Thursday, September 30, 2010

DANILLE STAUB Accused-of Lying about being Adopted!

This is a shocker to me. Earlier today, while hanging-out in the comments section of Lynn's latest blog, ,someone posted a link to another blog WWW.HOUSEWIVESBLOG.TV. The topic on that blog, was CHRISTINE STAUB'S Sweet-Sixteen party episode. There was some interesting, "inside" information posted about TOM STAUB actually footing-the-bills for a party that DANIELLE claims was provided completely by donations. (OK- Daddy could have "donated" too, but IF he actually paid for his daughter's party, it would have been nice for her to be able to say, "Thank-you" to her dad instead-of pretending that other people had "donated".)
THAT is not even the SHOCKING part of that blog. What blew-my-mind, was this:
Copied From
Back at LYNN'S blog, the above-mentioned blog, and the allegations, were questioned. No one has ever heard these things, it is from an un-named source, and the blogger is opinionated. 'nuff said right? Um-not quite. First of all, that particular blog has remained online for months. I decided to reach-out to that blogger, so I left a message on her FACEBOOK, since she seems to check there frequently. I decided to have a look at my FACEBOOK, and check-on DANIELLE STAUB IS AN IDIOT on FACEBOOK while I was there.
Danielle Staub is an Idiot FB
Then I see it a SECOND time! WHAT THE H???? Unfortunately, this time, the "info.", is attributed to "the Housewives blog"-UM-Which one???? KIM G.'s name is also mentioned, so that might be another "clue" as to where this story is coming-from, but this rumor is getting around, that's for sure.
IS DANIELLE a "pathological liar"?  GOOGLE© seems to think-so!
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DANIELLE has a sister who to my knowledge, has never been heard-from. If only SHE would sell a story to RADAR or TMZ, then we might really learn some truths. IF DANIELLE is lying about being adopted, that lie would now be decades old! DANIELLE'S novel, which ironically has the word, "Truth" in the title, is based-on the story of DANIELLE'S, ("alleged"???) adoption. Being adopted, is/was the ONLY thing that DANIELLE has maintained, that people have accepted as fact. Now I'm not so sure about it.

*GOOGLE BOOKS (here) has a great-deal of DANIELLE'S memoir, The Naked Truth, posted online.
of course Death by 10-Thousand, (link on right-hand side of this page), disputes much of those "truths" in the book.