling agency about her too.

THERESA'S girls are destroying a a store. That's ok, the tab comes to almost two-grand.

DINA has someone over to to talk Zen, and DANIELLE. "I want to stay away from her completely."-(DINA) DINA'S Zen friend JEN tells her to meet DANIELLE face-to-face and tell her that they cannot be friends.

KARIN, the Realtor© is visiting DANIELLE. She tells DANIELLE that she wasted no time in talking to DANIELLE'S ex. The ex does not want to spend any money on fixing-up the house to sell it. DANIELLE decides to take it off the market.

THERESA has the CAROLINE & ALBIE over to celebrate GIA'S fashion-show debut. It's 8:20pm, and they are getting ready to have Dinner. THERESA tells us that she and JOE have sex every day.

Finally, we're on our way to the fashion show. DINA is not coming because she doesn't want to run-into DANIELLE. "GIA'S all excited, she gets to walk down the ugly stage."-(JOE) Uh-OH, that mean remark causes GIA to cry. THERESA tells GIA that she's going to take-back everything that she bought her at the store. BRAVO captions JOE saying, "Get out Gia." when they get to the show.

DANIELLE and her girls go to practice walking. Apparently this is tricky. DANIELLE starts to help. CHRISTINE wants to leave. "Am I done?"-(CHRISTINE).
DANIELLE tells her to keep going 'till they tell her to stop. The guy who is helping CHRISTINE tells her a little "secret" about modeling, "Anybody can get booked. The secret is getting re-booked." DANIELLE tells us that CHRISTINE doesn't understand that IMG is just the most important agency eva, but DANIELLE does.

Almost 45 minutes, and except for GIA crying, there's been no drama yet! I guess they're saving that for the last ten minutes? Or, are they going to make us wait another week?

We're backstage now. GIA'S tired and yawning. THERESA says she's not worried about GIA because she's gonna put her couture-look on.

CHRISTINE says that she's starting to understand how important modeling is.

GIA'S family is in the front-row for her big walk. She nails it. "You look gorgeous."-(JOE)

DANIELLE tells CHRISTINE, "Don't think about the shoes." DANIELLE says, "THIS is the making of a super-model." (DANIELLE has a habit of emphasizing at least one word in every sentence). DANIELLE says that this is just the beginning. That they're going to travel all-over the world modeling. "I think if I had been given the same opportunities that my daughters are going to be given, I think my life would have been a lot different." -(DANIELLE)
After the show, there is a new thing where the models stand on the runway for 20 minutes. They just stand there and pose. CHRISTINE becomes ill while standing there. She breaks-rank and has to sit-down. DANIELLE tells her that she did a great job and has nothing to be embarrassed about.

So, that was it. a pretty boring episode. Next week's previews show THERESA having a baby, and something about a gun, and DANIELLE is coming to the BROWNSTONE!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Episode I, Season II, setting us up for Fashion Week Showdown

DANIELLE is rockin' a serious mustache in the opening.

DANIELLE quotes THERESA  to KARIN her real estate agent, she "Love, loves" KARIN'S CGBD (?)PUCCI-inspired dress.
DANIELLE tells us that her EX will get half of the proceeds of the home that she must sell.
It was 2 million, now it's listed for 1 point 4,95.
DANIELLE wants everyone to know how important she knows that being clean, "down there", is, by pointing-out her bidet', that is set-up to look-like she takes a bath there quite often.
DINA says that she "Feels terrible.", for DANIELLE. And her children. She says that she, "Hopes she gets the help that she needs." (financial help?)
DANIELLE says that she's counting on her KARIN to get her out of there.

