Friday, November 5, 2010

While We're Waiting for more NJ Housewives.................Instant Free! Eyelift! & Wrinkle Deleter

So I thought that I would share something here with anyone who drops-in. A-Thank-you for visiting this site!, and B, if you're like me, you may be a, "certain age".

model-sagging skin
I guess that could be any age, but specifically, I'm referring to that age in which gravity starts to do funny things to your skin.

A while ago, someone borrowed my pillow, and forgot to return it. That is my first, "suspect". Then I got new glasses. Anyhow, due to what I think is a combination of, time, gravity, not using the right pillow, throw-in some allergies/sinus, and not squinting anymore and, I woke-up one day to a sorry sight.

BAGS under my eyes! As I was searching for a plastic surgeon online & gathering information about the problem, I came-across some products that were basically, TAPE. That's right-tape. Hmmmmm.
I tried it and it worked.

The end.

OK-not really the end. Of course I have to remind you about how delicate the skin under your eyes really is. That may be part of why this actually worked for me so well? Anyhow, you may want to make the tape a little, "un-sticky-er", by putting it on your hand, and peeling it off before you use it on your under-eye area.

I do NOT recommend duct tape. The adhesive is way too strong for this, you actually want to make sure NOT to tear, or damage your skin! And you don't want the tape to get stuck on your eyelashes either! And whatever you try, you sure do not want to get ANYTHING in your eye itself!

Anyhow--since my problem was worse in the morning, upon waking, I decided to apply the tape, (and I think that you could use First-Aid tape, but I used regular, "invisible"-style), overnight. Other people online have sworn-by the tape-method for erasing wrinkles on the forehead, and especially the, "11", between the eyebrows. Just use as much or as little tape as you want, in whatever way makes sense to you, and carefully remove it in the morning. Or, use whatever you normally wash your face with, to help remove it.

In my case, something was going-on with my facial skin at night. In using the tape, I have more of a choice with how my skin looks in the morning, and for the rest of the day actually since whatever fluids were building-up in my under-eye area, were re-directed to my cheeks and the outer side of my face.

People who have plastic surgery wear compression bandages, like Ace Bandages, to help the fluids under the skin settle in the right place, and, "bandaging", (being wrapped in elastic bandages), is actually a treatment being offered without the surgery part. I'm considering purchasing one of these, "after-face-lift", compression bandages to wear at night, minus the face-lift, to see if I have a good result. They are surprisingly inexpensive, (about $29.-$40.), and I bet that I could even find a used one to launder, from someone who had a face-lift.

I'm basing the principal of this on what has been happening to my facial skin while I sleep because it makes sense-doesn't it? Instead-of waking-up with a crazy line on my face because-of how I slept, I'm actually telling my skin how I want it to look, and shaping it, while pushing the lines, and materials under the skin, to the outer-areas of my face.

I was watching The Doctors the other day, and they actually recommended using regular white glue, like Elmer's glue, as an inexpensive alternative to the Biore products. They said to apply some glue. Allow it to dry, and then peel it off. I'm planning on trying a "glue-mask" myself, and also experimenting with a little under my eye. Maybe the blue gel kind that dries clear? Forget about Krazy-glue, or anything strong or possibly toxic, it could cause serious skin damage & scaring. But if The Doctors say that its OK to put Elmer's Glue on your face, it must be pretty safe, (I hope). I think they did say that you could even dilute the glue with milk, or water. They didn't say that you should fan your skin to help the glue dry faster, but I think that I will do that. They may have recommend a low setting on your hair-dryer?

The other tip that I saw a lot of was to use Preparation "H", under the eyes, the one with the shark-oil, and/or raw potato slices. (I tried a frozen french fry and that worked also), but for me, the TAPE, worked like a miracle, and since I used the clear-tape, it was barely noticeable, (plus I was sleeping anyhow).
As a bonus, my sinus feels like it has also cleared-up since I used the tape.