Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CORRECTION-I am Sorry about that

Well, I finally finished viewing the video about ALBIE'S lawyer.


Watching it was the only way to get the info. and it was at least 18 minutes, maybe longer. In my post below, below, I say that I thought that ALBIE'S lawyer was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-(Edited may as well X that out too, it was wrong). THAT WAS COMPLETELY INCORRECT.
As far as I can tell, the only reason I was mixed-up about what the case was about, is because her case, (KARIN M's), was digitally stored right next to the other one. It could be something as simple as dates, or alphabetical order--a filing system that caused me to watch the WRONG case, and assume, (incorrectly), that KARIN'S hearing in NJ had anything to do with the embezzlement case.
In other words, again, the only way for me to obtain the info., was to watch the entire video, and at first, I watched the wrong one.
As far as I can tell, ALBE'S lawyer, poses no danger of malpractice to any client, and never did. Actually, ALBIE did get the letter that he needed on last night's episode,  so we know that she successfully represented him there.
I was unable to see how the state ruled, but after watching the entire video, I am hoping that they ruled in her favor as far as her ability to practice law in NJ.
The fact is that she was dis-barred, in 1997, in Florida, but it was due to a vindictive and ill family member, and at the time that it happened, she was not even aware that she had been dis-barred in Florida because she was back in NJ.
 As she stated, it was all due to her personal circumstances at the time, which were extreme through no fault of her own.
 It actually was a very interesting case, and I'd love to know how it worked out for her. I will update here if I find-out.