Saturday, July 31, 2010

What a Tangled web they Tweet.....

Since yesterday, I have done quite a bit of research about our HOUSEWIVES, and book sales.
What started me on the tangent, was a seemingly innocent TWEET, and RETWEET, (RT).
I have most of it documented in posts with links below, but it got a little messy. So I'm going to try and post in chronological order exactly what happened.
The original TWEET was TWEETED by someone known as NAUGHTYNICEROB, a writer for POPEATER.COM. The RETWEET, was by TERESA of course.
Minutes after the TWEETS were posted, a discussion began on LYNN'S comment area. (perma-link to LYNN'S on rt side).
Most of the discussion was, "Huh? That doesn't make sense."-type of thing, but one commenter was good enough to post some background info. about ROB, so that we knew where his heart is on the topic of BETHENNY.

icantstandthetoxicity says:
Rob Shuter is a columnist for He used to be a friend/acquaintance of Bethenny’s. A couple of months ago, he complained on Twitter that Bethenny didn’t return his phone calls and he stated that one of her assistants called him back. He also claimed that Bethenny dropped some of her friends when she became a millionaire. He likes to take digs at Bethenny so I have a hard time believing some of his information because he is biased. I should also mention that he is a friend of Jill’s and he loves Teresa. -(clipped from LYNNCHICAGO 101's Blog)
Now, for the order of events:
  1. Thursday- NAUGHTYNICEROB TWEETS that he spent some time with TERESA.
  2. Friday- NAUGHTYNICEROB TWEETS that TERESA has become the best-selling author, out of all of the housewives, including BETHENNY.
  3. Friday- moments later, TERESA, RETWEETS the TWEET that NAUGHTYNICEROB TWEETED. She also posts it on her FACEBOOK page.
  4. People took notice & started TWEETING ROB asking for his source.I think he may still be getting TWEETED about this. My favorite was one from  LYNNFROMCHICAGO who TWEETED @ ROB about "doing the math."
  5. ROB replied with at least three different evasive answers, such as "look for yourself".
  6. Other Bloggers picked-up the "story", including JENNIFER SALES, who quoted her source as TERESA'S Twitter. The ZENJEN  article was posted on at least three different sites, including two "Examiner" sites & ASSOCIATED CONTENT.  Reality Zen With Jen. I think she has updated after checking my head's-up. Also, a curious EXAMINER writer, who deleted a comment that I posted to her asking her about her source, but left her, story online as-is. OK-she has now changed it to sourcing ROB'S original TWEET corrected?.  LITSNITCH posted an item with great data/numbers on her REALITY HELLHOLE, (link on rt hand side), and I posted the mess below, trying to make some sense out of all of it. And THIS post was supposed to make it simple.
  7. After doing a lot of research on this, I decided that the best way to get to the bottom of this was to find-out how many books were printed, and for me, that provided the final proof that I needed to say without any question that BETHENNY has of course sold more books than TERESA. I also learned that DANIELLE'S book, and TERESA'S book were printed in a first-edition batch of 150,000. And that most of the other HOUSEWIVES books have not sold more than about 10,000 copies.
 TERESA & BETHENNY have BOTH sold a LOT of books. BOTH women have babies at home, and they have BOTH been working really hard at making public appearances and book signings. One article that I read said that TERESA made 20! book-signings in the past month. I really don't know how many TERESA has done, but it has been a lot judging by her constantly updated list of appearances and TWEETS.
TERESA has done some book-signings in shoe-stores & boutiques. I'm sure that she feels at home in those environments,  and I think that's a really creative way to pimp-out her book. There was an article today that mentioned how hard TERESA has been working lately, ("Bringing Home the Bacon"), and I agree.
Compared to TERESA, DANIELLE has been relatively quiet about her book although she has mentioned it on her BRAVO blog, TWEETS etc.

Myself and others have wondered how TERESA could have the nerve to even show her face in public with the embarrassment about her foreclosure & bankruptcy being in the news. And then there's "pizza-gate", where she was caught red-handed fibbing about making pizza either on her show, or in her book. Or both.
And even though I don't think her little publicity stunt that I believe she cooked-up with ROB was funny or cute, I have to hand it to her for having the guts to get out there and promote her book the way she has been doing.
I think TERESA should be proud of the hard work that she's put into it, and how well her book is selling, but she doesn't need to lie or mislead people. I have a link below to the AMAZON best-selling chart, and currently, TERESA'S book is @ 21, and falling fast to BETHENNY'S SKINNY GIRL which is in the top 5. If she has evidence that she has sold more books than BETHENNY, that would be one thing, but she doesn't as far as I can tell. BETHENNY has not made a statement about it, and maybe she doesn't want to play into TERESA'S hands by letting her know exactly how many sales she's had.