Wednesday, September 22, 2010

About KIM G. & Are The REAL HOUSEWIVES the GREY GARDENS of the 21st Century?

So there has been an interesting development regarding KIM G. It all started when THE REALLY OLD HOUSEWIFE OF MANATEE wrote a blog-post mentioning KIM, on her blog.
post about KIM G. attracted some commenters, and REALLY OLD HOUSEWIFE... then updated her blog with even more posts about KIM G. and the tactics that she has been using to get publicity.
But its that first post, and the comments,  where a continuing, on-going discussion about KIM, and activities related to KIM has landed.
I'm mentioning it here because it's a topic worth visiting and re-visiting. People in the comments are posing as people who know KIM G.-who knows if they do or not, but it sure appears like they have a personal ax to grind. Here's a sample of a recent comment from the topic, but this is by no means the most interesting;

Anonymous said...
Kim's face on the reunion show was priceless when once again, Caroline declined a lunch with her. I happen to know, Caroline Manzo thinks she is nothing but trash and wants nothing to do with her. The only reason she is civil to her is because she likes John Granatell and the Granatell family. Caroline never wanted anything to do with Kim even before the show. Kim should stop putting her on the spot and stop begging like a pathetic puppy.
Even KIM'S hired publicity  people are having remarks posted about them, and following-up with the name of a man who supposedly runs KIM'S FACEBOOK, was a very interesting side-tangent.
Yes, I've heard the pop-culture references to GREY GARDENS before, but I must have missed all of the excitement while it was happening at the time. Apparently, KIM G'S FACEBOOK person, was a student at RUTGER'S UNIVERSITY at the time that GREY GARDENS was released, and he made a pilgrimage to visit the famous mother-daughter CAT-HOARDERS, in the HAMPTONS at the time. The INTERVIEWS & TRANSCRIPTS (here) are all collected on a website devoted to that trip.
Of course all of that has nothing to do with KIM G., but it was a little bonus to my web-surfing. Actually, it does draw from the same kind of subject matter and in a backwards-sideways kind of way, it probably is relevant. Although JACKIE O!, (relative to the principal characters of GREY GARDENS),  was a "real" celebrity, (as-opposed to a "Bravo"-lebrity), and the style of film-making, something known at the time as Cinema Direct, is the long-lost distant cousin, once-removed, of what we now know as REALITY TV, there are still some common denominators.
So I spent a few hours researching & learning about the original GREY GARDENS film and although at first I was convinced that this Cinema Direct form of documentary film-making was the authentic "real reality" that I had been craving-for and missing in REALITY TV, I was called-on-the-carpet by remarks about the original film editors.
The editors of GREY GARDENS were given credit for assembling massive amounts of film about, "nothing", and producing a finished product. I came to the conclusion that, aside from the integrity of the subjects, GREY GARDENS wasn't any more "real", or "unreal" than the HOUSEWIVES, except for some set-ups, which as far as I know, were not used, or used sparingly in GREY GARDENS.
Another device that was taken from GREY GARDENS, and used with the HOUSEWIVES, is allowing the subjects to narrate. That technique is probably what ties both productions together the most, and I can only imagine how different all of the women's stories could be if narrated by a third-party.
*Its also interesting to note that WALTER NEWKIRK (link here) the person credited with running KIM G'S FACEBOOK, in ROHWOM's blog comments, (not to be confused with, "boy-toy" TOM MURRO), has also interviewed AN AMERICAN FAMILY'S PAT LOUD.