Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another TWITTER Mystery

So a TWEET by a writer at POPEATER.COM caused a little fuss on TWITTER today. It appears that the original TWEET was deleted by it's author SEE CORRECTION, but I found it in TERESA'S TWEETS because she RT-(reTWEETED) it.

RT @NaughtyNiceRob Teresa_Giudice has just become the best selling Real Housewife author Sold more books than any other incl @bethenny

That's what's left of the original TWEET, I copied off of TERESA'S page, she RT it twice.

EDITED: I just looked at ROB'S TWITTER timeline again, and now the ORIGINAL TWEET is showing! So, I guess I have to say, CORRECTION! HERE is the ORIIGINAL TWEET! This probably is my mistake, or a TWITTER FAIL, I'm not that great at TWITTER, but I really don't think it is possible to delete a TWEET, and then re-post it-is it?
The cute @Teresa_Giudice has just become the best selling Real Housewife author Sold more books than any other housewife including @bethenny

The following TWEETS are backwards, in order of when the were posted, from the bottom up.-Actually, they are kind-of mixed-up because I had to jump-around to different pages to copy the Q & As. Notice that NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB, (the writer who originally posted the TWEET), replied to a few people today about the TWEET, before he ultimately deleted it, and he gave DIFFERENT answers when asked to VALIDATE the source his info. I also noticed that he spent some time with TERESA yesterday.

I also copied a little snip of an interview that TERESA did with PW, (PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY), the latest "source" that ROB listed for his claim that TERESA outsold BETHENNY, and all of the other HOUSEWIVES. I don't have the hard copy of PW, and full access is only available for subscribers, unless I can access it via my public library card online data base, but, I did not see any information online in PW that had any numbers or otherwise to verify the claims made by ROB.

It appears that TERESA has been planning an ALCOHOLIC DRINK MIX, HHMMMMM WHO ELSE sells a drink mix? Maybe TERESA'S BELLINI'S will be called "SKINNY GIRL BELLINI'S?

I also caught a TWEET that TERESA posted today in reply to someone who replied to TERESA. I'm not the greatest TWEETER, but I don't quite understand how the person who asked TERESA the question about BELLINIS, asked the question as a "reply"?

As a matter of fact, we talk about bellinis on the whole [second season of the] show. I love bellinis. So I want to try to bottle my own bellinis. I'm starting to look into it. You know, they're good for you. It's prosecco wine and then peach nectar, which is not fattening.-TERESA G. interview with PW giudice.html

(copied TWEETS from TERESA, ROB, and OTHERS, I highlight ROBS to illustrate the different answers he gave to people asking where he got his info.)

 @Teresa_Giudice  hosting a dinner party w/ a couple or recipes from ur book. What signature cocktail to you think I should serve? :)     about 8 hours ago  via web  in reply to Teresa_Giudice

#    @nunzi0509  bellinis! have fun tonight! xx     about 8 hours ago  via web

@NaughtyNiceRob  What's ur resource 4 stating @Teresa_Giudice  has sold more books than any other housewive? @bethenny  has had two bestsellers

 @LisaLynn93  it's true. Publisher weekly print numbers. Like the charts detail number of CDs sold.     about 1 hour ago  via Twitterrific  in reply to LisaLynn93

 @NaughtyNiceRob  Where did you get your info that Teresa outsold all the Housewives in book sales including Bethenny? Teresa's posting it now     about 1 hour ago  via web  in reply to NaughtyNiceRob

 @NYCKP to verify you have to investigate yourself. If you look at same offical book sale i got my info from you will get same answer as me     about 9 hours ago  via Twitterrific  in reply to NYCKP

@luvobxnc friend at Saint Martins press. You need to work at a publishing house to get the official numbers.

 @NaughtyNiceRob  Can you tell me where I can find the statistics to verify that Teresa had sold more books than Bethenny.     about 9 hours ago  via web  in reply to NaughtyNiceRob

@NaughtyNiceRob Bethenny's book was on the NY Times Bestsellers List for 6 months. Teresa's book was only on that list for 2-3 weeks. Teresa MIGHT end up selling more books eventually but as of right now, Bethenny has sold more books. Teresa can't compete with Bethenny on any level.

Spent the afternoon taping with @Teresa_giudice and @mollyBSims in Chelsea. Two amazing ladies with all the best scoop!