Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a Tangled web they Tweet.....

Since yesterday, I have done quite a bit of research about our HOUSEWIVES, and book sales.
What started me on the tangent, was a seemingly innocent TWEET, and RETWEET, (RT).
I have most of it documented in posts with links below, but it got a little messy. So I'm going to try and post in chronological order exactly what happened.
The original TWEET was TWEETED by someone known as NAUGHTYNICEROB, a writer for POPEATER.COM. The RETWEET, was by TERESA of course.
Minutes after the TWEETS were posted, a discussion began on LYNN'S comment area. (perma-link to LYNN'S on rt side).
Most of the discussion was, "Huh? That doesn't make sense."-type of thing, but one commenter was good enough to post some background info. about ROB, so that we knew where his heart is on the topic of BETHENNY.

icantstandthetoxicity says:
Rob Shuter is a columnist for He used to be a friend/acquaintance of Bethenny’s. A couple of months ago, he complained on Twitter that Bethenny didn’t return his phone calls and he stated that one of her assistants called him back. He also claimed that Bethenny dropped some of her friends when she became a millionaire. He likes to take digs at Bethenny so I have a hard time believing some of his information because he is biased. I should also mention that he is a friend of Jill’s and he loves Teresa. -(clipped from LYNNCHICAGO 101's Blog)
Now, for the order of events:
  1. Thursday- NAUGHTYNICEROB TWEETS that he spent some time with TERESA.
  2. Friday- NAUGHTYNICEROB TWEETS that TERESA has become the best-selling author, out of all of the housewives, including BETHENNY.
  3. Friday- moments later, TERESA, RETWEETS the TWEET that NAUGHTYNICEROB TWEETED. She also posts it on her FACEBOOK page.
  4. People took notice & started TWEETING ROB asking for his source.I think he may still be getting TWEETED about this. My favorite was one from  LYNNFROMCHICAGO who TWEETED @ ROB about "doing the math."
  5. ROB replied with at least three different evasive answers, such as "look for yourself".
  6. Other Bloggers picked-up the "story", including JENNIFER SALES, who quoted her source as TERESA'S Twitter. The ZENJEN  article was posted on at least three different sites, including two "Examiner" sites & ASSOCIATED CONTENT.  Reality Zen With Jen. I think she has updated after checking my head's-up. Also, a curious EXAMINER writer, who deleted a comment that I posted to her asking her about her source, but left her, story online as-is. OK-she has now changed it to sourcing ROB'S original TWEET corrected?.  LITSNITCH posted an item with great data/numbers on her REALITY HELLHOLE, (link on rt hand side), and I posted the mess below, trying to make some sense out of all of it. And THIS post was supposed to make it simple.
  7. After doing a lot of research on this, I decided that the best way to get to the bottom of this was to find-out how many books were printed, and for me, that provided the final proof that I needed to say without any question that BETHENNY has of course sold more books than TERESA. I also learned that DANIELLE'S book, and TERESA'S book were printed in a first-edition batch of 150,000. And that most of the other HOUSEWIVES books have not sold more than about 10,000 copies.
 TERESA & BETHENNY have BOTH sold a LOT of books. BOTH women have babies at home, and they have BOTH been working really hard at making public appearances and book signings. One article that I read said that TERESA made 20! book-signings in the past month. I really don't know how many TERESA has done, but it has been a lot judging by her constantly updated list of appearances and TWEETS.
TERESA has done some book-signings in shoe-stores & boutiques. I'm sure that she feels at home in those environments,  and I think that's a really creative way to pimp-out her book. There was an article today that mentioned how hard TERESA has been working lately, ("Bringing Home the Bacon"), and I agree.
Compared to TERESA, DANIELLE has been relatively quiet about her book although she has mentioned it on her BRAVO blog, TWEETS etc.

Myself and others have wondered how TERESA could have the nerve to even show her face in public with the embarrassment about her foreclosure & bankruptcy being in the news. And then there's "pizza-gate", where she was caught red-handed fibbing about making pizza either on her show, or in her book. Or both.
And even though I don't think her little publicity stunt that I believe she cooked-up with ROB was funny or cute, I have to hand it to her for having the guts to get out there and promote her book the way she has been doing.
I think TERESA should be proud of the hard work that she's put into it, and how well her book is selling, but she doesn't need to lie or mislead people. I have a link below to the AMAZON best-selling chart, and currently, TERESA'S book is @ 21, and falling fast to BETHENNY'S SKINNY GIRL which is in the top 5. If she has evidence that she has sold more books than BETHENNY, that would be one thing, but she doesn't as far as I can tell. BETHENNY has not made a statement about it, and maybe she doesn't want to play into TERESA'S hands by letting her know exactly how many sales she's had.

Bethenny's 2009 Book Sale numbers

So BETHENNY made the following TWEET this past week to settle this once & for all.: (copied from BETHENNY'S TWITTER timeline;

My publisher just told me we're on 14th printing of "naturally thin."Between that& "skinnygirl dish"we have almost half a million in print!
(edited to add) Thanks to someone who checked-out the info. that I posted, who let me know, I need to make a CORRECTION! The 114,000 figure for BETHENN'YS book sales is from JULY of LAST YEAR! Copied here are two of BETHENNY's books that made PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY, 2009 list of best selling book. The two books each earned in the 100,000+ category, which means that she sold over a hundred, but less than 250,000 copies of EACH book.
In my post below, is a *more recent PW story which updates one of the books from *about a month ago at 114,000 copies. *see correction please.
If she sold, (minimum), 200,000 copies in 2009, and TERESA'S book only printed 150,000 copies in its first run, with a second printing not out yet, AND copies from the first 150,000 of TERESA'S SKINNY ITALIAN are still available for sale, well I think that proves that what ROB said  was completely incorrect.
TERESA TWEETED something about AMAZON having copies in stock, so if they ever were on back-order, AMAZON was able to purchase more of the 150,000 original 1st printing.
Here is the link and copied info for BETHENNY'S 2009 book sales:

*Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting. Bethenny Frankel. Touchstone Fireside. (SOLD OVER 100,000 copies in 2009)

*The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life. Bethenny Frankel. Touchstone Fireside.
(SOLD OVER 100,000 copies in 2009)

More on the Battle of the Books

(edited to ADD CORRECTION THE PW STORY WAS ABOUT A YEAR AND MONTH AGO)I found a few figures online. *About a month ago, PW posted an article about REALITY STARS who write books, and did not mention TERESA'S book at all. They DID mention BETHENNY'S *most recent book sales. (114,000). There have been more sales of that title since then since it is still on the Bestseller lists everywhere.(link below)
Don't forget, that is only ONE of BETHENNY'S titles.

As for TERESA, copied below, is an item from PW, (PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY), that says that SKINNY ITALIAN printed 150, 000 copies in it's first run.

Also, TERESA TWEETED, and announced on her BRAVO blog, that the first run was "almost" sold out, and that a second printing will occur. I did not find any other notice about a second printing for SKINNY ITALIAN except from TERESA. If it happens, second editions will be marked as such in the book.

PRETTY IMPRESSIVE for both of them, but I think the clear "winner" is BETHENNY.
Was ROB trying to tell us something by sending-out so many different silly TWEETS?
"Look it up yourself"-well, I did and it looks like he was wrong.

