Friday, July 9, 2010

REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW JERSEY TWITTER-WARS, and a blast from the past

I have a perma-link  to The Really Old Housewife Of MANATEE's blog on my RHONY blog.
Over the July 4th weekend, RHWOM, and DINA, mixed-it up a little on TWITTER.
Apparently, DINA was TWITTER-whining about her ECOLOGICALLY, politically incorrect vehicle, and RHWOM who, as her readers know, is sensitive about the environment right now more than usual due-to the oil-spill in her backyard, TWEETED back
TWEETS were TWEETED, insults were thrown, people were blocked...
And then, fans & friends of DINA MANZO, took to RHOM's blog, to complain.
The main complaint, was, "How DARE! RHOM talk about DINA, and NOT mention DINA'S charity work."
And, to lob personal insults at RHOM, because DINA'S fans are pretty and RHOM must be a jealous hater.
(their words not mine).
I took-up the challenge to learn more about DINA'S charity, and the financials  are a MESS!
SO much of a mess, that the Children's hospital that is the beneficiary of PROJECT LADYBUG, made a really SMART MOVE, and for DINA'S big fund-raising event this year, they collected the money themselves this time.
It's still a mystery to me whether PROJECT LADYBUG ultimately gave, Two-hundred, OR twenty, thousand dollars, to the hospital, because BOTH numbers are reported to be the amount donated in the same article about the event on the hospital's website. (SO-which was it? 200, or 20 grand?).
I'd have to say that at least a hundred grand was collected, (by the hospital this time, not DINA), because tickets cost $100., and 1100 people reportedly attended the event. There were also items auctioned.
In any event, the 2010 PROJECT LADYBUG fundraising, raised a LOT more money, and more of the money they did raise is going to the hospital in 2010.
The legal online financials are from 2008, and in that year, PROJECT LADYBUG, actually lost money and spent MORE than 100% on administrative costs.
You want a link? OK-Here.
You have to type "project ladybug", into the search box at the bottom of the page to see it.

How does any of that relate to  A BLAST from the past/2008. here ?
I'll tell you how.
In both instances, CAST MEMBERS, fans, and people related-to the show, get into it online.
The comments, on the "Blast" link, are extensive and hilarious. The blog post is from BEFORE RHONJ hit the airwaves, and the comments begin with "insider" reports of local FRANKLIN LAKES folks who noticed the cameras around-town.
It deteriorates into basically the same garbage that RHOM had splattered all over her blog's comments, "I know the cast, I am in the cast, and you are a jealous hater."
Its pretty funny trying to figure-out which comments are posted by which, (claimed), family member, although ALL of the comments that I've read there so far look like they come-from the level of ASHLEY.
There's a LOT there and I didn't read all of them yet, but they are funny especially in retrospect.
Here's a sample, notice the date!

Anonymous said...
Down to earth?!! Umm did anyone see my big fat fabulous wedding with Tommy and Dina? Well Dinas on Real Housewives now, along with her sister and 2 other obnoxious women. I know all of them and they dont have the money that they portray to have!! This is going to be a hysterical show!!!!!

Anonymous said...
I dont know if you read the post's above, but this is my FAMILY your talking about. Do you have access to their bank accounts? No, you don't. So how can you commment on money?? You can't. And if you knew them as good as you seem to think you do, you would know that they are down to earth. Jealousy is a bitch, huh?