Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fashion Show at Posche

CAROLINE & FRANNIE, (CAROLINE'S sister), and COOKIE, (the oldest sister), are having lunch together. CAROLINE tells her sisters about ALBE and law school.
Apparently, he was told that ,
"His excuse was not compelling enough."-(CAROLINE)
CAROLINE cannot talk about it in narration without crying.
COOKIE is a gran-ma now.
SAVINI restaurant gets a plug!

JACKIE and TERESA are waiting for KIM D, (from POSHE), to have lunch.
TERESA says that KIM better not be friends with DANIELLE.
KIM arrives. They start talking about DANIELLE.
TERESA asks KIM if she talks about her behind her back with DANIELLE.
KIM invites them to her fashion show, she says that about a hundred people will be there.
KIM says,
"DANIELLE might be there."
"The trust word doesn't have to be there."-(KIM)
"Am I gonna stop going to places 'cause DANIELLE'S gonna be there?"-(TERESA)
JACKIE says, "I have to think about it."

(btw I heard that JACKIE hates being called JACKIE. Too bad.)

DANIELLE says that she received
"about 16 people at the same time.", text messages telling her that JACKIE & TERESA will be at the fashion show.
She wonders why KIM D. would invite,

"The ladie's behavior at the desk, I found unacceptable for a money-paying customer"-(DANIELLE) says when she goes to see KIM D. at POSCHE, but KIM is not there.
DANIELLE implies that the person working at POSCHE, who she never met before, was rude to her.
DANIELLE gives that person the finger in narration talking about it.
We see the person saying,
"excuse me, I didn't get your name?", after DANIELLE orders her to give KIM the message that she was there.
(?) This scene implies that DANIELLE is paranoid or suspicious, I don't really get the point.
KIM shows-up and says,
"What happened?"
"DANIELLE, nobody did anything to you."-(KIM D.), on the phone with DANIELLE.
DANIELLE is going-off,
"KIM D. is playin' me for the last time."
"I can have my employees treat you any way they want."-(DANIELLE says that that's what KIM D. is saying by the way that DANIELLE feels that she was treated).
"I'm not going to come here anymore."-(DANIELLE),
 KIM asks her to leave.
In narration DANIELLE does a full 360 eye roll talking about KIM D.( it makes her look stupid). then says, "Buh-bye"

CAROLINE is talking to ALBERT about her empty-nest feelings. She says, "You have to retire."
But you can tell that she's not even serious. This must be a foreshadow of the trip to Italy?
ALBERT says,
 "I'm gonna die workin'"
ALBERT says that he has to go to work.
 "IF you get bored, gimme a call and maybe I'll buy you lunch."-(ALBERT)

KIM D invites ASHLEY to walk on the catwalk for her fashion show.
"What size are you."-KIM D.
"Probably like small/medium."-(ASHLEY)
we see a flashback to season 1 when JACKIE took ASHLEY to model.
ASHLEY narrates something about how she has the height to be a model, and that its not her business if CHRISTINE is in the show or not.

KIM D calls DANIELLE and apologises and asks to put it to rest. She asks her to come to her fashion show.
 "OK, see you tomorrow."
in narration she says, "North Jersey Country Club is in Wayne. I live here."-like this is her territory or something.

JACKIE and TERESA talk to CAROLINE about the fashion show.
They explain that DANIELLE will be sitting with KIM G., and they will sit with KIM D.
JACKIE mentions that ASHLEY will be in the show.
"Don't let her stop you from living your life."-(CAROLINE)
"Let her be the fool that she is."-(CAROLINE).
 "You win by doing nothing"-(CAROLINE)

KIM G. shows up at DANIELLE'S without her pants on.
"I'm not the dawg last year that needed to be kicked."-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE starts talking baby-talk with KIM G.-(yuk)

