Sunday, July 25, 2010

MORE Famous people with Unclaimed $$$

OK, so I went off on a tangent here, but now I got to checking the S.A.G, (Screen Actors Guild), Unclaimed Funds database, and just for fun, entered "JAC". I thought I'd check to see if MICHAEL JACKSON had unclaimed $$$.
Well, if his middle name is "Joe"-yep. Also, Latoya. How many Latoya Jackson's who are card-holding members of S.A.G. could there be?
And how many REVEREND JESSE JACKSON'S could there be??
Here's the link to the database
These funds are residual monies and S.A.G keeps the money when they do not have an address to send it to.
If these people are so rich that they can't bother updating their address, they could always send it to me!

Edited to add: So I surfed-around the S.A.G database and found a few more very famous names. Some alive, some not,  here's a few more, Rudy Giuliani,  Howard W Cosell, Mary Tyler Moore, Patty Duke .