Sunday, January 30, 2011

More FAKE Reality

But this time, its dangerous
(click photo for shocking detail view)Has anyone seen Suzanne Somers pimping-out her latest money-maker? I have. She was on the Rachel Ray show last week, and also spent some time with Hoda and Kathie Lee.
Since I've been researching this topic after seeing what she REALLY LOOKS LIKE (click here & scroll-down)
-thanks to MTO, (, and a feature-story on INSIDE EDITION

The INSIDE EDITION story was generated, in my opinion, by a cover-story done this week by The NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Since its still on the newsstands they don't have the story online, but this is the teaser:

"Get more details in this week's issue of The ENQUIRER. Plus: Suzanne Somers' bizarre new face!"-National Enquirer

THE ENQUIRER of course has been following Ms. Somers for years, and my trip to their search-engine to find this story was not wasted. They did a feature in 2009, predicting a trip to Canada to undergo a plastic-surgery procedure called the, "Stem-Cell Facelift" . According to that article, the plan was for Somers to beautify herself with this procedure, and then sell it on various news-like outlets including Larry King. And THAT! is why I opened this item with the word, dangerous.
Although King is retired now, his show aired-on CNN, a, "NEWS" network. Note the hideous photo at the top- Somers is posing her deformed face & legs in front of a CNN backdrop.
And what happens when Somers appears on CNN, and other, NEWS, and "REAL"??? television programs like Rachael Ray, and Kathy and Hoda? What do they discuss? How GREAT Somers looks! How Beautiful! When in REALITY-they are sitting there talking-to a deformed MESS.
And WE are supposed to run-out and buy the book that tells us how to look exactly like they PRETEND she looks!
Well-I have a feeling that the jig is up. The tables have turned, and the new story is "What happened to Suzanne Somers?". But only because someone decided that enough is enough!
And it must have been pretty recently too. When I saw Somers on Rachel Ray just last week, the party-line was still being towed.
Apparently, the resentment towards Somers has been going-on FOR YEARS. She's frequently seen hawking her latest health or beauty product on TV-Shopping channels, but lately, she's switched channels. So-it could be a professional grudge.
But the Internets have been abuzz for years with complaints about Somers's controversial health & medical advice to women. And in another quote from The ENQUIRER, the TRUTH behind the profitable THIGH-MASTER product that Somers sold, as an alternative to lipo, is revealed:


Suzanne Somers has been caught lying AGAIN about how she keeps up her youthful looks, downplaying that plastic surgery played a part in her age-defying appearance.

During an interview with Larry King on Oct. 14 to promote her new book, the 60-year-old fitness queen and former star of "Three's Company" was caught fibbing when King asked her if she'd had any "work done."

Suzanne credited her youthful appearance primarily to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy — a regimen she dubs "the juice of youth."

"No, this is a real face," Suzanne told King. "This is a hormone face."

When pressed further, Suzanne finally admitted to having undergone Botox treatments, which she referred to as "fillers."

"Everybody does that," she said.

But in February 2001, The ENQUIRER photographed her leaving a plastic surgery clinic after having liposuction.

Suzanne originally said she was at the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills to have a cancerous mole removed — but she was later forced to admit that she had undergone lipo.

Now Suzanne is coming under fire for misleading women in her new book..."-The Enquirer

I've also found comments posted online referring to the most serious accusations about Somers and her breast cancer treatment advice & claims that she was diagnosed with cancer herself yet chose to seek alternative treatments. The accusations claim that in REALITY, Somers had the very treatments that she advised other women diagnosed with cancer to refuse.
Somers has published numerous successful health & beauty books with copious medical credentialing, giving her work the appearance of being-on the cutting-edge of medical science.

She also sells snake-oil treatments on her own website, advising that women buy HER products instead-of what their own doctors recommend. And no I will not provide the link-Don't go there unless you want to look like the photo up-top!

The fact that Somers has chosen to be a Charlton is one thing. That the mainstream media would go-along with it and fawn over her beauty, when they are sitting right in front of hideous deformity they can see with their own eyes, (and what WE cannot see due-to Photo-shop© and camera tricks), is criminal in my opinion.
And don't forget the Make-up artists! Copied & enlarged here is a 2009 photo from that I clicked-on to enlarge because I thought something about the earring looked weird. Then I noticed that it appears that she has glued tiny pink rhinestones onto her LIPS! Obviously a trick to make her lips appear to sparkle? And yeah-I also think those peepers are colored contact lenses. They look just like the ones that Claudine, Dina Manzo likes to wear. Something about them reminds me of the Michael Jackson, "Thriller" lenses-maybe the, "fake"-part?
Herpes or Swarovskis?

I've mentioned that Somers first came to my attention recently while on her media-blitz with Rachael Ray, (who again, complimented ad-nausea Somers beauty), and I suspect that the two of them have some sort of business partnership. While researching this topic, I couldn't help but notice how often the two names were linked together. In my opinion, Ray has done nothing to enhance herself by affiliating with Somers, and, (again in my view), she has damaged her reputation beyond repair.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are we Being Played?

