Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Liar

*I can't stand Taylor Armstrong. That's my personal opinion. I'm going to release some Kraken on her here, and unfortunately, the topic of Domestic abuse and violence is mixed-up with all of this. Because of that I have to preface this post with a reminder that no matter what Taylor Armstrong is guilty-of, no matter how much Housewife-hating she inspires, none of it is ever a reason, or an excuse to physically abuse or harm someone. I also realize that words that are filled-with hate are verbal-abuse, and that verbal and emotional-abuse is generally not something that anyone deserves either. Because-of Taylor's  voluntary position in the public-eye, she has exempted herself from protection from public hate. But again, no one, no matter what they have done, deserves to be domestically abused in any way.

The face of a liar

On The Dr Phil Show yesterday, Taylor confirmed to Dr.Phil that the photos which she sold to ET, (above), were taken because she was having LASIK, "reconstructive surgery". She also claimed that Russel abused her after her birthday party. Lisa VanDerpump was quoted as saying that she was at the party and everyone seemed fine. Radar online talks about a birthday party, attended by Lisa. There is also a video of Russel and Taylor, it was posted on June PopCandies TV In the video, Russel tells the interviewer that Taylor celebrates her birthday for a month, and that it is "painful".
Taylor also had a public Birthday celebration in Las Vegas, on June 18th. Apparently, her birthday is on June 10th. Confusing? Yes, but what is not confusing is that the photographs that ET confirmed as evidence that Taylor was, "battered", by Russel Armstrong, are a H.O.A.X!
As I watched Taylor on Dr. Phil yesterday, I was on Twitter and someone posted to me that I was "ignorant", and an "idiot" for Tweeting about Taylor so much. I am sending that person a link to this post so that they might understand why I was so excited. What I was watching was PROOF that Taylor did NOT get the black-eye in the "hospital" photos from Russel. She admitted it with her own lip-implanted, grossly deformed, lying mouth. Dr. Phil will be having Russel Armstrong's family as guests next week.
Taylor was photographed extensively throughout the month of June. Her surgery was on July 5th, and she was not photographed in public again until August.
Domestic violence and abuse is a very worthwhile topic to highlight in the public. But Taylor Armstrong is NOT the person to do it. A despicable person like herself is not worthy of the honor of being a spokesperson for anything. Victims of abuse are being used and abused  by Taylor Armstrong. I almost wish that I was a victim myself, so that I could speak for those victims just like Abercrombie & Finch publicly told another reality celeb/fame-whore to please NOT represent their brand.
Fear and threats of being discredited, or not-believed, is a common device of abuse used against victims of abuse as well as rape. Taylor does deserve to be called-out and exposed for the liar that she is, but every time that she is, it is another "win" for people who would, threaten, batter, and abuse. The public spectacle and charade that Taylor is pursuing strikes fear in real victims. It confirms what they are being told by the one who is abusing them.
That being said, even a liar like Taylor would be entitled-to and receive the help that is available to victims .If someone is reading this who has the fear of not being believed, know that the truth really will set you free. Especially if you use the legal system to help you.
  • Taylor Armstrong has used photos of "reconstructive surgery"-(quote Taylor on Dr. Phil) and lied to the public that the injuries in the photo were caused by her husband to make herself the face of domestic violence.
  • She claimed on The Dr. Phil show, that Russel Armstrong injured her by punching her in the eye after her birthday party. 
  • Taylor's birthday is June 10th.
  • Taylor celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas on June 18th.

  • She was photographed the next day at the critic's choice awards.
  • The "reconstructive surgery" photos, were taken on July 5th, when she had LASIK surgery on her eye
  • Apparently, Taylor was having the LASIK procedure as elective-surgery, probably a gift-bag "freebie".
  • Are cheek-implants/fillers visible on MRIs? ET showed MRIs with damage, was it Taylor?
  • ET, and Taylor lied to the public by giving the impression that the "black-eye" photos, were damage that was done to her by Russel, NOT the result of "reconstructive surgery".
Kathy Griffin has a page on her website warning people about the possible danger of LASIK. Here is a    "black eye" photo of Kathy six-days after her procedure.
TVTime101 was the first website to try and construct a "Taylor-Timeline" with photographs taken of Taylor.(linked here)