ASHLEY is very excited and impressed about modeling.
Something looks weird about ASHLEY. Is it the effect of the birth control that she's using? or did she have surgery on her face?
JACKIE & TERESA are wearing fur shrugs.
It makes them look a little matronly in my opinion.
DANIELLE arrives with DENNIS the bodyguard and KIM G. She says that KIM D had issues with DANNY so she brought DENNIS.
DANIELLE is late.
DANIELLE does a little swagga in narration and says ,
"PARIS HILTON taught me that, pretend that you're on the phone. It pisses people off."
A-HA! All this talk about no trouble, bla bla bla. And DANIELLE admits that she's TRYING TO "PISS PEOPLE OFF?" (I so hope no one cared!)
DANIELLE, is, stupid. I just have to say it.
And, repulsively ugly when she makes faces, maybe all of the time.
DANIELLE says that when she walked in she,
 "felt such warmth.",
 that she knew everybody there.
She's mad that JACKIE & TERESA are sitting with KIM D. she says that it was
"an insult."-(DANIELLE)

CAROLINE & ALBERT are having dinner at The Chart House.
Wednesday is their date night. Its ALBERT'S day off.
ALBERT says that LAUREN came to see him about CAROLINE being "depressed".
He offers to do a 12 hour day as opposed to a 16 hour day at work and take more time off.

The fashion show begins.
DANIELLE does her,
"Ultimate dis"-(DANIELLE)
She announces that she's gonna pretend that she's on the phone.
She acts bored.
KIM G tells DANIELLE to act like a lady and watch the show.
"coke whore"-(DANIELLE)
when she walks the runway.
BRAVO makes sure that we know it. They caption it. "coke whore."
She says something about how now she knows why they didn't ask CHRISTINE because obviously there are no professional models.
"That's when I got pissed, I'm not gonna lie."-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE goes-off on her entire table about how KIM D. is not her friend because she sat with TERESA & JACKIE.
We see TERESA staring at DANIELLE with her mouth open.
The tension is rising between the tables.
DANIELLE asks her table to tell her if that "stalker" ASHLEY is looking at her.
They say "yeah-she's lookin'"
DANIELLE in narration pantomimes dramatically and sarcastically that Jacquelin did a "great job parenting."(in an ugly way with sarcastic hand-clap).
I'm sorry, this woman is just U-G-L-Y as-in no alibi, she's just FUGLY. WHY do I have to look at her ugly dramatic face on this show? WHY does she keep making ugly dram-faces????? WHY!?
DANIELLE may be a perfectly nice-looking, even attractive person for her age, but the minute she becomes animated, I just want to cover my eyes. SHE IS AN EYESORE.-blechk.
TERESA gets-up to say hi to DANIELLE. She waits in the lobby for DANIELLE to walk through a door. TERESA tells JACKIE that she doesn't want to be mean.
DANIELLE passes her, TERESA says,
DANIELLE stares her down.
"No hello, no nothing?"-(TERESA)
"You're running away?"-(TERESA)
AHhhhh, DANIELLE keeps moving. SAFE!-Wait. KIM G. tells DANIELLE to go back and talk to TERESA.
TERESA tries to make some small talk. Then she goes into "After I flipped the table....I'm the nicest person."
"No you're not"-(DANIELLE)
They start to exchange words, and next thing you know,

-to be continued-

OK-I would have to say, for all the posturing that DANIELLE did, TERESA, with the help of KIM G., started whatever goes-down here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sneak Peak & good review of "sex-video"


GILMORE over at PRETTY ON THE OUTSIDE, took one for the team, and watched DANIELLE'S porno so that he could post a review. (link above). There's also a video there. You don't have to watch it if you don't want, but the review is interesting.
*correction/the review is in the comments!
Two items that mentioned were really interesting to me. ONE.-The baby-tawk. COMMENTATOR says that DANIELLE talks baby-tawk in her sex-video. And it is icky-yuk. I've been noticing that DANIELLE has been doing this in her narration pieces on RHONJ.
TWO.-After DANIELLE & her mystery meat finish, there is a scene starring that BIDET that DANIELLE makes such a big deal over in the tour of her bathroom video on BRAVO'S site.
So, yeah, she's USING BRAVO, & RHONJ to promote her sex-video, yet she claims that she was, "blackmailed".....(The Attorney General of the State Of NJ needs to investigate this claim).