Here is my raw data with links for reference: (all copied from GOOGLE© and PW)

Skinny Italian: Eat It and Enjoy It--Live La Bella Vita and Look Great Too! (May, $19.99) by Teresa Giudice. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star teaches how to eat Italian favorites and still fit into skinny jeans. 150,000 first printing.

Twitter / Teresa Giudice: "Skinny Italian" is pretty ...
"Skinny Italian" is pretty much SOLD OUT everywhere and we just went into a second printing! How exciting is that??? 11:04 AM Jul 11th via web ...

Twitter / Teresa Giudice: My book "Skinny Italian" i ...
Jul 12, 2010 ... My book "Skinny Italian" is practically sold out everywhere so we're going into a second printing!!! I'm working on the next book right now! - Cached

The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Blogs - Teresa Giudice - Don't ...
Jul 13, 2010 ... Amazing news: Skinny Italian is doing so well it's gone into its second printing!!! I'm working on the second book right now. ...

Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting by Bethenny Frankel; 114,000 copies *(from July of 2009)

see 4 yourself!

The results here change, and I will add that TERESA'S book was out of stock at AMAZON for a few days, but I think the results speak for themselves. Notice that One of Bethenny's books, is way above TERESA's on the chart. ROB claimed that TERESA beat ALL books that BETHENNY sold- AMAZON BETHENY vs TERESA link

Another TWITTER Mystery

So a TWEET by a writer at POPEATER.COM caused a little fuss on TWITTER today. It appears that the original TWEET was deleted by it's author SEE CORRECTION, but I found it in TERESA'S TWEETS because she RT-(reTWEETED) it.

RT @NaughtyNiceRob Teresa_Giudice has just become the best selling Real Housewife author Sold more books than any other incl @bethenny

That's what's left of the original TWEET, I copied off of TERESA'S page, she RT it twice.

EDITED: I just looked at ROB'S TWITTER timeline again, and now the ORIGINAL TWEET is showing! So, I guess I have to say, CORRECTION! HERE is the ORIIGINAL TWEET! This probably is my mistake, or a TWITTER FAIL, I'm not that great at TWITTER, but I really don't think it is possible to delete a TWEET, and then re-post it-is it?
The cute @Teresa_Giudice has just become the best selling Real Housewife author Sold more books than any other housewife including @bethenny

The following TWEETS are backwards, in order of when the were posted, from the bottom up.-Actually, they are kind-of mixed-up because I had to jump-around to different pages to copy the Q & As. Notice that NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB, (the writer who originally posted the TWEET), replied to a few people today about the TWEET, before he ultimately deleted it, and he gave DIFFERENT answers when asked to VALIDATE the source his info. I also noticed that he spent some time with TERESA yesterday.

I also copied a little snip of an interview that TERESA did with PW, (PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY), the latest "source" that ROB listed for his claim that TERESA outsold BETHENNY, and all of the other HOUSEWIVES. I don't have the hard copy of PW, and full access is only available for subscribers, unless I can access it via my public library card online data base, but, I did not see any information online in PW that had any numbers or otherwise to verify the claims made by ROB.

It appears that TERESA has been planning an ALCOHOLIC DRINK MIX, HHMMMMM WHO ELSE sells a drink mix? Maybe TERESA'S BELLINI'S will be called "SKINNY GIRL BELLINI'S?

I also caught a TWEET that TERESA posted today in reply to someone who replied to TERESA. I'm not the greatest TWEETER, but I don't quite understand how the person who asked TERESA the question about BELLINIS, asked the question as a "reply"?

As a matter of fact, we talk about bellinis on the whole [second season of the] show. I love bellinis. So I want to try to bottle my own bellinis. I'm starting to look into it. You know, they're good for you. It's prosecco wine and then peach nectar, which is not fattening.-TERESA G. interview with PW giudice.html

(copied TWEETS from TERESA, ROB, and OTHERS, I highlight ROBS to illustrate the different answers he gave to people asking where he got his info.)

 @Teresa_Giudice  hosting a dinner party w/ a couple or recipes from ur book. What signature cocktail to you think I should serve? :)     about 8 hours ago  via web  in reply to Teresa_Giudice

#    @nunzi0509  bellinis! have fun tonight! xx     about 8 hours ago  via web

@NaughtyNiceRob  What's ur resource 4 stating @Teresa_Giudice  has sold more books than any other housewive? @bethenny  has had two bestsellers

 @LisaLynn93  it's true. Publisher weekly print numbers. Like the charts detail number of CDs sold.     about 1 hour ago  via Twitterrific  in reply to LisaLynn93

 @NaughtyNiceRob  Where did you get your info that Teresa outsold all the Housewives in book sales including Bethenny? Teresa's posting it now     about 1 hour ago  via web  in reply to NaughtyNiceRob

 @NYCKP to verify you have to investigate yourself. If you look at same offical book sale i got my info from you will get same answer as me     about 9 hours ago  via Twitterrific  in reply to NYCKP

@luvobxnc friend at Saint Martins press. You need to work at a publishing house to get the official numbers.

 @NaughtyNiceRob  Can you tell me where I can find the statistics to verify that Teresa had sold more books than Bethenny.     about 9 hours ago  via web  in reply to NaughtyNiceRob

@NaughtyNiceRob Bethenny's book was on the NY Times Bestsellers List for 6 months. Teresa's book was only on that list for 2-3 weeks. Teresa MIGHT end up selling more books eventually but as of right now, Bethenny has sold more books. Teresa can't compete with Bethenny on any level.

Spent the afternoon taping with @Teresa_giudice and @mollyBSims in Chelsea. Two amazing ladies with all the best scoop!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everything you always wanted to know about Danielle.....

So I stole this LiNK from a post on Death by 10K Paperclips about DANIELLE. Some excellent background information on DANIELLE that I really have not seen anywhere else.

DANIELLE in my opinion is disgusting, gross, a pig, a bad mother... She may be everything that her castmates on RHONJ say she is, BUT, her castmates , and especially ASHLEY, should just leave the hating to us.

BTW-Did anyone else think that TOM STAUB's pretty new wife, REBECCA,  looked a lot like the cute actress in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE?

I went on a pretty big rant about the fact that JILLIAN is not the next MILEY CYRUS, as DANIELLE has claimed,  and that her musical singing ability is so off-key that even Auto-Tune© is useless. BUT!---I do think that JILIAN'S performance was a beautiful sweet act that did deserve to be performed.
The problem that I have is the hyperbole, exaggeration, mis-representation...of  JILLIAN'S God-Given, natural, singing talent.
She has a lovely voice, but she was off-key, and out of tune, what some people call "tone deaf".
I will stand by my statement that DANIELLE'S delusion about JILLIAN'S potential as a singer are cruel.
I do not want to take-away from the fact that JILLIAN'S performance was extraordinarily cute, and even well-executed, and entertaining. It was all of those things and it was a good act.
Unfortunately, DANIELLE cannot even allow JILLIAN'S act to stand on it's own without heaping overly dramatic, and technically incorrect praise and predictions about what JILLIAN'S performance means to her future in the music business.
Pushing the kid to do her act is one thing. Calling her the "next Miley Cyrus", and ignoring the fact her singing is as out of tune as WILLIAM HUANG'S,  is just wrong.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Comma is a Bitch

"Comma is sucha bitch"-(DANIELLE)-scene from last week's episode.