Just for the record, Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Kelsey Grammar is getting a little too much publicity?

OK-there's a Hollywood divorce. But why advertise all of it? And why the heck is Kelsey, (supposedly in my opinion), rushing into another marriage and continually making a big deal out of when this hush-hush wedding is going to happen? Does anybody really care that much? As much as it's being shoved-down our necks?

As far as I can tell, ALL of is a big publicity stunt! I bet that Camille was in on it from the beginning-to make her role on Housewives more interesting, to make them both appear more interesting and controversial.

I think that its back-firing. Kelsey is being over-exposed in my opinion, and while I would normally not change the channel when a Frasier repeat comes on, its almost at the point where I would change the channel out of annoyance with all of it.

These statements and quotes that we keep seeing are being churned-out by Camille & Kelsey ultimately. And once again, there are children involved, and this makes them stinky parents in my opinion.

I'm also getting the feeling that we are supposed to hate Camille. She's just so unlikeable with a shady past -like Danielle Staub. Even-if Camille has some despicable qualities, there is just no way that Kelsey gets any points for the way that he has been behaving publicly. Again-why do we have to hear about his upcoming wedding every other day? This entire saga reminds me of the misdirection that we were prompted to believe with the Jersey Gals. Danielle was pushed on us as the, "villain", while meanwhile Teresa & Joe, (and the rest of them too!), have some big secrets to hide.

As far as the Beverly Hills Housewives, I have to say that Taylor/Shana/Ford/Hughes/Armstrong.....whatever she wants to call herself, and her con-artist husband look like the most mysterious out of that bunch, from what I've been seeing posted on Stoopid Housewives. And she seemed so quiet!

Lisa & Adrianne are both too smart and too wealthy to let this show make them look bad. And if Kim was trying to revive her career, well she has Kyle to thank for dragging her into the mud. Neither one of those sisters did themselves a favor by agreeing to be on this show. If I had a bitch of a back-stabbing sister like Kyle, I think I'd be using substances just to deal with it. Hopefully, Kim's problem isn't that serious because it would be sad if she slinked-off with the reputation that RHWOBH left her. I don't know how heavy the competition is for Kim in the acting world, but I do think that Disney owes her a part.
Kyle may have ruined her chances there?

Friday, January 28, 2011

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Housewives Fans are Reading:

House of Hilton. Background info on Kim & Kyle Richards. Read the first chapter, FREE!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Ladybug Preview Updated Financials

We're still waiting for the state of New Jersey to update its Charity Database (link) for Project Ladybug.
as-of right now, the most recently reported figures are still from 2008.
I can report that despite an Administrative slap on the wrist and a fine (here), Project Ladybug is, "In good standing", with the state of New Jersey, and all required financial information has been submitted as far as I can tell.
Unfortunately, I am not sure if this is information for 2009, or 2010, but I did call for the most recent information, which according to the NJ Department of Community Affairs should be uploaded to its database within, "about a month", because it is their busy season, Project Ladybug's ( updated financial information reports that: 33% went to Fund-raising, 24% to management, and 43% went to programs.
Project Ladybug has been branching-out to different hospitals, and honoring pediatric cancer patients by naming funds after patients in the new branches. The Sloan Kettering fund (Facebook page link here), is named after Julien Collot, a little boy who has been fighting cancer and sadly he lost his fight last week.
Donations to Project Ladybug can be made directly to the hospitals that Project Ladybug is affiliated with-but I'm not sure how that works.
The Chicago chapter kicked-off officially this past December, and they are planning a big Spring fund-raiser in April.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Mystery Solved--Who Would'a Thunk THIS?

If there were a poll,"Which Housewife is the biggest PHONY, GRIFFTER, FAKER, POSER, CON-ARTIST...?" I'm sure that we could have quite the debate.
Teresa & Joe? The entire Beverly Hills gang? Kim Z.?
Its so hard to choose!
But the question has been answered, and it is NONE OF THE ABOVE!
Thanks to some hot-tips, and research, (with promises of more on the way), STOOPID HOUSEWIVES has revealed the identity of the MOST FAKE REAL HOUSEWIFE (answer here), (and its the LAST one that most of us would have guessed!)
Wow. I can't wait to hear more about this.
*Updated to add: Stoopid Housewives gives credit to Real Faux Housewives, (here) , for unearthing this gem.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sex-Tape Mystery SOLVED!
They don't really make, "tapes", anymore-do they? It just sounds better. In any event, I've finally found the answer to the question, "Who was DANIELLE STAUB'S co-star in her sex-video?"
Also, the fact that her partner is a known, (in the porn-industry), actor/performer, AND the fact that he is now using the video in his filmography of professional works, answers that other sticky question, and the answer is: "YES", this is/was professionally-produced porn, and NOT something that someone, "leaked".