Monday, June 21, 2010

DANIELLE is a liar & what else is new

"Getting my breasts done wasn't for aesthetic reasons. I'm gonna be very clear,  it was a necessity"-(DANIELLE)
Oh yeah, that was REAL, (insert sarcasm), clear-NOT!
She's trying to give a false impression here, isn't she?
Is she talking about the FIRST time that she had them done? The 2nd?, The 3rd, or this 4th operation?
I don't know because she did not CLARIFY, she was not "clear", she was evasive & slimy about whatever the truth is.
"Necessity"-because she was a man? Because of the pain?, To help her career as a prostitute?
While DANIELLE was still under the drugs, the first thing she said was, "How do they look?"-I think that is the definition of "aesthetics"-isn't it?
She also said something about  being in pain every minute of every day, so that's a good reason, but then she says something about being "desirable".
Ewww she's talking baby-tawk in her narration again.

I don't feel like wasting my time blogging the entire episode, so I'll just mention the parts that really stood-out for me tonight.
TERESA took a page out of JILL'S book, and told JACKIE that KIM from POSCHE could not be her friend if she was friends with DANIELLE.

ALBIE----ok, I love him. (in case you didn't see the episode, he flunked-out of law school and had to tell CAROLINE. She cried. Then she gave him a great pep-talk. I think I love her too for that.)
I don't know about this whole "learning disability". But I do believe it when ALBIE talks about how hard he has been working in school, and that it really doesn't come easy for him at all, but he keeps working because he has a dream to be a lawyer. The school told him that he wasn't cut-out for law, basically told him to give-up. Something tells me that he's going to keep working.

CAROLINE tried to cut-off all mention of the word "DANIELLE". KIM, KIM, and ASHLEY wanted to talk about her. The KIMS got JACKIE to talk about her too.

OK, it looks-like next week will be the big showdown with DANIELLE, ASHLEY, TERESA...

False Alarm! No New Housewife?


ZAP2IT.com says the story is F-A-L-S-E! ELVIRA was also on BETHENNY'S new show.

Replacement for DINA

This article on SOCIALITELIFE says that we will meet the newest NJ HOUSEWIFE tomorrow night!

It takes a sec. for the story to load.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Is the Sleeveless FUR VEST leaving The HOUSEWIVES 4-eva?

