Friday, July 9, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog....

So we're supposed to be waiting for the climax to the big hair-pulling incident. I guess BRAVO thinks that it can keep the audience in suspense for 2 weeks, with a week in-between.
Really, the audience is bored with it already, (speaking for myself of course, but this thing has been teased-to-death already).
Will this be enough to distract us from the REAL REALITY?
The sex-videos, the bankrupture, and most importantly, in my mind, WHY, did THERESA & JOE act like they can't stop producing like rabbits, yet they are being sued for tens-of-thousands by a fertillity clinic?
Does the audience have a right to know?
Personally, its none of my business, and I don't have any problem with whatever people do with their private fertility decisions, UNTIL you go on television, and ask me to believe that TERESA is so fertile, that she has to beg JOE, to get "snipped". (because he also suffers from being extremely fertile).
-STILL, not my business what they do, but then when it comes-out that this EXTREMELY FERTILE COUPLE with 4 beautiful children, used a FERTILITY CLINIC, then, the entire thing becomes my business, because SOMEONE IS LYING TO ME.
Unless they want to explain this.
Personally, this season of NJ, had a conflict that I still don't quite understand. We start out with BABIES, BABIES, BABIES, and then we get , "the lecture", to ASHLEY, where new-mother  JACKIE tells ASHLY what a "MISTAKE", she, (ASHLEY), was, and ASHLEY assuring us that she is on the big girls pill.
THEN, as they are bringing their new baby home. A new baby that cost at least $12,000 in fertility treatments, we hear TERESA & JOE complain about how overly fertile they are.
It just felt to me like all of this population control propaganda was thrown-in to "apologize" for the new babies.
WHY did JOE & TERESA pretend like baby AUDRINA was an ooopsie, when she was as wanted & planned-for as OCTOMOM'S babies?
They have some 'splaining to do.
Was this "birth control" angle written into "the script", by producers? And why?
The only reason that producers would care would be political, or to solicit big-pharma, woman-harming products like Mirina© as sponsors.
And I don't like my reality tv served-up with artificially constructed propaganda-do you?
This needs to be addressed by ANDY COHEN, or at the re-union episode. Or somewhere.
It needs to be answered. I'm not letting it go until it is, and a hair-pulling fight certainly isn't going to distract me.