CAROLINE, JACKIE, and THERESA are having lunch. They're having Pear & Gorgonzola salad, with Bloody Mary & Peligrino water.
"We don't see each other at all", "I don't have a problem with her.", "We're gonna be peaceful acquaintances." (-JACKIE)
They talk about DANIELLE'S children.
"Socially, they're awkward." (CAROLINE). They say that DANIELLE'S daughters don't have the right kind-of look in their eyes, like they're lifeless, or not innocent-looking.
JACKIE says, "That's not nice."
She doesn't want to talk about people's children.
This is the part where we're wondering how everyone feels about that now, after what DANIELLE wrote in her BRAVO BLOG last week about JACKIE'S daughter.

Then they get serious and bring-up the kidnapping.CAROLINE says the line that we're going to keep hearing. "You hang around garbage, you start to stink."
They tell Jackie that she is "the weakest link.", that she's being used to get closer to THE MANZO'S.

They say that DANIELLE has threatened them by saying that she, (DANIELLE), was going to come-after them, and she wasn't coming alone.

CAROLINE'S kids look like they're going to make some sausage & peppers, then they start a food fight. CHRIS is wearing a shirt that says "Girls don't Poop".
ALBIE says that "Its a little weird.", that his friend VITO is dating his sister.

ASHLEY brings-over some laundry in garbage-bags. She tells her mom that she can get into clubs. JACKIE tells her that she loves her, and tries to give her some safety information about designated drivers. ASHLEY walks-away. They start arguing louder. JACKIE wants an answer, JACKIE tells ASHLEY to leave, "And take your laundry."
Really stupid move ASHLEY!, You just blew your chance to tell mom that a limo would solve the problem.

CHRISTINE, DANIELLE'S 16 yo is going to be a model. She's been "scouted". DANIELLE talks about how great this is. Little sis, JILLIAN is not impressed.  "Then we'll get another big house eventu-a-lee." Does e--nun-ci-A-ting every single syllable, do something magical to your words DANIELLE? Or give them some kind-of substance other than the thin-air that they're made out of?

JACKIE & DINA are baby-shopping for THERESA. JACKIE tells DINA that ASHLEY moved-out. "She moved-in with her friend."
 JACKIE says that she wants to help ASHLEY, but that ASHLEY doesn't want to hear anything she has to say.

DINA says that ASHLEY should see what its really like, paying her bills... Then she suggests "a good-old-fashioned beating."

DINA looks so gorgeous while she's describing an Italian-style beat-down, that she probably has people volunteering for one right now.
JACKIE doesn't think so., "I created this monster." OK so JACKIE does read the BRAVO BLOGS, 'cause I'm pretty sure that that's where she got that line.

GIA and THERESA are at THINK PR agency auditioning for a fashion-show for ELLE magazine. GIA says that she's been in pageants with 3, or 4 hundred people before. She lists her resume'. GIA'S not a triple-threat, she's done all that, plus Karate' and more.
They cut to DANIELLE saying that GIA is "not a supermodel.", and that she doesn't know if GIA "has what it takes."

Unlike DANIELLE"S CHRISTINE, who's busy actually being a super-model. CHRISTINE says that DANIELLE is "annoying." DANIELLE is gushing, and commenting on the sidelines, "We're so blessed."... She tells KELLY'S EX, GIL BENSIMON FROM REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NY, that he's "GOD."

GIL says that he wants to SHOOT DANIELLE. (for a photograph, darn!). Then DANIELLE gets invited to pose with CHRISTINE, and they Slap SOME LIPSTICK ON A PIG?, and take some ugly pictures. DANIELLE says that she'll "Always be a part of whatever CHRISTINE does." in her fashion career.

VITO & ALBIE hash it out. He tells VITO that he broke "The first rule of friendship.", by dating his sister. ALBIE'S gay friend tells VITO to be a gentleman.

DANIELLE is at IMG MODELS on PARK AVE, She says, "IVAN BART is an icon." "First photo-shoot, we're talking cover."
CHRISTINE makes the cover of an industry mag., THE DAILY. DANIELLE informs us that there's also a 5-page spread inside.
DANIELLE says that IVAN BART thinks that CHRISTINE has what it takes to be a top model. They say that CHRISTINE should take it slow, because of her young age, but they want her to walk in Fashion Week, and ask DANIELLE if she's ready to go to MILAN. DANIELLE is ready to go to MILAN.