"We're gonna play now"-(GIA)
The GIUDICE family is playing MONOPOLY.
"I'm gonna buy da Boardwawk."-(JOE)
"We been married ten years, so what are you doin' for me?"-(TERESA)
She says that it better be big.
"EuYEW kissy-poo"-(GIA) screams when Joe & TERESA kiss.

"Amazingly, I've never had a birthday party thrown for me."-(DANIELLE) Talking about how nobody ever gave her a party 'till this year.
"Then I came-up with the idea of donating the a charity."-(CHRISTINE)
They're planning a sweet-sixteen party. Of course they have a party-planner.

JACKIE is talking to CAROLINE about KIM G.
CAROLINE says the decision not to have lunch with KIM G. was because KIM G. is a "Window" to DANIELLE.
They talk about how two-faced KIM G. is. And how DANIELLE doesn't know that JACKIE and KIM G. talk. And how pissed DANIELLE is going to be when she finds-out.
CAROLINE reminds JACKY that ASHLEY is in some real serious trouble with the law, and that JACKIE'S priority has to be ASHLEY.

They talk about the anniversary.
CHRIS advises JOE to "Get her a fugazi." (NJ for "fake diamond?")

ALBIE is a Passaic County special deputy police officer in-training.

DANIELLE says, "I must be doin' sumptin right."-(DANIELLE)
She talks about CHRISTINE'S career as a model, and somehow manages to mispronounce "Japan".
 "You need to do it."-DANIELLE
DANIELLE keeps calling JILLIAN an "artist".
JILLIAN manages to squeak-out a few lines of her song, She rhymes "me", with, "family".
She has a sweet little kid voice, but she's also as off-key as just about every other 11 year old kid. Maybe even a little more than averagely off-key.
"Do I believe that JILLIAN can become a rockstar or a popstar? Yeah, I do."-(DANIELLE)

Its time for the anniversary surprize.
JOE has a driver.
They arrive at a helicopter. They take a ride.
Then they go to the "W" hotel, they have a private dinner in a suite.
In the chocolate desert, is a gaudy ring. Some huge, ugly yellow thing. TERESA describes it as a diamond.
OH no--they're on the bed.
THANK-GOD the scene stopped right there.

"IF she knew that it is over 300 people then I think she would be even more nervous."-(DANIELLE)
She goes-on to say how important CHRISTINE'S party is to them all. That their life is going to start now, or some other BS. That they are going to heal from, "what happened."
DANIELLE talks to her girls about wearing her engagement ring because she's getting dressed-up.
She says that she hasn't worn it in a year-and-a-half.
She says that it doesn't have any meaning for her anymore, that its just jewelry.
Seven great big diamond carats of jewelry.
Her EX and his new wife are invited.

"Mom, I'm 11, I don't wear heels."-(JILLIAN)
"Suri cruise wears heels"-( DANIELLE'S friend.)
"I'm not her, I'm me."-(JILLIAN)
OK, JILLIAN may not have any great talent for singing or songwriting but she is my new favorite character on this show.

JACKIE drives ASHLEY to pick-up her summons. ASHLEY is laughing while she reads the charges. JACKIE asks her if she has learned anything.,
"Do you get it?"-(JACKIE)
"Its not a joke."-(JACKIE)
ASHLEY says that she wants to counter-sue DANIELLE.
JACKIE says she kind-of wonders where she's going to get the money to do that.

KIM G. makes a bee-line for the ring.
She asks if the new wife has one as nice.
DANIELLE'S EX & his WIFE arrive.
They're nice!
JILLIAN'S stomach hurts.
OK-she makes it to the stage. She sings her song about, "We are sisters."
Its cute.
In case anyone was thinking that JILLIAN might be the "next Miley Cyrus."-(DANIELLE) , well, she's not.
JILLIAN may have as much talent as MILEY, but it sure isn't in singing, and/or song-writing.
"It was critical that you be here for this."-(DANIELLE to her ex TOM)
"I am the best mom in the world."-(DANIELLE)
No DANIELLE you most certainly are not.
You're not ever a very good mom. You are a what's known as a "bad" mom.
For putting your children on television and yourself, in the first place.
Do you really think a good mother, with the kind of secrets that you had, should expose her children to the world on television?
And do the kinds of things that you did on television. AND then sell your sex-video.

"We keep saying don't put anything on the internet."-(JACKIE)
"I'm tired of her disrespectful mouth."-(JACKIE)
"OK bye"-(ASHLEY)

The last episode of Watch WHAT HAPPENS LIVE
ANDY doesn't deny that KIM G. could be the "new HOUSEWIFE."
KIM G. says that DANIELLE, "Can't be a friend."
BETHENNY says that KIM G. is "like a termite."  who chewed her way into the show.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

MORE Famous people with Unclaimed $$$

OK, so I went off on a tangent here, but now I got to checking the S.A.G, (Screen Actors Guild), Unclaimed Funds database, and just for fun, entered "JAC". I thought I'd check to see if MICHAEL JACKSON had unclaimed $$$.
Well, if his middle name is "Joe"-yep. Also, Latoya. How many Latoya Jackson's who are card-holding members of S.A.G. could there be?
And how many REVEREND JESSE JACKSON'S could there be??
Here's the link to the database
These funds are residual monies and S.A.G keeps the money when they do not have an address to send it to.
If these people are so rich that they can't bother updating their address, they could always send it to me!

Edited to add: So I surfed-around the S.A.G database and found a few more very famous names. Some alive, some not,  here's a few more, Rudy Giuliani,  Howard W Cosell, Mary Tyler Moore, Patty Duke .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The "Curse" of Child Stars

