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Bravo-Blogs: Ask Caroline and...

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Who wears it better?

From Teresa's blog for this week's episode:
"...Gia cried at school this week, because the kids were making fun of her family. I never, ever thought that would happen...."- Teresa's blog (link herE)
Well, all that I can say to that is that maybe there is the slim chance that Teresa never really considered how reality television would affect her children in school, but now that she has admitted that Gia has had some kind-of problem being teased about it in school, maybe it is time to think about it?
Also, in this episode, we saw how Teresa's daughters are starting to get embarrassed by their mom. Personally-I thought that Teresa's "Super-T" costume was a really cute idea, but the reaction from the girls showed that her kids are going-through a self-conscious stage where everything that their parents do is embarrassing.Teresa's blog is full-of saying that she never wanted her family to be hurt by reality television. It remains to be seen if there is any sincerity behind those words.
Teresa also claimed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live! that one of the Grandmothers were supposed to be watching baby Audriana when the brawl broke-out. Yet she goes berserk on Kathy, not because she is terrified that her baby was left-alone during the fight, but because Kathy is insulting Teresa as a mother, for not knowing where her baby was during the incident. Yes, Teresa was just hearing this news from Kathy during episode 2, but everybody saw Kathy herding children in episode 1, (or did we?). In any event, Kathy is telling anyone who will listen that she rescued Teresa's baby during the scene, and at this point, Teresa should know what really happened, since it was taped.
On to my un-posted reply of the week. This week it was a question to Ask Caroline. And to be fair, she really only can answer a "hand-full" of questions and it clearly states that when questions are submitted. I sent my question, and I'm posting it here as well. By the way it was really nice to hear from readers of this blog in my email this week! I will post your replies to Bravo Blogs here, but I will not post emails that are sent to me unless I have a request, or permission. If anyone sends me an email and I can post it here, please say something like, "You can post this on your blog", or "Post my Blog reply"...sorry to make it so confusing, but I am actually very squeamish about posting emails and I would not want to accidentally post something online without explicit permission.
The blogs were pretty boring this week, so people may have a shot at having their replies posted at Bravo-who knows?
So, here is my un-posted question to Ask Caroline (link here.New questions/answers posted on Mondays):
Hi Caroline-my question is how could your boys have obtained a lease on an apartment in Hoboken on their own? Most leases and condominium by-laws these days require a co-signer unless the lessor (or lease-signer), has a triple "A"-credit rating, plus certain job-history, and other items that would disqualify your sons from renting without a co-signer.
I guess that I'm asking-did you and your husband help them rent their apartment?
The reason I ask is one, because most young people do run into this problem, and two, because -of your attitude towards Ashley.
Assuming that your sons did not need your help, because they earn enough from Bravo, I would have to say that Ashley also has Bravo income, and even-if she was not being paid for the internship, she does have income, and she did not actually ask Jaquelin to pay for an apartment, she said that she wanted an apartment-big difference.
I think that I would cry too if someone were so mean that if I said, "I'm thinking about renting in NYC" (the Bravo reply thingy ran-out of room here! so that is all that I sent but here's the rest)...., if they acted as-if I had asked them to pay for it!
How insulting and presumptuous! But irregardless of Ashley & Jaquelin's problems Caroline and who's paying the rent,deposit, or co-signing, why did you act like Ashley is out-of-line for wanting to be out on her own, but for your boys you act proud?
Is it because Ashley is a girl?-I would really like to know.
Personally, I think that it is safer for girls to live at home, but boys can get themselves into trouble too, and into dangerous situations. 
I'm asking you about this because like I said, in general, it really is tough for young people and they do need their parent's help, so I'm curious about that.
But I also have seen a theme of you specifically undermining Ashley and treating her like she is somehow not deserving of the unconditional approval that you give your own children.
I know that Ashley is not your own child, but you do have to see how suggestive Jaquelin can be, and how Jaquelin looks to you for approval herself.
Is it possible that you don't understand how much influence you have over Ashley? Maybe if you looked at it like that, you would see that you have a responsibility to Ashley just like you have to your own children, and that it wouldn't hurt to spread the love around a little bit more there?-from

*Episode Title preview: next episode, (3)"Sealed With A Diss". After that, (4) "Gobblefelllas"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Week's Bravo-Blog Reply: Melissa

