Monday, July 19, 2010

TERESA'S family is getting ready to go.
JOE takes them to a Martial Arts class.
"If there's one thing that my girls know how to do is fight, I don't know where they get it from."-(TERESA)

DANIELLE & DANNY are at an LA BOXING school. DANIELLE'S girls are also there.
DANIELLE strikes a pose.
DANNY tells her to pretend that she's hitting TERESA & JACKY.
"I'm not gunna run again."-(DANIELLE)
"It only takes one good smack to the head to make sure a person never walks again."-(DANIELLE)

JACKY & her baby visit KIM G.
"We look like animals."-(KIM G.)
They discuss the fashion-show fiasco.
BABY NICK looks like he's dressed-up to do a robbery, and in true NJ HOUSEWIVES, world's dumbest criminals fashion, he's got his name on his hat.

CAROLINE is cooking breakfast like a fast-food chef taking short-orders. The family discusses the day's plans at THE BROWNSTONE. ALBIE is invited, but he doesn't want to go.
I'm pretty sure that it was SQUIRRELS, over on LYNN'S blog, who let us know that ALBIE'S lawyer, KARIN WHITE MORGEN has been punished by the bar. I'm watching the hearing in Windows© Media-player to find out why. It looks like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.<--incorrect so I X'd it out


TERESA drops-in at POSCHE to apologize to KIM D.
"If anything I was tryin' to be nice."-(TERESA)

She said my house is under-forclosed."-(TERESA)
KIM G. appears. She's wearing one of ASHLEY'S hats!
(ASHLEY says on her blog that her grandmom makes them for her btw)
"I'm not stupid."-(TERESA)
TERESA is wearing fur, over a  fur blouse.

ASHLEY & DEREK discuss what happened at the fashion show.
DEREK tells ASHLEY that he's tired of talking about DANIELLE.

OK-I covered the shocking scene at GUISEPPE'S HOMESTYLE PIZZA/LAUNDRAMAT/APARTMENT?OFFICES, from the preview at BRAVO.COM,  in a post below. But TERESA DOES act like she never made pizza before. JOE says that he,
saw her make a pizza before.
I figured-out HOW this could be possible, even-though there are pages and photos in her book, of them MAKING PIZZA. PLUS! an "old family recipe."
The BOOK was done AFTER this scene was shot?

DANIELLE seems to be having a pwab-wum tawking. Maybe she has too much stuff in her lips?

ALBIE got the letter that he needs to apply at another school.

(emergency at home I missed the last 15 minutes!)


 ANDY addresses the audience and talks about TWEETS. A clip of DINA & GRANDMA WRINKLES is shown. DANIELLE, (who is there live with JEFF LEWIS), is not amused.

Lucky thing that I found my remote earlier, because the volume went up to, "OMG" at the commercial break.

DANIELLE is looking, and sounding very manly tonight. She gets a call that asks if she has inside info. about TERESA'S financial situation. She refuses to say, but tells JEFF LEWIS that she will tell him right after the show. DANIELLE doesn't want to , "Glorify other people's problems."-(DANIELLE)

JEFF asks where he can get the sex-tape.
we see a funny clip of NENE, KIM Z. & ANDY, "Close your legs to married men!....."-(NENE)

QUESTION: DANIELLE, You play the victim.
(DANIELLE)-, "I'm not a victim, I'm a villian."
"It is what it is, it's a great job."-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE puts JEFF LEWIS on-the-spot and asks him to decorate for her. JEFF says,
"We can talk."
ANDY says that DANIELLE & JEFF are,
"no fun."
DANIELLE offers to,
"dance on the table",
She does it.

DANIELLE seems very uncomfortable in her own skin. She seems hyper-paranoid, and uncomfortable when the attention is off of her. She is asked a question about calling the police and she says that she cannot comment  on a legal matter.

80% says that DANIELLE should not press charges on ASHLEY.