I just added a perma-link to A Minor Consideration. The site is a valuable resource of information about child-actors and performers, and a glimpse into the future of famous children. There is a page of articles there, and I was surprised to see a link to *THIS* story about the recent suicide of former child-star DANA PLATO'S SON. (DANA herself committed suicide)
So, we have our first, (as far as I know), case of the "curse", of former child stars, descending upon the NEXT generation.
Is avoiding legal protection for children, the reason why THE HOUSEWIVES, and other shows, cling so desperately to the premise of "reality"?
Because the shield of "reality" protects THE ADULTS from having to follow laws & rules meant to protect children who work and appear in the media?
DANIELLE told ANDY on WWHL the other night that RHONJ is a "job".
Really DANIELLE? Because the last time that I checked, REAL ACTRESSES had UNION CARDS.
I would really like to see S.A.G. go-after the producers of reality television.
And that goes for JILL ZARIN too. In fact, I think that THE FRIARS CLUB should revoke her membership!
And let's not forget THE WRITER'S GUILD.
By insisting that there is no script, (and ad-libbing, and improvisation  are recognized as "real" script-writing in legitimate non-reality, just ask LARRY DAVID or JERRY SEINFELD) , these BRAVOLEBRITIES, are  cheating themselves more than they are cheating the viewers.
I think we caught KIM G., at the country club, fumbling in the scene where she tried to tell DANIELLE that TERESA was just trying to create some dialogue-just before all hell broke loose.
Now that we are hearing that THE HOUSEWIVES franchise will be broadcast on network daytime television, residual payments and rights are even more important.
IF reality productions followed union rules, every single reality kid would have a nice 18th Birthday present waiting for them in THE COOGAN FUND
NICK HOGAN actually forgot to collect his the last time that I checked, (listed as Nick Bollea ).
The HOGAN'S, even-though their family was also a victim of the "curse" of reality television, at least made an effort to follow the rules when they offered-up their family  for our entertainment & scrutiny.
We cannot depend on adults to do the right thing when it comes to protecting children. The only instance of a production company intervening on the life of a reality child, is the story about a Toddlers-And-Tiaras-Mom who not only physically and mentally abused her own child for the viewing audience to see, but apparently in real-life, she ran a day care where she committed violence & abuse on other people's babies as well.
In that case, it is my understanding that the TLC crew provided testimony and/or evidence for the prosecution. I hope that there is some special kind of EMMY award for their actions.
And then there is the kind of damage that most people will never understand. DANA PLATO understood it, and GARY COLEMAN sure did, bitterly.
DANA PLATO wasn't a reality actor, but she was a child who's future was decided for her before she was even old enough to know what she would want in that future.
Her SON, led a sad short life that was profoundly influenced by those decisions also.
I've seen people shushed and shamed for commenting or making-fun of our HOUSEWIVES children.
"The kids are off-limits!", "Don't go there!", "Out-of-line!!!", "You can't comment about a child's looks!"
Really? Oh yes we can. And the person to point the finger of blame, is the child's PARENTS.
THEY make the choice to exploit their child's privacy, and place them in the public eye.
The worse the public makes it for kids who's parents are so stupid, selfish, or both, the better it is for anyone else considering fame for children in my opinion.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More about ALBIE

I just read CAROLINE'S blog for this week's show, "Cause and Effect."- And the title refers to a comment that she directs towards ASHLEY'S situation.
"She doesn't get it. She doesn't understand that in life you make decisions, and those decisions are based on a cause, and have an effect. Ashley is stuck on the "cause" and doesn't stop to think about the effect." -(Caroline's Bravo blog "Cause & Effect")
In any event, I found reading CAROLINE'S blog very worthwhile, and obviously I cannot quote the entire 3 pages, but I recommend reading it on BRAVO.COM.
(Especially if you are a grammar geek. They're is a mistake. (pun-yes)).
On the very last page, CAROLINE reveals that ALBIE is or did take ADDERAL© in order to help him stay on task in school. THIS MAKES ME SAD.
Why? Because personally I do not believe that the risk to his health, is worth achieving his goal.
OK-he is monitored by a doctor. Probably better than most college kids who experiment and self-medicate with too many Red Bulls and God knows what else.
But, just as there is a good reason why "performance enhancers" are not allowed in sports, and my personal favorite reason is to protect youth, to keep the physical playing field safer for everyone- 
What happens when the un-medicated student is at a disadvantage in school, just as an un-steroided athelete is handi-capped because of the difference?
So, that's my personal opinion, and I'm sticking to it. I wish ALBIE the best and safest experience possible with it, and I hope he does not have a problem with it. I like ALBIE'S character too much to hope to see him become an example of the worst that could happen.
The fact is, some people can probably use "legal speed" safely, and even benefit from using it. Other people,  even with good intentions, have problems. It is a risk just like any substance. Do we want to raise the educational bar to the point where a student needs to take this risk? No. And I'm sure that CAROLINE did not accept ALBIE'S decision to take it without being concerned.
Anyhow,  here's the quote from the end of CAROLINE'S BRAVO-blog: (I highlight my favorite part because it is worth noting in my opinion)
"After exhausting every effort to receive accommodations in law school, Albie took it upon himself to go to our family doctor who referred him to a psychologist and together they made the decision to put Albie on Adderol. He has proven himself to be extremely dedicated and committed to achieving his goals and dreams. Just for the record, Albie missed the GPA by 87 thousandths of one point. I would have to imagine that had he been given the services he requested, I wouldn't be telling this story right now.  " -(Caroline's bravo blog "Cause & Effect")
Also, CAROLINE mentions the many, many positive comments that she has received from students, parents, and those affected by learning disabilities, yet, she chooses to respond to what she says are the few who were critical. I think CAROLINE made a mistake there, kind-of like this whole season of RHONJ is a mistake in how they give so much attention to the person that they can't stand, although I get that it is a plot device, and also an attempt to shine the spotlight of negativity on an easy despicable target.
CAROLINE mentions that she heard from little kids who have been labeled with learning differences who mistakenly thought that college was not an option for them. (but they have been inspired now by ALBIE'S story!-Yay!) From where I'm sitting, if I were CAROLINE, I would personally respond to every single child or student who reached-out before I would address us "haters". I hope she gets a chance to do it, if she hasn't already.
I believe that ALBIE'S story has made a positive impact for those children, even-if it hasn't delivered as much practical information about different ways to teach and learn as I had hoped it would.

CORRECTION-I am Sorry about that

Well, I finally finished viewing the video about ALBIE'S lawyer.

Watching it was the only way to get the info. and it was at least 18 minutes, maybe longer. In my post below, below, I say that I thought that ALBIE'S lawyer was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-(Edited may as well X that out too, it was wrong). THAT WAS COMPLETELY INCORRECT.
As far as I can tell, the only reason I was mixed-up about what the case was about, is because her case, (KARIN M's), was digitally stored right next to the other one. It could be something as simple as dates, or alphabetical order--a filing system that caused me to watch the WRONG case, and assume, (incorrectly), that KARIN'S hearing in NJ had anything to do with the embezzlement case.
In other words, again, the only way for me to obtain the info., was to watch the entire video, and at first, I watched the wrong one.
As far as I can tell, ALBE'S lawyer, poses no danger of malpractice to any client, and never did. Actually, ALBIE did get the letter that he needed on last night's episode,  so we know that she successfully represented him there.
I was unable to see how the state ruled, but after watching the entire video, I am hoping that they ruled in her favor as far as her ability to practice law in NJ.
The fact is that she was dis-barred, in 1997, in Florida, but it was due to a vindictive and ill family member, and at the time that it happened, she was not even aware that she had been dis-barred in Florida because she was back in NJ.
 As she stated, it was all due to her personal circumstances at the time, which were extreme through no fault of her own.
 It actually was a very interesting case, and I'd love to know how it worked out for her. I will update here if I find-out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

TERESA'S family is getting ready to go.
JOE takes them to a Martial Arts class.
"If there's one thing that my girls know how to do is fight, I don't know where they get it from."-(TERESA)

DANIELLE & DANNY are at an LA BOXING school. DANIELLE'S girls are also there.
DANIELLE strikes a pose.
DANNY tells her to pretend that she's hitting TERESA & JACKY.
"I'm not gunna run again."-(DANIELLE)
"It only takes one good smack to the head to make sure a person never walks again."-(DANIELLE)

JACKY & her baby visit KIM G.
"We look like animals."-(KIM G.)
They discuss the fashion-show fiasco.
BABY NICK looks like he's dressed-up to do a robbery, and in true NJ HOUSEWIVES, world's dumbest criminals fashion, he's got his name on his hat.