As I explained last night, for this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I'm doing something a little differently and posting my own replies to the cast-member's Bravo Blogs here. Melissa's is the one that I was most interested in seeing, so I read her's first, I sent this reply, but there is a slim chance that it would be posted so I saved it and I'm posting it here.
Melissa posted a four-page blog, titled, "No Fakers", You can read it here on Bravo Blogs.
In it, she explains that there are hard feelings because she feels that Teresa left her family out of the limelight after Teresa became a New Jersey Housewife. Here's a quote from page one;
"Some of you may be very confused right now. You may be thinking, "Teresa has a brother?" Before all the press, you probably didn't know we existed, did you? Well here we are! I know the episode is a bit confusing at first. You're probably wondering why Joe acted the way he did when his sister came up to him. It's understandable so let me explain. Teresa has kept my husband, Joe, and his family (me and my three children) away from everything she has been going through and everything that has been so exciting in her life for the last three years....She only wants to discuss her life and only cares about herself. She kept us as far away during Season 1 and Season 2,..." (-Melissa Gorga)
Melissa was also interviewed this week and she says that when Teresa found-out that Melissa was a "Housewife", that she  angrily insisted that she not do it. Here's a quote from the interview with Melissa (Here) .
Recently, Teresa said she had to find out from Bravo about you joining the show and no one from the family thought to tell her. How true is that?
I get a call on a Friday that they wanted me and this, that and the other thing. And I hadn't made my decision. She had called me by Sunday screaming and yelling and threatening me that I should never do the show. And I hadn't even had the chance to call her if I wanted to. I was still trying to make the decision in my mind whether it was something that I wanted to do. And to be perfectly honest with you, Teresa and I weren't speaking at the time, so it wasn't something that I would call her and say, 'Hey, what should I do here? Should I do this?' No, we weren't even speaking at the time. So, my mentality was things can't get any worse. You know, she's done a lot to us and it wasn't something where I was going to go to her and let her make that decision in my life, because that's a huge decision to make and it's a huge opportunity. So, just because Teresa was stomping her feet doesn't mean I was going to turn it down. -from Zap2it interview by
By Jethro Nededog
So here's the reply I sent to Melissa's blog, if you have a reply to the Bravo Blogs that you'd like to see posted here, don't forget to right-click and save it before posting it, and send it to me here at
(sent on May 17 to Bravo Blog, "No Fakers")
Hi Melissa-wow you guys really made an entrance. The competitiveness and jealousy is astounding for people who call themselves grown-ups!
2 things, One- So Teresa didn't share her spotlight with you. So what? It was her deal and why should she? If you had a job, would you expect your entire family to be on the payroll?
But somehow, you actually got that, so I don't underestimate your fortitude in getting what you want. (no matter what it takes and who gets hurt).
Two- The scene where you complain that you don't want anyone thinking that Joe Giudice is a good uncle because he was holding your baby. And the crone that took your baby away from Joe and Teresa-lovely, not. Why is it your business to control what people think? The Giudices were dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. If they come-they have to tip-toe around your strange arbitrary, "we don't speak", and, "don't try to act like a good uncle"-rules, and if they don't come they are crucified for that.
I don't think that anyone could blame them for not wanting to be there for that.
Did it ever occur to you that the guy was making an effort? So what if he was being sweet to the baby for the camera. How is it your business to control their image anyway?
Its pretty obvious that you and your nasty family are experts at manipulating.
I can't wait to see you get what you deserve and I hope that Bravo lets us see it happen.

Something Different for season Three

Whew. Tonight's season premier episode was the definition of Trainwreck Television. I couldn't look away.
I have to be honest and say right here that I wasn't sure if I'd be blogging this season.
And I'm not going to do the same format with quotes that I did for last season.

Right before tonight's 90 minute special came on, @Bravotv sent out a Tweet inviting people to a Twitter, "#premireparty". There was a notice to "keep it clean", because it was moderated. They said that they were live-Tweeting from The Brownstone.

I tried to join-in the conversation and I asked, "Is Kim G. There?". My Tweet never even posted. The only ones that I saw getting-through were ass-kissing, "I love love love"-BS messages.

Now I'm watching the reruns and thinking about those Bravo Blogs that the cast posts each week after the broadcast. Yes I'm going to see who posted and what they have to say, but I am not going to post a reply to any Bravo Blogs because there is a better chance that my post will disappear into thin air after I hit, "reply", than the chance that my message will see the light of day.

And even-if I did have a reply posted on any Bravo blog, there really isn't much chance that the person who's blog it is will ever see it because those blogs are run by interns and assistants.

So, here's my plan. I'm going to post my "replies" to the Bravo Blogs here on my blog each week this season.
If anyone is reading this, (thank-you for visiting!)-and you know what I'm talking-about, I'd be glad to post your replies too if you email them to me @ All you have to remember to do is to right-click and Copy and SAVE your reply to Bravo Blogs before you hit "send"-because chances are you will never see your carefully crafted comment again. Or you can send it directly to me if you like and unlike Bravo, I will post it.

Personally, I have one issue with this week's episode, and it is the treatment of Ashley, compared to the Manzo boys. How dare Caroline insinuate what Ashley should be given by her parents when she gives her own children any and everything. AS-IF Caroline's children are somehow better or more deserving than Ashley? And the thing that kills me is how Jacqueline visibly  fears Caroline's opinion. I wish that Jacqueline would just wake-up and stop looking for approval from other people. So, my Bravo-Blog reply this week would probably be to Caroline, and my question would be, "Who is paying the rent for the apartment in Hoboken?". Because I'd really like to know who put-up the deposit. Who's name is on the lease, who is responsible??????

In my opinion, Jaquelin had to walk-away from the conversation about how to be a big-girl, because  Jaquelin is insecure about whatever it was that she had to do herself to grow up. Stripping? Prostitution-Whoring in Vegas? Finding a baby-daddy and getting knocked-up which is what a lot of women do, and why can't Jackie just OWN IT? Instead-of taking it out on Ashley and treating her like she's one step away from the gutter?

My other issue of course is the Gorga/Giudice mess. I'm on team Joe! Ha ha they're ALL named Joe. But really, I have to say that somewhere around the second rerun, (I lost my remote and I'm on my third viewing), I FIGURED IT OUT!
WHY did Joe Giudice have to use the oldest excuse in the book? (the "diarrhea" excuse). He has four daughters! A celebration for someone else's baby SON, could be just a little bit painful for someone who can't get no mo' credit at the fertility clinic, and already has four girls.
All of the sibling rivalry and jealousy was just that. And it was petty. "Copycat", "I'm better than her.", bla, bla, bla... and I like how Melissa comes complete with her own shit-stirring sister. They are both nasty little pieces of work and after Bravo is done using them to torture Teresa, I hope they get a little "taste"-of the schadenfreude themselves. Or as we say in Jersey, "What comes around goes around"(-Jersey Girl's Rule #1).

And I don't mean Cousin Kathy or her cute husband Rich. I think that I love them (so far!), and we now have a Housewife on bicycle wheels who lives in a normal split-level house. Too bad that Teresa didn't like it when Rich nagged her about spending beyond her means.

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