As another side-note and personal opinion, Bravo finally did the right-thing and deleted someone with obvious problems with mental-illness from The Real Housewives.( her name starts with "K", as-in "Koo-Koo")  I think that I've had enough of watching these people call themselves, "Real Housewives". Why do we allow them to claim the title of "Housewife", let-alone "abused-Housewife", when they really should be called what they are? No offense to the mentally ill meant here. But Bravo is not presenting this as what it really is. I get that they are asking for "Housewives" to apply, and they are getting narcissistic, sociopathic, pathological applicants, because they are fame-whores who tend to be attracted to the genre as an easy entry-way to celebrity and into the eyes and minds of the public. But as one of the viewing-public, I don't like it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DC Housewife Husband asks public to help him Stalk DC Housewife!
Before The Real Housewives of DC aired, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't bother learning-how to spell their names. Calling them the "Party Crashers" seemed like a good-enough way to describe them if I absolutely had to refer to them but then they issued a warning that people who called them that would risk litigation. Typing-out, "The people who don't want to be called the DC Party-Crashers", is just too much trouble.
This latest stunt, on the part of the husband, has given me new respect for the wife.
When I first saw the item on TMZ, I thought what everyone, (including the police), thought. That these people will do anything to appear relevent and get their names in the media.
Upon researching the story further, I learned that the wife has gone so far as contacting the police to let them know that she is fine, because she knew that the husband would refuse to believe that she had left him.
Here's where it gets twisted. She left him. And instead-of dealing with it, what does he do?
He just refuses to believe it.
For all that we know, she may have left a note, or even told him that she was leaving, because at this point he is being told by the police, "She left you dude."-and he is insisting that it couldn't possibly be true.
He prefers to believe that she has been "abducted", and "kidnapped", and is being forced to tell people that she is OK.
If anyone is holding anyone hostage here, I would say that this Husband is trying to maintain control of the Wife by force, (another way to say, "hold hostage"),even- if only in his own imagination.
If this is what I think it is, (that she has left him and that he didn't make it easy for her to do so), then it is the first thing that this woman has ever done since I first heard of her, that I admire.
If they start going back-and-forth on Radar, TMZ...then I take that back!
You know I always thought that this couple was a real-life example of the curious Folie à deux (madness of two). And maybe it was? Or maybe this was something more common,like a manipulating partner who won't take no for an answer- yet on a grandiose scale? Could all of the fame-whoring been the "folly" of the Husband? And the could the wife have been coerced/forced in some way to go-along with it?
Or maybe this is just a case of the money's gone and so am I! Which might not sound very nice, but the last time that I checked this is a free country, (thank God and our Troops!), and people are free to leave their partners for any reason at all.
The Husband has taken the liberty to step-outside-the-boundary and try to create his own, "Amber Alert", asking the public to notify him of any sightings of the Wife. He even went so-far as to post the phone number of where she is staying online to enlist the help of the public in harassing the Wife.
This is taking stalking to a whole new level, and it is my opinion that this Husband needs to be committed/locked-up, for both of their protection.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mamma-Mia, Poppa-Pia, Giudice's have the Diarrhea

Last night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we witnessed yet another sickening segment with the Giudice family. This time it was Teresa who claimed that she was suffering from, "the runs".
At Christmas-time, it was Gia, who was followed right-up to the bathroom door by Bravo's cameras. And they don't leave much to the imagination. Sound-effects like barfing, gagging, toilet-flushing....
Who could forget the season-opener, where Teresa explained in detail that Joe was having gastrointestinal problems that prevented him from wanting to attend the Christening ceremony in Church?
 Is it Teresa's home-cooking, or is Joe bringing-home a little something extra, (like ecoli?), with his pizza?
I guess that's one way to become a "Skinny Italian"?
We've all seen the "bitch-edit" before, but last-night's episode confirmed that Bravo has given the "Dysentery-edit" to the Giudice Family this season. For awhile there, Bravo was obsessed with dog-crap. I remember thinking that Dog Poop had become "the 6th Housewife", on The Real Housewives of New York. Now they have repeatedly focused on the tummy-troubles in the Giudice house.
Is Bravo trying to tell us that The Real Housewives of New Jersey is nothing but crap? What is that flushing sound that I hear? Maybe its the ratings? Or maybe its the sound of Joe and Teresa's restaurant and food business circling-the-drain.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Judge Thwarts Danielle Staubs Attempt to Blackmail The Public

Get your mind out of the Gutter! These Square Tarts are Lemony and Sweet unlike you know who (recipe link here)
Remember last season on re-union of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when Teresa told Andy that Danielle is, "sue-happy"?, She was RIGHT! But Bravo Andy, and the Housewives aren't the only ones who have to worry, Danielle was involved in devious plot to entice, and then sue her FANS! posted a well-researched (link) item about a dirty-trick played by Danielle Staub and the owners of her porn video "Raw".Thousands of people were named-as, "John Does" in a suit accusing them of illegally downloading Danielle Staub's sex-video, "Raw".
"'s not too tough to figure out why the accused pirates settle. Statutory damages can be as much as $150,000. If you received a letter threatening to identify you publicly as an illegal downloader of Danielle Staub Raw in a court that might be hundreds or thousands of miles from your home, you might well be inclined to agree to pay a few thousand dollars to make the whole embarrassing, inconvenient mess go away."-(Reuters)
The story goes-on to explain that the EFF, (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (link here), played a role in this case as well.

An important difference in this case was made between illegal-downloading of non-pornographic copyrighted material, like songs, movies, etc., where the suing/embarrassing/threatening/blackmailing of un-named defendants in this case were the primary motivation of the suit. -I'd even have to consider that viewers may have been purposely enticed and entrapped in the first place to download "Raw" without paying, as a set-up for being charged with this crime.
How many curious Real Housewives viewers may have been included in the 5000 plus "John Does", who received a legal notice threatening to expose and include their names and addresses in a public Superior Court trial in San Francisco, OR pay a $1500. "fine", and remain un-named?
This scam didn't just target internet porn-addicts or experienced file-sharing pirates. I'd have to guess that the intended victims here were naive Real Housewife fans, who didn't even realize that they were doing something that could be traced in that manner, and who would be mortified to receive a legal-summons charging them with downloading internet porn in an illegal way. So brilliant yet so nasty, I'd love to see the scheming that went into that on reality-tv! (on the other hand, I think I've seen just about enough of Danielle, and even-though she was declared the winner of a job on VH1's Famous Foods, the show itself was a box-office bomb in the ratings department-so don't quit your restaurant job Danielle)
I didn't watch the sex-video myself, but I was curious to see exactly what, "square-tits" (quote Kim G.) meant. I was able to see enough of the video on TMZ to satisfy my curiosity there so that I didn't have to go-looking for the extended-version.
If you or anyone that you know received one of these blackmail attempts from Ms.Staub's associates, the good news here is that the judge has basically thrown it out of court. Case Dismissed!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WOW who won VH1 Famous Food

Danielle Staub TIED with DJ Paul and WON The Lemon Basket!!
right click and hit select all to see spoiler