CAROLINE is cooking breakfast like a fast-food chef taking short-orders. The family discusses the day's plans at THE BROWNSTONE. ALBIE is invited, but he doesn't want to go.
I'm pretty sure that it was SQUIRRELS, over on LYNN'S blog, who let us know that ALBIE'S lawyer, KARIN WHITE MORGEN has been punished by the bar. I'm watching the hearing in Windows© Media-player to find out why. It looks like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.<--incorrect so I X'd it out


TERESA drops-in at POSCHE to apologize to KIM D.
"If anything I was tryin' to be nice."-(TERESA)

She said my house is under-forclosed."-(TERESA)
KIM G. appears. She's wearing one of ASHLEY'S hats!
(ASHLEY says on her blog that her grandmom makes them for her btw)
"I'm not stupid."-(TERESA)
TERESA is wearing fur, over a  fur blouse.

ASHLEY & DEREK discuss what happened at the fashion show.
DEREK tells ASHLEY that he's tired of talking about DANIELLE.

OK-I covered the shocking scene at GUISEPPE'S HOMESTYLE PIZZA/LAUNDRAMAT/APARTMENT?OFFICES, from the preview at BRAVO.COM,  in a post below. But TERESA DOES act like she never made pizza before. JOE says that he,
saw her make a pizza before.
I figured-out HOW this could be possible, even-though there are pages and photos in her book, of them MAKING PIZZA. PLUS! an "old family recipe."
The BOOK was done AFTER this scene was shot?

DANIELLE seems to be having a pwab-wum tawking. Maybe she has too much stuff in her lips?

ALBIE got the letter that he needs to apply at another school.

(emergency at home I missed the last 15 minutes!)


 ANDY addresses the audience and talks about TWEETS. A clip of DINA & GRANDMA WRINKLES is shown. DANIELLE, (who is there live with JEFF LEWIS), is not amused.

Lucky thing that I found my remote earlier, because the volume went up to, "OMG" at the commercial break.

DANIELLE is looking, and sounding very manly tonight. She gets a call that asks if she has inside info. about TERESA'S financial situation. She refuses to say, but tells JEFF LEWIS that she will tell him right after the show. DANIELLE doesn't want to , "Glorify other people's problems."-(DANIELLE)

JEFF asks where he can get the sex-tape.
we see a funny clip of NENE, KIM Z. & ANDY, "Close your legs to married men!....."-(NENE)

QUESTION: DANIELLE, You play the victim.
(DANIELLE)-, "I'm not a victim, I'm a villian."
"It is what it is, it's a great job."-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE puts JEFF LEWIS on-the-spot and asks him to decorate for her. JEFF says,
"We can talk."
ANDY says that DANIELLE & JEFF are,
"no fun."
DANIELLE offers to,
"dance on the table",
She does it.

DANIELLE seems very uncomfortable in her own skin. She seems hyper-paranoid, and uncomfortable when the attention is off of her. She is asked a question about calling the police and she says that she cannot comment  on a legal matter.

80% says that DANIELLE should not press charges on ASHLEY.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The hits keep coming for JOE & TERESA

RHWOManatee has it all on her blog. I didn't know that The WSJ© has a "Bankruptcy Beat" column.
Well, guess who today's is dedicated-to?
We've been paying attention to how this situation has-been playing-out, and apparently, so has the Bankruptcy Trustee.
Today we know just how closely the Trustee, has been watching.
Because he came to the same conclusion, IT DOESN'T ADD UP!
Not only that, but TERESA herself, has alerted The Trustee, the creditors (see below), and us, by TWEETING, and BRAVO-blogging, and even writing in portions of HER OWN BOOK, (where I saw for myself by reading "Inside the Book", on AMAZON.COM where she declared exactly when she contracted to write the book), EXACTLY where to look for THE HIDDEN, (in plain sight!), ASSETS.
Yes, TERESA completed mandatory  bankruptcy class, as required by law. And that's her signature on the forms where her ,(apparently incomplete, or shockingly underestimated depending how you look at it), assets are listed, so I really have to wonder, WHAT??? was she thinking?

Claiming illiteracy won't work, because she's a published author, working-on her 2nd book deal.
The, "business partner/bad-economy", doesn't work here either.
"Temporary adrenaline blackout", has been taken recently, by ASHLEY, on her BRAVO blog.
There's always the possibility that they could just pay the bills I guess?
THAT could be the "plan", and it may be the only option, if it even is an option, because any North Jersey lawyer capable of handling this mess, at this point, is gonna cost J&T a bare minimum of $500. an hour, and it could take a lot of hours to prevent the penalties mentioned in The WSJ©, and RHWoManateee's site.
(someone with the legal fortitude of ALBIE,  I wonder what HE would do here?).
And what's to prevent a criminal case being filed against T&J?
I think there are a few local POLICE OFFICERS, (the ones we saw TERESA disrespect on-the-air), who wouldn't mind serving TERESA a summons?
As a curious person, that's something I'd be interested in seeing, if it happened.
But as a human-being, with a heart, I think I've now added yet, ANOTHER victim, to the jumping-of-the-shark-of Bravo syndrome, that syndrome that JERRY SEINFELD described so well to ANDY, on WWHL, when he, (SEINFELD), talked-about how people, "destroy"-(SEINFELD) themselves, (and their families), by being a "BRAVOLEBRITY"-(BRAVO).
I may be a "player-hater", and we're a part of the fans of reality, Or, love to hate, 'cause that's what some of the reality audience likes to do. but BRAVO, is a "Playa-destroyer", and even-though I'm an admitted "hater", as a "hater/viewer", it's way more than I bargained-for.

This might be it for me right here.

After this season of NJ had already began, (and after the long, drawn-out torture of the NY HOUSEWIVES recent season, with this death-match mentality from BRAVO), and seeing what BRAVO was allowing DANIELLE do to her self & her children, (and BRAVO not laughing with her-laughing AT her, see: DINA'S cat!), I decided that it was TOO LATE to stop watching the NJ HOUSEWIVES.
The news came out, that for sure, the WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHERS, (who's name I hope I never bother to learn how to spell!), were DC HOUSEWIVES.
I took the temperature of the comments and columns, and I noticed that OTHER HOUSEWIFE VIEWERS, were mentioning here & there, that they would not watch DC. (some got-out before NY was even finished, when this "trend" started showing).
That was all I needed to know, to know that I won't watch a single minute of that franchise (HOUSEWIVES OF DC). Not even if I'm in bed for a week, with Swine-Flu, during a BRAVO-marathon.
Not only that, I want to make sure that BRAVO, and everyone involved, right-down to the sponsors, know that its this bloodbath tendency, that's running-through the HOUSEWIVES franchise, with the JILLS, and THE KELLIES,...the just going too freekin' FAR! With the criminals, the phonies, the fakers, the women, THE MOTHERS!, that is the reason for my boycott of DC. 
I could say more, but LYNN from I HATE JILL ZARIN probably said it best, when she called-out the producers of this series, and ANDY, and BRAVO. And she called it by name, and the name was "misogynous".  I agree, and you may as well throw in misanthropy, since when you hurt these women, and their families, and don't forget us viewers, you're hurting mankind in general.
 Do I want to see THERESA  get humbled a little? Sure. She has that coming (unless, and I am seriously starting to wonder, she has a perceptual impairment, or she is legitimately retarded). But do I wanna see real irreparable destruction of people's reputations, families, and lives? Do I want to see TERESA'S childrens' birthday presents auctioned-off ? NO I DO NOT.  If these people are that bad, I do not want to see them on tv in the first place. I sure don't want to see BRAVO give them just enough money, BRAVOLEBRITY, and rope to hang themselves with.
So, I was planning-on waiting 'till DC, to stop watching the HOUSEWIVES, in protest. But I just don't know if I can take anymore more of this real life "destruction".
(and if they even DARE go-after my girl BETHENNY, I will quit BRAVO entirely).