No commercial-break after the NEW YORK PART II RE-UNION.
Back-to DINA & DANIELLE in the restaurant.
DINA tells DANIELLE that she was "on your team."
THEY both talk over each-other.
DINA says in narration, "You can't even have a conversation with her."
DINA gets up. She says, "I'm leaving to cut you out of my life."
DANIELLE says, "I'm not dis. pose. a. ble."
"Don't you ever mistake my kindness for weakness again."-(DINA)
They get catty about hair & age.
People in the restaurant are looking.
DINA leaves. "Crazy bitch."-(DINA)
DANIELLE calls her goon-squad.
MILANIA, (age 3), is wearing THE FUR VEST on the outing to The Pumpkin Farm.
DINA visits CAROLINE & JACKIE to discuss her talk with DANIELLE.
She makes fun of DANIELLE saying "I'm not crazy".
"She's pure evil".-(CAROLINE)
"This was her chance to make it all better, and she blew it."-(DINA)
(I thought it was DINA'S plan to tell her she never wanted to see her again?)
DANIELLE is out with KIM G. and some gals.
She imitates DINA.
DANIELLE then shows a "very long email" on her phone, that DINA sent her the next morning.
DANIELLE says that she replied, "Lol, whatever."
JACKIE has a sick baby. KIM G. drops by JACKIE'S house.
CAROLINE, in narration says that she has reservations about this friendship.
KIM brings-up the DINA/DANIELLE drama.
JACKIE tells KIM that DANIELLE hunts-out friends who have money to meet a rich man.
BRAVO shows KIM G. telling DANIELLE that she should call an attorney about nasty texts.
KIM G. tells JACKIE that she told DANIELLE to, "Let it go."
On the BRAVO clip, KIM is shown egging DANIELLE on to "call the police & press charges."
KIM, is double-crossing JACKIE here.
Memo to self: read BRAVO BLOGS to see what they say about THIS!
I think I just heard some jaws drop in FRANKLIN LAKES NJ.
The guys are at A&S purveying delicacies for poker-night.
DEREK is invited.
ALBIE & CHRIS discuss initiating DEREK.
The tab at A&S is $548. and change, for six guys.
DANIELLE has some girls over. "There were hidden-cameras planted."-(DANIELLE)
"My attorney shut him down."-(DANIELLE)
They're talking about STEVE.
STEVE is shown arriving at JACKIE'S house for poker-night.
TERESA & JACKIE are in the kitchen discussing DANIELLE & STEVE'S sex-tape.
They call STEVE into the kitchen.
JACKIE tells STEVE that what he did was "disgusting."
STEVE tells the girls, that DANIELLE sent him videos on his phone. "The majority of the stuff was stuff she sent to me."-(STEVE)
He says that that is why she dropped the case. That she had no case against him.
"DANIELLE video-taped herself, with mirrors & everything, and sent 'um to me on my phone."-(STEVE) tells the guys.
DANIELLE is wearing the sleeveless FUR VEST. (OK. See my NY HOUSEWIVES DRINKING GAME. I'll have to add "take a drink", for THE FUR VEST).
She's trying-on lingerie with her girlfriends in a store.
ASHLEY's purple-hat has changed to a moldy-green color.
The ladies are spying on the men with a baby-monitor/camera.
ASHLEY gets pissed because her mom tells her that she looks like her grand mom.
JACKIE throws ASHLEY out of her house.
DEREK stays.
DANIELLE, KIM G.and SUE, go to a titty-bar called THE SQUEEZE, (sleeze? skeeve?) LOUNGE. DANNY & goons are there.
KIM G. can't handle the pole.
DANIELLE humps the pole. She reverts to baby-tawk in narration explaining how it was for her in the old-days.
ANDY says, "Keep watching. Something BIG is about to happen.", on the set of WWHL.
DINA is in narration. BRAVO shows flash-backs of DINA & DANIELLE.
"Maybe she's got multiple personalities?"-(DINA)
"I tried. I'm done. I'm out."-(DINA)
"I'm not even sure what she's fully capable of doing, but I'm not gonna be here to find-out."-(DINA)
TITLES come up that say that DINA chose to stop filming to avoid contact with DANIELLE. Bla bla.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another *UPDATE* on DANIELLE'S Porno

OK, THIS belongs in the "truth is stranger than fiction" category. Not that its true. I really don't know. But IF it is..................
The link is to an item on TMZ, where they found an image of a face reflected in a mirror on DANIELLE'S porno, and the headline is how DANIELLE won't say who her co-star in the  video is. Commenters on page 4 of comments, point-out the uncanny resemblance to DINA'S husband TOMMY MANZO.-complete with a link to a photo of Mr. M.
I have to say that MANZO'S Count-Dracula hairline is pretty unique, and if the un-named stud isn't MANZO, well, he could be his identical twin.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update to DANIELLE'S Granny Porn

So the news is out that JACKIE made a Tweet comment about DANIELLE selling her own porno, and it appears that DANIELLE was intentionally trying to mislead the public with confusion over her video. Gee-I wonder if the court that she is apparently using for her subtrefuge will find that amusing?
DB1K has a great investigative series on all-things-HOUSEWIVES, and the following article, http://deathby1000papercuts.com/2010/06/danielle-staub-sex-tape-the-naked-truth-about-the-danielle-staub-raw-hustler-sex-tape/ shows how DANIELLE is tripping-over her trashy self to try & keep-up the confusion about the true facts of her , (presumed), deal with HUSTLER.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

About DANIELLE'S Granny-Porn...

