Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More about ALBIE

I just read CAROLINE'S blog for this week's show, "Cause and Effect."- And the title refers to a comment that she directs towards ASHLEY'S situation.
"She doesn't get it. She doesn't understand that in life you make decisions, and those decisions are based on a cause, and have an effect. Ashley is stuck on the "cause" and doesn't stop to think about the effect." -(Caroline's Bravo blog "Cause & Effect")
In any event, I found reading CAROLINE'S blog very worthwhile, and obviously I cannot quote the entire 3 pages, but I recommend reading it on BRAVO.COM.
(Especially if you are a grammar geek. They're is a mistake. (pun-yes)).
On the very last page, CAROLINE reveals that ALBIE is or did take ADDERAL© in order to help him stay on task in school. THIS MAKES ME SAD.
Why? Because personally I do not believe that the risk to his health, is worth achieving his goal.
OK-he is monitored by a doctor. Probably better than most college kids who experiment and self-medicate with too many Red Bulls and God knows what else.
But, just as there is a good reason why "performance enhancers" are not allowed in sports, and my personal favorite reason is to protect youth, to keep the physical playing field safer for everyone- 
What happens when the un-medicated student is at a disadvantage in school, just as an un-steroided athelete is handi-capped because of the difference?
So, that's my personal opinion, and I'm sticking to it. I wish ALBIE the best and safest experience possible with it, and I hope he does not have a problem with it. I like ALBIE'S character too much to hope to see him become an example of the worst that could happen.
The fact is, some people can probably use "legal speed" safely, and even benefit from using it. Other people,  even with good intentions, have problems. It is a risk just like any substance. Do we want to raise the educational bar to the point where a student needs to take this risk? No. And I'm sure that CAROLINE did not accept ALBIE'S decision to take it without being concerned.
Anyhow,  here's the quote from the end of CAROLINE'S BRAVO-blog: (I highlight my favorite part because it is worth noting in my opinion)
"After exhausting every effort to receive accommodations in law school, Albie took it upon himself to go to our family doctor who referred him to a psychologist and together they made the decision to put Albie on Adderol. He has proven himself to be extremely dedicated and committed to achieving his goals and dreams. Just for the record, Albie missed the GPA by 87 thousandths of one point. I would have to imagine that had he been given the services he requested, I wouldn't be telling this story right now.  " -(Caroline's bravo blog "Cause & Effect")
Also, CAROLINE mentions the many, many positive comments that she has received from students, parents, and those affected by learning disabilities, yet, she chooses to respond to what she says are the few who were critical. I think CAROLINE made a mistake there, kind-of like this whole season of RHONJ is a mistake in how they give so much attention to the person that they can't stand, although I get that it is a plot device, and also an attempt to shine the spotlight of negativity on an easy despicable target.
CAROLINE mentions that she heard from little kids who have been labeled with learning differences who mistakenly thought that college was not an option for them. (but they have been inspired now by ALBIE'S story!-Yay!) From where I'm sitting, if I were CAROLINE, I would personally respond to every single child or student who reached-out before I would address us "haters". I hope she gets a chance to do it, if she hasn't already.
I believe that ALBIE'S story has made a positive impact for those children, even-if it hasn't delivered as much practical information about different ways to teach and learn as I had hoped it would.