Stupid WIFE, Happy life?

So BRAVO has a preview-clip for next-week's episode online, (episode 11). People© has an item about the clip online also, and buried in the comments, is the following message, from a  "j-ro". Now here's a wife who participates in her family's financial matters, unlike, (cough, cough) some other people, (TERESA), ;
(snipped comment from People©)

j-ro July 14th, 2010
I have always prided myself on my live and let live view on life,but,on this I must speak out. My husband is one of the contractors Joe owes money to and has included in his and Thresa’s bankruptcy. They say that it is a chapter 13 and that their debts will be repaid,ha,ha,ha….We were one of approximately 120 other creditors at their last hearing and it looks like we MAY get pennies on the dollar,in the next 5-7 years. While she is out partying I am panic stricken over my childrens tuition and they owe us 190,000. Please pay up, or you may put others out of their homes.

Anyone could have posted that comment there. But it sure brings-home the message that there are quite a few people watching RHONJ, who could be feeling financially sick, (for real),  just watching TERESA on television.
If you haven't seen the clip yet, well, as far as TERESA is concerned, I think it's a defining moment in this season, and possibly her life as well.
I'm not trying to be a DANIELLE, and be over-dramatic here, but I truly think that that few minutes is gonna haunt TERESA. Besides the obvious, Teresa's narration at the end-of the clip, where she explains that JOE was,"only kidding", well, I almost hope for her sake that she's right.
In addition to whatever that exchange portends for THE GUIDICE'S, for the audience, I think we can positively identify NJ'S "JILL", of the season here?
I left a comment on ROHWOMannatee's blog, where I question whether that prize goes-to THE TWO KIMS, or TERESA this season, and for me, that clip, and the reaction so-far, (before it has even aired!), seals the deal.
From what I understand, the "big event", at the end-of this season, is supposed to be the Baptism of BABY AUDRIANA. I could be off about that, maybe it's a Christening, I'll check on that. But I'm also thinking about DINA, and her reaction to how TERESA'S story is playing-out.
DINA hasn't made any public comments lately about her friend TERESA, but she is on-the-record, as having erroneous information, and making obliviously incorrect statements, about TERESA'S monetary woes.  DINA was even quoted as saying something about how it could have been a crazy, hater-fan, filing "fake" bankruptcy on T&J .
As we know, DINA is TERESA & JOE'S GODMOTHER, to the new baby.
That whole situation has me wondering, "How well did DINA know THE GUIDICE'S before they became cast mates?"
And, I'm also beginning to get the idea that DINA may have been better-off letting DANIELLE "skin her and wear her like a VERSACE'", than be adopted-for-life for JERSEY JOE and his crew.
I'm calling JOE, "JERSEY", because there's nothing "JUICY" about him in my opinion. I'm sure glad that he has TERESA to explain his, "sense of humour", because its as dry-as-a-bone in my opinion. A scary bone. Like the kind skeletons have.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ALBI MANZO: The makings of a good Lawyer?

 From a 2008 WALL STREET JOURNAL article about law schools, and how they, "game the system",  I found a quote by our friend ALBIE MANZO.
The story explains how to get into law school, if you don't have the LSAT test scores, and/or GPA to qualify for admission.
What's being done, or was being done at the time that ALBIE gained admission, is/was to allow the "un-qualified" students entrance as part-time students. That way, a school can still maintain the appearance of  certain standards, and achieve industry important "rank", while letting people who do not measure-up to the law school's advertised admittance standards into the program.
I say, "is/was", because the article explains that this practice was/ or is in the process of being eliminated.
Below, is a quote from the article, I highlight the area where ALBIE is quoted as a student admitted in this, "gaming the system", way.
Keep in mind that this article refers to the law school, (Seton Hall), that we already know ALBIE was deleted-from because his GPA was considered too low by Seton Hall's standards.
(or, a law school that ALBIE was deleted-from because he has a disability, and when he asked for help he was given a phone number where no one answered his call, therefore he was discriminated against because of his disability, which is some kind-of a learning disorder where he ,(allegedly), has trouble comprehending what he has read).
Getting into law school is one thing, and passing the bar exam is another, so I have to agree with the side of academia because if they don't think you can pass the state exam, then the education is wasteful for everyone involved. But maybe ALBIE knows a way around that?
(from the article linked above)
A number of other law schools across the country have similar approaches. At Seton Hall University, for example, Wyckoff, N.J., native Al Manzo is entering the part-time day program after graduating from college this past spring. He's taking one less class this semester than the full-timers, but will make it up next summer and join the full-time program. Seton Hall, ranked 66th, declined to say how many students were in its part-time day program. Loyola University Chicago and St. John's University, among others, include some similar students in their part-time day programs.

"If it wasn't for the part-time program, I wouldn't be going to the school," Mr. Manzo says. He adds, "The LSAT and GPA score isn't the most effective way to determine success in law school."..."

*(EDITED here to DELETE something that I mis-read in the article).-sorry.

Mr. MANZO undoubtedly has the full support and financial-backing of his loving family to help him achieve his goals.
A shocking moment in last night's episode of NJ HOUSEWIVES, was when ASHLEY made the statement, "I can do anything I want to do." Her parents wisely responded, along with everyone who was watching, "OH NO YOU CAN'T!".
Well, actually, yes ASHLEY, you CAN do anything you want to do, but there might just be some consequences. Especially legal ones when you physically attack someone.
In contrast, we are treated to the dilemma of ALBIE, who has been told, "No.", by "the system", or whoever it is that somewhere along the way in most people's lives, teaches us that sometimes, we CAN'T do "anything", that we want to do. And we see CAROLINE telling him that he has his family's full support in anything he wants to do, even-if he's already proven, and been told that he can't do it.
Alright, ALBIE is a good kid with a noble goal, what ASHLEY did was wrong. I get that. And its pretty hard to support the indefensible. I get that ASHLEY needed to be disciplined, by her family, and even be subjected to legal punishment. I cannot help but wonder if CAROLINE would ever tell her kids, "one more mistake and you're out."?
And, if the "nobody answered the phone", excuse is the excuse that ALBIE used with CAROLINE, why didn't we see him getting any flack about that from her? Not having common sense, is not a handicap or disability the last time that I checked. 
But, if I were an ASHLEY, and I needed good legal help, I might just want someone just like ALBIE.
If I were WALKING THE GREEN MILE, or facing hard time in prison,  I KNOW, that I'd want ALBIE MANZO as my lawyer.
Who wouldn't want the guy who doesn't let anything stop him? The lawyer who finds loopholes, and exceptions, and do-overs, and no-fingers-crossed-unless-you-call-it-first, and sends-in the paperwork that makes other people cower in their Bentley like DANIELLE waiting for someone to save them?
Like I mentioned in my re-quote© post about the episode,  I have to feel sorry for people who don't have the advantages that ALBIE has, and I'm not just talking about financial advantages. Maybe people even MORE qualified than ALBIE, who were forced to give-up their dreams.
But personally, it doesn't affect me either way. I can only thank-God that ALBIE'S handicap is not something like blindness, and his goal was not to be an airplane pilot.