I don't know what you've heard, but from what I've been able to guess by reading between-the-lines, it appears that DANIELLE  wrote, starred-in, filmed, directed, produced..... her new sex-video.
TMZ carefully worded their item about it to say that a mysterious "third-party", sold the tape to HUSTLER.
We do know that DANIELLE spent some time in court with last season's boyfriend/f-buddy, because he tried to sell an un-authorised sex-video of DANNIELLE. But sources are reporting that the sex-video that has been released by HUSTLER, is NOT "that" sex-video, but a different one, or, one that DANIELLE herself is profitting from.
In other words, did DANIELLE sell her sex-video to HUSTLER?
Signs point to yes, including comments from people who have seen clips that say that it appears that DANIELLE herself is holding the camera.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Gia is at acting lessons. She's working-on her audition for a CHRISTIAN SLATER movie.
There's a wedding at THE BROWNSTONE. CHRISTOPHER narrates that he "got a promotion", at The BROWNSTONE."
JACKIE & KIM G. show-up at THE CHATEAU salon to have pedicures at the same time!
KIM G. says that she's "So drained, so exhausted." because she is friends with DANIELLE.
This is the night after the charity event at THE BROWNSTONE.
KIM G. says that she was "very embarrassed, very uncomfortable." about what happened.
JACKIE tells KIM G. that "You can't say anything negative.." to DANIELLE-(JACKIE), and that DANIELLE basically makes a big dramatic deal out of everything.
"My good friend KIM G. is going to throw me my first adult Birthday party."-(DANIELLE)
KIM G. asks if DANNY is going to be there.
"A choice of an escort could have been better."-(KIM G.) they argue about what happened at THE BROWNSTONE and the use of the word "faggot."
They go to the party.
DANIELLE crys because THE MANZOS will "get satisfaction" out of seeing KIM G. & DANIELLE argue about them at her party. boo-hoo.
DINA and her assistant are working on PROJECT LADYBUG.
"DANIELLE is dangerous, one of her friends called my nephew a gay slur."-(DINA)
She says that she's going to see DANIELLE.
She says that she wants to stay away from her and tell her, (DANIELLE), to, "stay outta my life".-(DINA)
GIA gets some feedback about her accent. She didn't get the part in the movie. She's assigned a voice coach.
GIA decides that she wants to stay true to her JERSEY GIRL roots, and she will be tawkin' cawfee-tawk!
Good girl GIA!
DANIELLE'S dog is FACEBOOK FAMOUS! Someone made an, "I HATE DANIELLE'S DOG" page on FACEBOOK. KIM G. tells her to call the police!
Why do I have the feeling that as I write this KIM G. is becoming FACEBOOK FAMOUS in some demented way?
"I got a phone call this morning that Danielle is telling people that my daughter is threatening her and that supposedly she is sending the police to my house to have her arrested."-(JACKIE)
JACKIE calls ASHLEY and summons her to lunch with her & THERESA. JACKIE tells TERESA that while she was in the hospital she heard something about ASHLEY & DANIELLE having a facebook war.
JACKIE asks ASHLEY if she sent DANIELLE a text saying, "I will kill you."
"She said that I need to lose weight in my arms!"-(ASHLEY)
ASHLEY confesses to messaging DANIELLE after she heard about what happened at THE BROWNSTONE.
DANIELLE takes DANNY to a mens store. She wants to do a My Fair Lady on him & his vulgar language.
While they are there DINA calls on DANIELLE'S cell. DANIELLE pretends that she doesn't know who DINA is. They agree to meet at CHAKRA at 6 to have a talk.
DANIELLE & DANNY assume that DINA is going to apologise.
"Is it just you and I?"-(DANIELLE), "Its just me and you."-(DINA)
DANIELLE asks DANNY to stick-around for more bodyguard duty. Wonder if the HELLS ANGELS will be needed? Maybe they better invite the KKK just to be sure?
ASHLEY tells DEREK that DANIELLE made up a lie that ASHLEY said that she was going to kill DANIELLE.
ASHLEY'S mom read her FACEBOOK status & calls her to tell her to take-off what she just posted there about DANIELLE having a warrant out for her arrest.
ASHLEY says that she wants people on TEAM ASHLEY.
ASHLEY wants to talk trash about DANIELLE and DEREK tells her "Enough."-(DEREK)