BABY NICK doesn't like his outfit so he cries. I don't blame him. He's wearing some neo-hardcore crap. At least that's one cast member who dosen't want to be a fashion icon!
They talk about Thersa's "puffy chuckie.", and how GROSS-ICK, YEWWWW her lady-parts are.

DANIELLE wants to have a celebration luncheon for the magazine cover. She & her girls talk about who to invite. CHRISTINE says, "Not CAROLINE."  DINA sent DANIELLE a congratulation text when she heard about CHRISTINE'S good news. DANIELLE invites JACKIE & DINA. They say that they can't come. DANIELLE starts to look reptilian.

GIA gets her big break too. GIA'S going to model in fashion week too!

DANIELLE is having her luncheon. "Most importantly, KIM D."-(DANIELLE), DINA tells us that DANIELLE invited people who she ran-into in the supermarket.
CHRISTINE let's us know that her mom's luncheon isn't for her, (CHRISTINE), but for DANIELLE to brag about CHRISTINE. CHRISTINE seems fine with that.

The empty seat beside DANIELLE, who is seated at the head of the table, and JACKIE'S empty seat, are mentioned. "I was warned to stay away from KIM G., because she belonged to CAROLINE." -(DANIELLE), KIM G. is not friends with CAROLINE, she says to DANIELLE, "You're my friend." DANIELLE says "I'm not passive, and I'm not aggressive.", and then some BS about "light and love", and bla, bla, bla. But she had already turned back into a reptile by this point, so it sounded like she was saying, "SSSSssssssss.".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They're Baack

And I don't mean the HOUSEWIVES of NJ. I mean the rumors, lies, and what-not.
DANIELLE'S BRAVO blog, which was posted right after the preview aired, is getting a lot of FLACK!, and comments that what she did by going-after the other girl's children was NOT GOOD.
I posted a comment to DANIELLE that BRAVO chose not to publish btw, but I can tell you this, DANiELLE STAUB is NO JERSEY GIRL, and she proved it by posting about KARMA on her blog.
JERSEY GIRLS do not have "Karma", JERSEY GIRLS have "What comes around, goes around.".
About the only thing that CAN be proved about DANIELLE, is that she was raised in CONNECTICUT, (not NJ).
OH-and that scene with her "Sicilian Sista, KIM"? According to DANIELLE'S ex-husband and author of last season's infamous COP WITHOUT A BADGE, DANIELLE has NO IDEA what her ethnic background is.
This article on ZAP-2it goes into detail explaining the many LIES about DANIELLE'S background that she has printed in her new book, and her EX thinks he has found a way to force her to 'fess-up to all truths in a future court appearance.
Good luck with that KEVIN! Has anyone ever tried to force a pathological, compulsive liar to TELL THE TRUTH? If you have, you'll soon learn that you may as well pound sand or some other useless pursuit.

Dannielle's Bravo Blog

Darn, that was fast! I thought I practically had an exclusive on the mystery from last season, then Danielle goes and CONFIRMS it on her (very nasty) BRAVO blog. *Danielle's BRAVO blog*
She also explains that this is the reason that DINA'S little girl won't appear this season.
DANNIELLE hit below the belt by going-after JACKIE'S daughter like that. Nasty & tacky, a very low class thing for her to do, but then our JERSEY GIRLS don't even pretend to have any class like the other WIVES.
I think I have picked my favorite for this season already, and it is ASHLEY, who just keeps getting picked-on.