They called DANIELLE a HAW? Love and Light Bitches.

OK. THERESA started the whole thing. With a little help from the producers.
"Don't forget, I'm from PATTERSON NEW JERSEY BITCH!."-(TERESA)
"Yeah, I saw the house you lived-in."-(DANIELLE)
"I live in a five million dollar home now BITCH! -(TERESA)
"Yeah, and your house in in foreclosure."-(DANIELLE)
"My house is NOT in foreclosure!."-(TERESA)
"DANIELLE I read your court records. You beat somebody with a 9mm pistol"-(JACKIE)
DANIELLE was walking away. TERESA took chase....
She cried that out as if her leg had been amputated.
Her shoe was broken.
Yes I saw TERESA'S photo-album on, and yes she has always had "big hair", but the real crime committed at The NORTH JERSEY COUNTRY CLUB, was TERESA'S hideous lace-front wig.
The gut-wrenching sobs coming from DANIELLE were pathetically over-done, and overly dramatic, (as usual).
I know that DINA quit the show, but after this, maybe we won't see as much of DANIELLE?
The cast members have said that this episode was the big drama of the season, so what else is there for DANIELLE to do?
THE cries & hysterics are obviously the results of DANIELLE over-acting-out the trauma from her past.
And she is an abused, traumatized person.
Personally, I cannot enjoy hating-on her, so I don't appreciate her being on the show.
I love to hate me some HOUSEWIVES, but the fact is that DANIELLE is a sick person 
She's what CAROLINE would call, "socially retarded.", and she's obviously been damaged maybe in some horrible ways, so it really isn't fun to hate her and it doesn't feel right that BRAVO puts her, (and her children) out there for that very purpose.

 "Technically I pulled her extensions, and that's really not a part of her."-(ASHLEY) to the police.
"What report?" -(TERESA)
"I didn't do anything."-(TERESA)
TERESA said this to the cop, who said that he already HAD all-of DANIELLE'S information.
In narration, JACKIE said that the police are ,"Very familiar with DANIELLE'S drama."
"I think bad behavior needs consequences."-(DANIELLE)

CAROLINE, TERESA,  and JACKIE did the post-mortem the next day. So did DANIELLE and DANNY.
"It wasn't a bitch hello?"-(CAROLINE)
"I know a voice filled with rage and violence"-(DANIELLE), talking about TERESA
"I wouda been back in jail"-(DANNY)"ASHLEY pulled her hair, and I guess loosened her weave?"-(JACKIE)
"That takes alot to take this kinda hair out, ...and there's a small bald spot in the back of my head."-(DANIELLE) holding a clump of hair for the camera.

ALBIE gets a lawyer about his problem with law school.
Apparently, because he was dismissed, he has to sit-out for 2 years, at ANY law school.
The lawyer determines that the school, "dropped the ball.", because they gave him a phone number to get help for his "handicap", and he alledges that he called the number and there was no answer.
They devise a strategy to ask for a letter that would allow ALBIE to apply at another school.

DANIELLE consults a telephone psychic about her problem.
The psychic wants to call JACKIE.

TERESA tells JOE about what happened. They are in the game room that the bank owns.
TERESA tells JOE that she was, "being nice."
"Your house is in foreclosure." TERESA acts-out the whole thing.
JOE agrees that TERESA "did good".
They kiss and finish the bottle of wine, the game of pool, and maybe they get to work on their everyday, baby-making, or not baby-making? sex.

JACKIE gets the call from DANIELLE'S psychic. JACKIE asks her "How long have you known her?"
Really good question from JACKIE!
"I'm calling about you.", "There's some energy that is making you very irritable....the only purpose of my call is to level-off some of that energy...would you be open to me doing that to you?"
She says that she can do "it" over the phone.
JACKIE plays a video game on her phone while the psychic does whatever "it" is.
The psychic asks if she can do more "stuff", to JACKIE, because God wants her to.
Fine, whatever.
If that were me, 1st of all, I would have said, NO!
Second of all, while I was watching this crap, I had to make the sign-of-the-cross, just to make sure that no bad mojo landed on me.
How did JACKIE know that the person on the other-end wasn't a soul-sucking energy vampire?
Geeeze she is so naive.

ALBIE tells CAROLINE and ALBERT about the plan with his lawyer.
I'm wondering if his "handicap" gives him extra help with the State Bar exam, the LSAT, and the SATs?
OK, I get that a learning disorder should be accommodated. But ALBIE is not Dyslexic, or blind, and I am having a little trouble with the idea that he even has a learning disability.
And, someone not answering, or returning a phone call, in my opinion, is a bad excuse for not following-through if he needed extra help.
I bet that there are some people who were kicked-out of law school who are seething when they see ALBIE get away with this?
And, you know there is a reason why law schools cut students like ALBIE. Its because THEY CAN'T DO THE WORK! If he is so "handicapped", law school is also a waste of his time. Isn't it?

DANIELLE and KIM G. have lunch.
"They said Ashley posted on her Facebook, "Tonight was unbeWEAVEable." -(DANIELLE)
"You can not lay your hands on another person. Legally."-(DANIELLE)
They are having french-fries, with gravy. And ketchup. And cheese.

JACKIE and ASHLEY are having a mother-daughter talk in their jungle-animal-print PJs and full hair and make-up.
"I can do whatever I want to her."-(ASHLEY)
"No you can't."-(JACKIE)
"Just because you're 18, doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want to do."-(CHRIS)
He asks her where she plans on getting money for a lawyer.
Ashley pretty much says, "Duh?"
ASHLEY & JACKIE argue about Facebook. ASHLEY says that the "unbeweaveable" was part JACKIE'S idea.
coming-up next, they throw ASHLEY out. (again).
"Your life is becoming her.(meaning DANIELLE)"-(CHRIS)
He tells her that the next time that ASHLEY has anything to do with DANIELLE, she's "Outta here."

"We didn't walk in with an entourage."-(TERESA)
The poll question is who's fault was the fight?
They want to talk all about the fight.
Flashbacks are shown of DANIELLE saying, "I wanna go home."
The question is asked, "Why didn't she just leave?"
ANDY asks about the chinchilla. They don't mention that the furs were borrowed.
"It looked like you picked a fight, it looked like you picked a fight."-(ANDY)
A caller asks about the children being exposed to too much.
JACKIE says that ASHLEY butts-in and JACKIE can't control that.
"We're dealing-with a psycho-maniac."-(TERESA)
"She told the supermarket that I broke all the windows on her car."-(TERESA)
TERESA says that DANIELLE got special permission from the store to park in front.
JACKIE says that behind the scenes DANIELLE  causes trouble.
TERESA & JACKIE imitate DANIELLE pretending to be secret lesbians, but "not sayin' anything" like DANIELLE did when she was on WWHL . JACKIE NAILED DANIELLE. It was scary how much she looked like her.