BIG family dinner at CAROLINE' S. EVERYONE is there except DINA. TERESA'S baby pooped, so they'll be an hour and 45 minutes late.
Big lead-up to DINA & DANIELLE'S meeting. Going back and forth between the two of them in narration and set-up.
ASHLEY brings-up DANIELLE at the big family dinner table. JACKIE says that she was getting a lot of phone calls about what DANIELLE was saying.
CAROLINE says that ASHLEY had the right intentions but that her "delivery was all wrong."
"We will make a pact never to speak of her again."-(CAROLINE),

"Ze vibrator changes everyting!"-(BRAVO promo), starting to burn a hole in my brain.

Five minutes left to go, so I guess the meeting between DINA & DANIELLE is the climax to tonight's episode? Lucky thing that DANNY is waiting in the parking-lot with his cell-phone in his lap because DANIELLE fears that she may be "ambushed."

DANIELLE is at CHAKRA before DINA. They do a little PR 102. ("you look pretty") .
DINA declines to order because she says they won't be there very long. She launches into a speech. She says that the only thing that makes her unhappy in her life is having DANIELLE in it. She says that she wants to set boundaries to keep DANIELLE out of her and her family's life.
"Shoosh.", "Don't shoosh me." (both of them)
"You have no right to sit here and tell me who you think I am."-(DANIELLE)
and that was it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Theresa is a F'ng B

There's no other way to put it. MY first clue, (ok-some of you were on to her a LOT earlier), was the fact that she just HAD to mention DANIELLE in her (cook) BOOK. Yep, she named the "prostitute's pasta", after DANIELLE. Cute? NO!
But then she went too far. She's been Twittering nasty comments about my girl BETHENNY and her darling baby-girl. Posting crap-comments, for no reason really, about BETHENNY'S weight-loss, and the fact that baby-girl is a light-weight. (AS-IF its ANY of her business BITCH!).
Is BETHENNY a JERSEY GIRL at heart? 'Cause she sure knows our REAL state motto, "PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH.", and THERESA just got paid-back.
It was bad enough that TMZ  posted a photo of THERESA along-side of ZIRA from PLANET OF THE APES, with a "seperated at birth?"-type headline. THAT almost made me feel sorry for her.
But that wasn't ALL of it. Today's NY POST finished-off what TMZ started, and published the details of THERESA'S financial situation.http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/deadbeat_reality_8f3qwDPV2oY8s9N51fL82I?listcomments=true#comments
How embarrassing! And WHY do they owe 12-grand to a fertility clinic yet pretend like they can't stop pooping-out children?
Somebody sure has BETHENNY'S back. THERESA made a big mistake when she messed with her.
Why couldn't she just mind her own sordid business?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little ANGELS & big devils