I found the answer on Adult Video News, (here) .
Kevin James(III), not to be confused with The King of Queens, co-star, Kevin James. Where apparently, James (III), has quietly added Raw to his list of credits.

While researching Staub on, I noticed that she had been in the running to win the 2010 TMZZY for "Most Likely to Disappear in 2011" . And, although I leaned heavily towards the mystery-man in the mirror having a hairline that suspiciously looking exactly like Tommy Manzo, (Claudine/Dina's husband), I also like the other guesses in the comments that follow TMZ article linked up top, including the most recent comment which names Joe Giudice as the, "Mystery Man".

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Blast from the Past. Howard Stern has a long history with Camille & Kelsey...
While I was browsing Stoopid Housewives, (my new favorite Housewives blog), I noticed an item about Camille Grammar being a guest on Howard Stern's radio show talking about the divorce.
It was also an item on EXTRA!
Camille had a small part in Howard's movie, Private Parts before she had even met Kelsey, and Howard has been using Kelsey as show material since the 90's.

I don't subscribe to pay-radio, but I do know where to find detailed, (word-for-word-transcripts basically of every on-air moment), descriptions of Howard's program. For more than a decade, Mark's Friggin'... has been updating his site archiving Howard's show.
So I entered, "Kelsey", into the site's search-box, and I found YEARS! of interviews with everyone in the Grammar family, not just the most recent chitty-chat, back-and-forth about the divorce. Here are some snips, from the archives, which I found really interesting in hindsight:

Back in 2008, Kelsey's older daughter, Spencer, made a solo appearance on the show.

"She said she was cut off from her father this year after she started to distance herself from him. She said that she and Camille (Kelsey's wife) don't get along very well. She told Howard about this one time that Camille threw something at her car. She said that Kelsey has another daughter that he doesn't stay in contact with much either. She went on to tell Howard about what happened between her mother and Kelsey. She said she actually moved in with her father when she was about 16 years old. She was having problems with her mother and moved in with them. Then she was having issues with her father after she kind of lied to them. Camille ended up throwing a vase at her car. Spencer said that Camille and Kelsey were actually fighting over her and Camille was saying that she hated her. Howard said that Kelsey should have put Camille in her place at that time instead of taking her side.

Howard asked Spencer about what her father thinks about her doing the show. She said he wasn't upset about it and gave her some advice. She said he told her if she didn't have anything nice to say, she shouldn't say anything. She also said that her father told her not to make fun of people's illnesses which was referring to Howard goofing on Camille's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Howard wondered if camille walks around farting all the time. Spencer said she didn't but she was sick all the time and doesn't eat certain types of food. Spencer said Camille spends a lot of time in bed.

Spencer said she wasn't allowed to have friends over very often because he's been sued by people in the past. She said her father felt that she was using him or something so it wasn't that great. She also said that Camille used to call her names and told her that she was using her father for his money and stuff like that. She eventually left the house after hearing her father and Camille arguing about her. Howard said Camille probably felt threatened by Spencer because she is Kelsey's daughter and she'll always be his daughter. If Kelsey and Camille ever get divorced, Spencer will still be his daughter and he might throw some money her way."-(, 2008)

"Kelsey's father was murdered when Kelsey was just 13 years old. His sister was also robbed, raped and murdered and his 2 half brothers drown while scuba diving. Howard said Kelsey was entitled to have a drug problem. Kelsey also had a wife that used to beat him up and crap like that. Howard said he didn't know how screwed up his life really was. Now Kelsey's got a beautiful wife and a hit TV show" -( interview)
"Howard had Chaunce Hayden on the phone to ask a question. Chaunce heard that Camille was once paid to be with a Saudi Arabian Sheik sometime in her life. Howard had Camille get on the phone to find out if that was true or not. Camille said that's absolutely not true at all. She's never been paid to be with a Sheik or anyone else. " (-2000)
Howard also wondered why Kelsey didn't thank Camille at the awards show. Camille wasn't upset that he didn't because he's done it so many times before. Howard also brought up Kelsey's house that he's seen on some news reports and magazine articles. He read that the guest house is 8000 square feet which is larger than Howard's old house on Long Island. Gary came in and said that the fact sheet they have says Camille gets an allowance of $500 a week and Kelsey gets $200. Their assistant hands out the cash. Howard figured that they have a lot of credit cards also. (-2003)

Update on Mastropole vs. Giudice

Stoopid Housewives, over on WORDPRESS, has posted the documented opinion of the Mastropole vs Giudice forgery & fraud .
I found the comments about Giudice's demeanor to be interesting, as well as the testimony from the Notary Public who worked for Giudice, who apparently was told that Mr. Giudice, "threw away", the Notary seal.
It appears that Giudice used the seal, (which belonged to the Notary), as his own. I did not connect all of the dots to see if the seal was used by Giudice after Giudice claimed that it had been thrown-away, but that was the implication.
Stoopid Housewives has some great stuff, and I'm adding the site's feed on the right-hand side of this page for updates.