ANDY mentions TERESA'S book. They show scenes of TERESA saying what a "nice person". she is.
A CALLER asks what game JACKIE was playing on her phone while the psychic talked to her.

What's the real deal with your house?
Your in quite a bit of debt.-(ANDY)
Trump just filed in February"-(TERESA) "Husband's business partner...real estate..."-(TERESA)
"You have food to eat?', "You're ok?"-(ANDY)
Good question ANDY.

TERESA says that her house was "never in forclousure."
Ok honey, but your kids were eligible for a free lunch and food stamps, so the jig really is up with your rich-bitch act-ok?
Maybe someone should ask her why they put her house up for sale, and then quickly took it off the market?
Would the amount of money that they were asking for it have been the reason?
After-all, if you live in a FIVE MILLION dollar house, (like she said on tonight's episode), but your bankrupcy filing, not to mention prperty taxes say that the house is woth A LOT LESS, in assets and equity, then you might just NOT want to ADVERTISE it?
You might not want to advertise your husband's new pizza restaurant either, especially when you left THAT ASSET, (actually the property, which they paid cash for in 2007), out of your bankruptcy filing also.

"Welcome back to our pulled-hair-extension-intervention"-(ANDY)
they "reminisce" DANIELLE'S phony lesbian song.
"I'm never surprized by anything DANIELLE does."-(TERESA)
TERESA asks if she should do a song about " Bitch ""& prostitution whore".

ASHLEY is invited on the set. They discuss where the hair that DANIELLE was holding really came-from. "Her ass."-(TERESA)
ASHLEY says that she didn't have any hair in her hand after she pulled DANIELLE'S hair.

The winner of the poll, was DANIELLE! 59%.
TERESA got 38%, that's just crazy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW JERSEY TWITTER-WARS, and a blast from the past

I have a perma-link  to The Really Old Housewife Of MANATEE's blog on my RHONY blog.
Over the July 4th weekend, RHWOM, and DINA, mixed-it up a little on TWITTER.
Apparently, DINA was TWITTER-whining about her ECOLOGICALLY, politically incorrect vehicle, and RHWOM who, as her readers know, is sensitive about the environment right now more than usual due-to the oil-spill in her backyard, TWEETED back
TWEETS were TWEETED, insults were thrown, people were blocked...
And then, fans & friends of DINA MANZO, took to RHOM's blog, to complain.
The main complaint, was, "How DARE! RHOM talk about DINA, and NOT mention DINA'S charity work."
And, to lob personal insults at RHOM, because DINA'S fans are pretty and RHOM must be a jealous hater.
(their words not mine).
I took-up the challenge to learn more about DINA'S charity, and the financials  are a MESS!
SO much of a mess, that the Children's hospital that is the beneficiary of PROJECT LADYBUG, made a really SMART MOVE, and for DINA'S big fund-raising event this year, they collected the money themselves this time.
It's still a mystery to me whether PROJECT LADYBUG ultimately gave, Two-hundred, OR twenty, thousand dollars, to the hospital, because BOTH numbers are reported to be the amount donated in the same article about the event on the hospital's website. (SO-which was it? 200, or 20 grand?).
I'd have to say that at least a hundred grand was collected, (by the hospital this time, not DINA), because tickets cost $100., and 1100 people reportedly attended the event. There were also items auctioned.
In any event, the 2010 PROJECT LADYBUG fundraising, raised a LOT more money, and more of the money they did raise is going to the hospital in 2010.
The legal online financials are from 2008, and in that year, PROJECT LADYBUG, actually lost money and spent MORE than 100% on administrative costs.
You want a link? OK-Here.
You have to type "project ladybug", into the search box at the bottom of the page to see it.

How does any of that relate to  A BLAST from the past/2008. here ?
I'll tell you how.
In both instances, CAST MEMBERS, fans, and people related-to the show, get into it online.
The comments, on the "Blast" link, are extensive and hilarious. The blog post is from BEFORE RHONJ hit the airwaves, and the comments begin with "insider" reports of local FRANKLIN LAKES folks who noticed the cameras around-town.
It deteriorates into basically the same garbage that RHOM had splattered all over her blog's comments, "I know the cast, I am in the cast, and you are a jealous hater."
Its pretty funny trying to figure-out which comments are posted by which, (claimed), family member, although ALL of the comments that I've read there so far look like they come-from the level of ASHLEY.
There's a LOT there and I didn't read all of them yet, but they are funny especially in retrospect.
Here's a sample, notice the date!

Anonymous said...
Down to earth?!! Umm did anyone see my big fat fabulous wedding with Tommy and Dina? Well Dinas on Real Housewives now, along with her sister and 2 other obnoxious women. I know all of them and they dont have the money that they portray to have!! This is going to be a hysterical show!!!!!

Anonymous said...
I dont know if you read the post's above, but this is my FAMILY your talking about. Do you have access to their bank accounts? No, you don't. So how can you commment on money?? You can't. And if you knew them as good as you seem to think you do, you would know that they are down to earth. Jealousy is a bitch, huh?

We Interrupt This Blog....

So we're supposed to be waiting for the climax to the big hair-pulling incident. I guess BRAVO thinks that it can keep the audience in suspense for 2 weeks, with a week in-between.
Really, the audience is bored with it already, (speaking for myself of course, but this thing has been teased-to-death already).
Will this be enough to distract us from the REAL REALITY?
The sex-videos, the bankrupture, and most importantly, in my mind, WHY, did THERESA & JOE act like they can't stop producing like rabbits, yet they are being sued for tens-of-thousands by a fertillity clinic?
Does the audience have a right to know?
Personally, its none of my business, and I don't have any problem with whatever people do with their private fertility decisions, UNTIL you go on television, and ask me to believe that TERESA is so fertile, that she has to beg JOE, to get "snipped". (because he also suffers from being extremely fertile).
-STILL, not my business what they do, but then when it comes-out that this EXTREMELY FERTILE COUPLE with 4 beautiful children, used a FERTILITY CLINIC, then, the entire thing becomes my business, because SOMEONE IS LYING TO ME.
Unless they want to explain this.
Personally, this season of NJ, had a conflict that I still don't quite understand. We start out with BABIES, BABIES, BABIES, and then we get , "the lecture", to ASHLEY, where new-mother  JACKIE tells ASHLY what a "MISTAKE", she, (ASHLEY), was, and ASHLEY assuring us that she is on the big girls pill.
THEN, as they are bringing their new baby home. A new baby that cost at least $12,000 in fertility treatments, we hear TERESA & JOE complain about how overly fertile they are.
It just felt to me like all of this population control propaganda was thrown-in to "apologize" for the new babies.
WHY did JOE & TERESA pretend like baby AUDRINA was an ooopsie, when she was as wanted & planned-for as OCTOMOM'S babies?
They have some 'splaining to do.
Was this "birth control" angle written into "the script", by producers? And why?
The only reason that producers would care would be political, or to solicit big-pharma, woman-harming products like Mirina© as sponsors.
And I don't like my reality tv served-up with artificially constructed propaganda-do you?
This needs to be addressed by ANDY COHEN, or at the re-union episode. Or somewhere.
It needs to be answered. I'm not letting it go until it is, and a hair-pulling fight certainly isn't going to distract me.