Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Giudice Documents

just because he is cute!
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL   featured SONJA MORGAN'S bankruptcy filing today in the Bankruptcy Beat column. Included with the story, is a link to the filing documents, hosted on a document uploading site called, SCRIBED.
I liked the way that SCRIBED made the docs. easy to view & read, and I've been looking for a smooth way to upload documents.
I've had these saved for awhile, and I thought that I shared-them via recap, but I keep seeing questions about the Federal charges against Joe and Teresa. The documents that I  uploaded are charges that were made, AND the response to the charges from Joe & Teresa's lawyer.
I've looked for more as recently as last week, but have not found much else. Notice that the case number is different than the original case number on this and they are filed by the Federal Department of Justice representative for the Giudice's location.
Here's a link to the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE complaints, and the response from JOE & T'S lawyers , that I posted on SCRIBED.