Monday, August 30, 2010


CAROLINE lost 25 pounds. TERESA calls DANIELLE a pig, disgusting, and desperate. Andy asks DANIELLE why she didn't call JACKIE when Baby NICK was born. They argue, then DANIELLE says, "Congratulations Jacqueline", in a somewhat nasty tone.

ANDY asks about what CAROLINE meant on last year's re-union. ANDY says that its the number one question for a year.

The girls say that DANIELLE'S lawyer has a gag-order. DANIELLE says that DINA said something in a four-page interview.

"God Bless ya, Love and light baby, love and light"-(CAROLINE)

"Let's not talk about DINA, she's not here, shut your mouth."-(JACKY)

Uh-OH. The TERESA jumping-off the couch happened a LOT sooner than I thought it would. Not even 13 minutes into the re-union.

"You fucking bitch! She's a, Fuh, Fuh, GGRRRR.....BITCH! DO NOT SPEAK OF MY FAMILY!"-(TERESA)

TERESA jumps-up. ANDY tries to stop her and TERESA pushes ANDY.

DANIELLE walks-off. She walks like a hooker on the street-corner doing the stroll. I hope someone tells her daughters that their mother wears army boots. Because she does.

OK-so now we know that DANIELLE has gag-orders in place.

"How dare she-that pee, I hate her."-(TERESA)

"Its true, she didn't even acknowledge her nephew"-(DANIELLE)

"Don't get off the couch."-(ANDY to TERESA)

"DANIELLE claims that she introduced you to her fertility doctor"-(ANDY)

JACKIE says that DANIELLE lied to everyone & says that DANIELLE told everyone that she drove
JACKIE to every Doctor appointment. JACKIE says that DANIELLE introduced her to her doctor, and
that was it, but that DANIELLE lied all-over town.
Commercial with KIM from ATLANTA-her face looks weird. Really bad plastic-surgery weird.
The HAM GAME? I never want to see it again.
CAROLINE almost looses an eyelash crying when they show the scene with ALBIE. ANDY asks where ALBIE stands now, CAROLINE says that its not looking too good right now. He has applications out and he lost some college credits.
DANIELLE is sitting on the couch leering-at CAROLINE.

"I never insulted her for being a stripper because I don't see anything wrong with strippers."-(CAROLINE)

They discuss DANIELLE'S "My dogs wore leopard" remark. TERESA asks her what she meant by that.

"You equated her children to dogs."-(CAROLINE)

ANDY ask about the remark that CAROLINE made about DANIELLE'S children having a look in their eyes.

"If you look at them, they have a blank stare...I'm not takin' that back"-(CAROLINE)

"Do you know they cry at school every day?"-(JACKIE)
JACKIE says that DANIELLE'S children are in the nurses office crying every day at school.

-break for commercials-

TERESA tells us that the "period rule" also applies to wine-making.

A question about the ring. It was a yellow sapphire. We see scenes of TERESA shopping.
We see DANIELLE & DANNY gossiping about JOE.
CATHY from CHICAGO e-mailed us the million dollar question, is your home in foreclosure?
ANDY starts itemising TERESA'S bills. TERESA says, "NO"-"A lot of it's incorrect"-(TERESA)
They ask if JOE told her what was happening. She says no.
JACKIE adds that as soon as TERESA found-out, she's been working every single night.
TERESA looks at DANIELLE and says,
"WE were out to dinner.",
when talking about JOE'S accident.

"Is it classified as a DUI now?"-(ANDY)
"UM. Yeah."-(TERESA)
DANIELLE says that she find it hard to believe that someone gets wasted after being in a car accident.

We see clips of DANIELLE. CAROLINE rolls her eyes when she sees the priest.
ANDY asks DANIELLE to explain DANNY. DANIELLE says that DANNY filed for divorce during the first two weeks of filming. JACKIE *TERESA (edit/correction 8/30) says,
"I wonder why?"
DANIELLE says that she only paid for busing & security for the sweet 16 party.
They start going around & around about if DANIELLE is with LORI.
"I think your 20 questions are up"-(CAROLINE)
"Your opinion of me means less than nothing"-(CAROLINE to DANIELLE)
DANIELLE says that she cannot talk about the sex-tape because its a legal issue.
ANDY says that she must have a lot of legal bills.
ANDY asks if DANIELLE was paid for the HUSTLER sex-video that is out.
DANIELLE says that she has not made money from it.
JACKIE says that she saw a preview. She giggles.
TERESA asks if she had long hair or short hair in the sex-video. DANIELLE says that she had clip-in extensions.
"Are you kidding me? How do you know so much about my life?"-(DANIELLE to TERESA)
(they scream at each other)
DANIELLE says that the girls don't watch the show. She says that they may have seen two episodes.
She says that they are in a "bubble".
DANIELLE says that her girls have light in their eyes & that they were upset by CAROLINE'S remark.
CAROLINE asks DANIELLE how the girls would know about that if they are in a "bubble" and don't watch the show?
DANIELLE evades the question. ANDY re-phrases it, about the girls being in a "bubble" he asks if someone at school tried to hurt the kids by telling them what CAROLINE said.
DANIELLE continues to not answer and CAROLINE gets pissed.
"We are in the OK CORAL, buckle-up, yippee Ky-A, answer my questions!"-(CAROLINE)
DANIELLE uses her baby voice and they break for commercial.

We see a clip from next week. "SOMEONE LEAVES FOREVER"-(ANNOUNCER). It is implied that that someone is DANIELLE by the reaction from TERESA.
We see a short clip of CAROLINE facetiously telling DANIELLE that she wants her autograph because she is so perfect.

We see a clip of THE BROWNSTONE & DANNY. ANDY said that DANIELLE didn't give any money ANDY says that the child's father was upset. DANIELLE says that she raised money. CAROLINE says "LIE-LIE-LIE".
"You brought danger to my son in the form of that sweat-hog reject"-(CAROLINE)