Monday, May 3, 2010

WHAT did Dannielle do?/Preview

Have they shut-down the NJ HOUSEWIVES TWOP boards yet?
"Look what happened to her..." -(Danielle talking about Dina. Apparently this is a reference to whatever dirty-trick that Danielle pulled on Dina that was never settled last season.)
The most plausible rumor that I've seen concerning that unspoken matter, is a story about DINA having her  ex-husband's signature forged on some BRAVO legal forms for her daughter's appearances on the show. The story claims that DANIELLE got involved and  pushed DINA'S ex's family to contact BRAVO.
The scene with BABY NICHOLAS was bee-yoo-ti-full. A nice choice to open the season.
"Troubled people cause trouble" -(Dina)
"Give her a second chance." -(Dina) OK, this doesn't look good.
 "I didn't murder or try to hurt anybody." -DANIELLE (no DANIELLE, but you were arrested for KIDNAPPING! some people just might have a problem with that.
I love how DANIELLE blames "these people" for bringing-up something that SHE did!
"For what they have done to me, they're gonna need all the prayers they can get."-(Danielle)
Dannielle honey, you don't need a Priest for that kind-of religion, you need VooDoo.
"Move on with your life." -(the FATHER RICHARD)
They all agree that last season was dramatic and upsetting. They swear that it won't happen again.
ALBERT HAS LOST close to 70 pounds! -(Caroline)
His new suit from BARNEY'S cost "8 or 9 thousand". I guess he can write it off as a business expense?
It looks like they're traveling to Italy this season. He could have three of the finest suits made by hand there for that kind of money couldn't he?
"I don't know her very well, but I don't care to know her very well." "I don't want her in my life, I don't want her in your life.", "...enough is enough." -(Chris)
"I'm not gonna shut someone out of my life,... we'll see what happens." -(Jacqueline)
Before CHRIS made his statements, he mentioned that at one point her told DANIELLE that she was welcome in his home.
That was before he realized that she's bad news, and not only that she manipulates people and causes trouble whereever she goes-smart man.
Jacqueline just called ASHLEY, "the same mistake that I made getting married so young when you're not prepared for it.", in an embarrassing scene about birth control. 
OK, she didn't call ASHLEY a mistake directly, but when the topic is birth control and you tell someone to make sure & use birth control so she doesn't make "the same mistake...", and the person that you're telling this to happens to be the child that resulted from that "mistake", well I'll just say it, that's a shitty thing to say to your daughter to put it lightly.
The fact that JAQULLENE'S handsome doctor told her that her age could be the reason why she suffered four miscarriages and needed fertility treatment to have her latest baby didn't enter into this conversation.
Hopefully ASHLEY is smart enough to figure that one out on her own.
I can't decide whether I think that JAQULLENE is just stupid, or  not?
She continues associating with DANIELLE almost to prove a point. And that point was a good one at first. But after seeing with her own eyes how DANIELLE tried to manipulate her last season, why on earth would she continue the friendship when she's been asked nicely on her family's behalf to drop it?
We get treated to the required DOG POOP scene. DOG CRAP is becoming the NEW HOUSEWIFE on these franchises. Maybe BRAVO can get POOP nominated for an Emmy this year? They've featured it enough times for it to get its own ACTOR'S EQUITY card.
"Dina .....she was doing nails, I'm not here to judge." -(DANIELLE) UH-what exactly IS there to judge about a respectable job?
This election fund-raiser for the SHERRIF is funny because I think this was the SHERRIF who is currently being indicted for something.

DANIELLE'S new/old best friend KIM is at the party. DANIELLE didn't know anything about the party 'till she had her nails done and the people at the shop said that they have been busy due to the party. Ha Ha, that was clue # one that everything might not be so cozy as it looked in the scene at KIM'S store where KIM & DANIELLE held hands and swore that they had each other's back.
KIM put her Sicillian shiv right onto DANNIELLE'S back at the party saying that she only pretended to be friends with DANNIELLE for "business"-ouch! now THAT was nasty.
"I don't do the two-face thing, I wanted no part of it."-DINA
The preview scenes for the series show us sirens, tears, just the thing they promised us they will avoid. How did BRAVO get them from point A to point B, I guess we'll have to "WATCH WHAT HAPPENS" to find out?