Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maybe being a HOUSEWIFE isn't such a good Marketing Plan?

Every once in awhile, I scroll-down the right-side of this page, and click-through to the link for Death by 10,000 Papercuts. There is a story posted about DC HOUSEWIVES CAT, and the title looked interesting, so I opened the post. cat-ommanney-cat-claims-bravo-editing-portrays-cat-as-nightmare-bitch-racist-cow-from-hell/ . I read the piece, and at the end, something about CAT'S new book, (which, according to the article, CAT'S Bravo-blog, and her website is yet-to-be-released), grabbed my attention. It sounded like a good read. Kind-of like a cross between, Eat, Pray, Love, and Shit my Dad Told Me.
The author of the DB10K blog was a little snarky about the book, which made me even more curious.
I entered the main title of the book, Inbox-Full into the search-box, and I got my first surprise.

Oh boy, do we have another Skinny-Girl Margarita/ Skinny Italian going-on here? Be Carefull What You Wish for vs. Be Careful Who You Trust The WHITE-HOUSE PARTY-CRASHERS, and CAT have dueling titles!
I decided to stay on-track, and I clicked-through to CAT'S book. Surprise number 2, CATHERINE "O"..., is using CATHERINE "A", as her non-de-plume. Maybe not such a good idea, if you want to make it easy for people to find your books unless one has a very well-known AKA?
Surprise number 3, was that Amazon has the book listed as "Out of print---Limited Availability" (click to page here) . What? No "pre-order"?  This wording is usually used for a book that has already been published. But, there are no used copies available for sale on Amazon either. Just what is going ON here? I decided to get cute, and visit Amazon.UK. Another surprising occurrence.  No-the book is not available there either, ,but they will send me a text-message as soon as it is, AND, CAT, (according to Amazon.UK., at least), is using Catherine "O", as her authoring-name on that side of Amazon's pond.
Is, or was it, CAT'S divorce, and sur name-change/confusion, that's holding-up the publication and/or release of her book? I really don't know.
My final surprise in researching this item, was result number "3", Butterfly Girl  which is unfortunately going along with THE HOUSEWIVES for a ride. No, I don't know if that Catherine "A" is our Catherine "A", but I do know that whoever it is, her book-tag suggestions on are being peppered-by, and influenced-by THE REAL HOUSEWIVES...And maybe even her book sales, since I know that I certainly wouldn't buy anything for a child that has the suggested tags that Amazon is asking me to choose to describe   Butterfly Girl
 Would you?