Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Ready to Say Goodbye to RHWONJ? Get on the Bus!

(Bus-trip details below photo)
If you feel let-down after that re-union, the first thing that you need to do is get yourself over to PUT YOUR HAIR UP'S re-cap, of Part II of the Re-union. There is a "warning"-label attached to the post. There's a reason for that. Heed the warning, get yourself a nice cup of tea while the page loads, and make-sure to read the entire post, because PUT YOUR HAIR UP gives us the ending to SEASON II, that BRAVO! couldn't quite deliver. HeRE! (it's worth the hype!)
*Not the actual bus. Barbie Hot-tub Party Vehicle sold separately

The Second thing that you might want to do, is reserve yourself a seat on THE NJ HOUSEWIVES BUS TOUR! For $75.00, ($80.00tt), Here's a link! .
The FOUR COURSE LUNCH at the BROWNSTONE makes this tour worth the cost of admission in my opinion, since as far as I know, you can't just walk-in to THE BROWNSTONE and order lunch. If you can't get yourself to NORTH JERSEY on October 22nd, its worth checking-out the itinerary for a little arm-chair traveling in my opinion.
Of course I had to be nosy, so I filled-out a "test" reservation, and I was given seat number 20. So, there could already be 19 passengers on the bus?
In my snooping, I just HAD to know who was running this, (I sure didn't want to get on a bus with the like of a DANNY P.,), and my nosiness paid-off. CELEBRATIONS EVENTS (here) looks to be as thoroughly professional as the site advertising the tour. I'd have to guess that this professional events manager, (ha ha no its not EVA or whatever her name was), has been watching the HOUSEWIVES along with us, and that she designed this "fantasy tour", while she was watching events unfold on her screen?