Real Housewives RADIO!

Here's a little extra something; PODCASTS! Some I have already listened-to, and some I'm "saving". ALL of them have something to do with the "Housewives". Some are even interviews with HOUSEWIVES. I like to listen to PODCASTS, and then open another window so that I can do other things online while I listen. I hope that you enjoy this selection!-Housewifehater NEW! July/2011

Podcast: Real Housewives of Lowell 3-24-10 - Mornings

"Ay Mama Radio Show" - Episode 7 DINA MANZO" hosted by Ay, Mama! on #BlogTalkRadio 

"Meet The 'Real Housewives' Of Washington, Not D.C." NPR-Aug. 3rd, 2010

Lesbian Lounge Interviews Jill Zarin

Real Housewives of New Jersey Fans demand to know WHERE’S THE CHARITY MONEY DINA?

Show #1 ~ Hear Sonja Morgan, the beautiful Housewife of New York, like you’ve never heard her before. Plus, get inside information from the REAL King of Queens, Michael Galanes.

Show #3 ~ Carly Hall Blogs the Blogger-Interview with Lynn Hudson!

Zen Jen brings Jewelry to Life Empowerment (Dina & Jaq's Fertility bracelet)

Kandie Coated Nights Live on Wednesday PM

The MOTHER-LODE of Housewives shows on BLOG TALK RADIO

Michael Savage talks about watching Real housewives reality show - Talk Radio Network