"I think they're gonna have to make a bigger Cadillac for us TERESA."-(JOE)
KIM G. tells DANIELLE, "I live in this town and I live in a very beautiful home.", but that her close friends live somewhere else, and are not wealthy.
JOHNNY G. comes home from California and The Manzos are happy to see him. CAROLINE tells JOHNNY G. that KIM G.(GRANATEL?), (his mom), invited her for lunch, and that she said "No."
"I cannot risk you guys and your friendship over petty things."-(CAROLINE)
DINA and THERESA have a talk about DANIELLE.
"DANIELLE coming to THE BROWNSTONE, there's an agenda behind it."-(DINA)
"DANIELLE is just like a ticking time bomb. Tick-tok, tick-tok. Psycho bitch!"-(TERESA)
ASHLEY goes out to dinner with ALBE, LAUREN, and her boyfriend DEREK. In narration ASHLEY tells us, "I'm on birth control and everything, I'm making good choices."
ALBE says to DEREK at dinner, "Look at ASHLEY, at a young age she has made a lot of mistakes in her life."
JACKIE tells us in narration that she fears that ASHLEY will "end up pregnant". (most women do get pregnant eventually!) JACKIE again tells us that she married too young the 1st time.
JACKIE and DEREK'S mom share a bottle of wine at DEREK'S home.
DEREK'S mom tells JACKIE that she "partied with the best of them.", then they get tipsy & silly.
ALBERT talks to CHRIS about the charity event. They agree on "No DANIELLE drama."
Its GIA'S birthday!
She's having a SWEET & SASSY SALON party, complete with pink limo, a trip to the salon, chocolate facials, and dirty-looks from her middle-sister. Her present is a 4-wheeler, and she already knows how to drive it.
"Gia's a girly-girl. Theresa only raises divas, not tomboys."-(TERESA)
Later-on in this episode, DINA says about DANIELLE, "That bitch, she pissed me off."
But maybe that explains the mystery of WHY? it appears that DANIELLE'S make-up person was "pissed-off"? Did DINA get-to the person who did DANIELLE'S make-up here? Because from the way that I understand it, make-up is supposed to enhance a person's looks, NOT make them ugly.
Which is what someone did to DANIELLE in this evening's episode. Instead-of playing-up DANIELLE'S better features, the ugliness of DANIELLE'S soul, (if she has one), was brought-out and enhanced with her make-up job.
DANIELLE, KIM G. & DANNY are getting ready for the charity event. They agree that the event is "all about the baby."
DANNY says that he can drink without asking permission in 6 days, when his parole is over.
KIM G. bites her lip.
JOE has the new baby's name added to a tattoo on his arm.
CAROLINE tells JACKIE & TERESA that she shaves her "entire face", every day. She says that its an "exfoliate."
DANIELLE arrives at THE BROWNSTONE. DANNY has an entourage there to meet them.
"DANNY brought the head of the HELL'S ANGELS."-(DANIELLE)
We see a few goonish-looking guys, and one is wearing motorcycle club colors that say, "HELL'S ANGELS MC~NY"
DANIELLE & CHRIS shake hands and exchange greetings. In narration DANIELLE says that she shook CHRIS'S hand as an "FU."
CHRIS says hello to KIM G. and tells her that she's "in for a surprise.", because they are "overdressed."
We see that the other guests at the event are wearing camouflage. A hunting club is sponsoring the event. Later, CHRIS calls the club's style of dress, "ELMER FUDD."
DANIELLE meets the sick girl's family. She tells them that they can have anything they want from her. She says, "She's going to be fine." about the sick baby.
Someone tells us that DANIELLE brought "10 or 20 NON-PAYING guests." in her entourage.
"Our table was nowhere to be found."-(DANIELLE)
DANNY brags that he went downstairs & ordered CHRIS to set-up another table. Its explained that THE BROWNSTONE sets-up tables exactly as the guests request. We see a table being set-up in the already crowded room.
"Who pushed my wife?",
 "Why are you moving people?"
(BRAVO captions)
DANIELLE & her crew decide to leave.
"How much are you going to disrespect us before we wreck the joint?"-(DANNY)
DANNY used a lot of bad language in front of KIM G. "F"-this, "F'n"- that. KIM G. maintained her composure, but I could tell that she'd much rather be drinking white wine with RAMONA-NYHOUSEWIVES.
ALBERT debriefs CHRIS about "DANIELLE drama?"-(ALBERT).
CHRIS explains exactly what happened, and said that a "guy came to me saying, "We don't want these people here,".
JACKIE narrates that DANIELLE will play the victim in her version of the story, and says,
"She's not a victim, she's a nut-job."-(JACKIE)