Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stupid WIFE, Happy life?

So BRAVO has a preview-clip for next-week's episode online, (episode 11). People© has an item about the clip online also, and buried in the comments, is the following message, from a  "j-ro". Now here's a wife who participates in her family's financial matters, unlike, (cough, cough) some other people, (TERESA), ;
(snipped comment from People©)

j-ro July 14th, 2010
I have always prided myself on my live and let live view on life,but,on this I must speak out. My husband is one of the contractors Joe owes money to and has included in his and Thresa’s bankruptcy. They say that it is a chapter 13 and that their debts will be repaid,ha,ha,ha….We were one of approximately 120 other creditors at their last hearing and it looks like we MAY get pennies on the dollar,in the next 5-7 years. While she is out partying I am panic stricken over my childrens tuition and they owe us 190,000. Please pay up, or you may put others out of their homes.

Anyone could have posted that comment there. But it sure brings-home the message that there are quite a few people watching RHONJ, who could be feeling financially sick, (for real),  just watching TERESA on television.
If you haven't seen the clip yet, well, as far as TERESA is concerned, I think it's a defining moment in this season, and possibly her life as well.
I'm not trying to be a DANIELLE, and be over-dramatic here, but I truly think that that few minutes is gonna haunt TERESA. Besides the obvious, Teresa's narration at the end-of the clip, where she explains that JOE was,"only kidding", well, I almost hope for her sake that she's right.
In addition to whatever that exchange portends for THE GUIDICE'S, for the audience, I think we can positively identify NJ'S "JILL", of the season here?
I left a comment on ROHWOMannatee's blog, where I question whether that prize goes-to THE TWO KIMS, or TERESA this season, and for me, that clip, and the reaction so-far, (before it has even aired!), seals the deal.
From what I understand, the "big event", at the end-of this season, is supposed to be the Baptism of BABY AUDRIANA. I could be off about that, maybe it's a Christening, I'll check on that. But I'm also thinking about DINA, and her reaction to how TERESA'S story is playing-out.
DINA hasn't made any public comments lately about her friend TERESA, but she is on-the-record, as having erroneous information, and making obliviously incorrect statements, about TERESA'S monetary woes.  DINA was even quoted as saying something about how it could have been a crazy, hater-fan, filing "fake" bankruptcy on T&J .
As we know, DINA is TERESA & JOE'S GODMOTHER, to the new baby.
That whole situation has me wondering, "How well did DINA know THE GUIDICE'S before they became cast mates?"
And, I'm also beginning to get the idea that DINA may have been better-off letting DANIELLE "skin her and wear her like a VERSACE'", than be adopted-for-life for JERSEY JOE and his crew.
I'm calling JOE, "JERSEY", because there's nothing "JUICY" about him in my opinion. I'm sure glad that he has TERESA to explain his, "sense of humour", because its as dry-as-a-bone in my opinion. A scary bone. Like the kind skeletons have.