Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They called DANIELLE a HAW? Love and Light Bitches.

OK. THERESA started the whole thing. With a little help from the producers.
"Don't forget, I'm from PATTERSON NEW JERSEY BITCH!."-(TERESA)
"Yeah, I saw the house you lived-in."-(DANIELLE)
"I live in a five million dollar home now BITCH! -(TERESA)
"Yeah, and your house in in foreclosure."-(DANIELLE)
"My house is NOT in foreclosure!."-(TERESA)
"DANIELLE I read your court records. You beat somebody with a 9mm pistol"-(JACKIE)
DANIELLE was walking away. TERESA took chase....
She cried that out as if her leg had been amputated.
Her shoe was broken.
Yes I saw TERESA'S photo-album on Bravo.com, and yes she has always had "big hair", but the real crime committed at The NORTH JERSEY COUNTRY CLUB, was TERESA'S hideous lace-front wig.
The gut-wrenching sobs coming from DANIELLE were pathetically over-done, and overly dramatic, (as usual).
I know that DINA quit the show, but after this, maybe we won't see as much of DANIELLE?
The cast members have said that this episode was the big drama of the season, so what else is there for DANIELLE to do?
THE cries & hysterics are obviously the results of DANIELLE over-acting-out the trauma from her past.
And she is an abused, traumatized person.
Personally, I cannot enjoy hating-on her, so I don't appreciate her being on the show.
I love to hate me some HOUSEWIVES, but the fact is that DANIELLE is a sick person 
She's what CAROLINE would call, "socially retarded.", and she's obviously been damaged maybe in some horrible ways, so it really isn't fun to hate her and it doesn't feel right that BRAVO puts her, (and her children) out there for that very purpose.

 "Technically I pulled her extensions, and that's really not a part of her."-(ASHLEY) to the police.
"What report?" -(TERESA)
"I didn't do anything."-(TERESA)
TERESA said this to the cop, who said that he already HAD all-of DANIELLE'S information.
In narration, JACKIE said that the police are ,"Very familiar with DANIELLE'S drama."
"I think bad behavior needs consequences."-(DANIELLE)

CAROLINE, TERESA,  and JACKIE did the post-mortem the next day. So did DANIELLE and DANNY.
"It wasn't a bitch hello?"-(CAROLINE)
"I know a voice filled with rage and violence"-(DANIELLE), talking about TERESA
"I wouda been back in jail"-(DANNY)"ASHLEY pulled her hair, and I guess loosened her weave?"-(JACKIE)
"That takes alot to take this kinda hair out, ...and there's a small bald spot in the back of my head."-(DANIELLE) holding a clump of hair for the camera.

ALBIE gets a lawyer about his problem with law school.
Apparently, because he was dismissed, he has to sit-out for 2 years, at ANY law school.
The lawyer determines that the school, "dropped the ball.", because they gave him a phone number to get help for his "handicap", and he alledges that he called the number and there was no answer.
They devise a strategy to ask for a letter that would allow ALBIE to apply at another school.

DANIELLE consults a telephone psychic about her problem.
The psychic wants to call JACKIE.

TERESA tells JOE about what happened. They are in the game room that the bank owns.
TERESA tells JOE that she was, "being nice."
"Your house is in foreclosure." TERESA acts-out the whole thing.
JOE agrees that TERESA "did good".
They kiss and finish the bottle of wine, the game of pool, and maybe they get to work on their everyday, baby-making, or not baby-making? sex.

JACKIE gets the call from DANIELLE'S psychic. JACKIE asks her "How long have you known her?"
Really good question from JACKIE!
"I'm calling about you.", "There's some energy that is making you very irritable....the only purpose of my call is to level-off some of that energy...would you be open to me doing that to you?"
She says that she can do "it" over the phone.
JACKIE plays a video game on her phone while the psychic does whatever "it" is.
The psychic asks if she can do more "stuff", to JACKIE, because God wants her to.
Fine, whatever.
If that were me, 1st of all, I would have said, NO!
Second of all, while I was watching this crap, I had to make the sign-of-the-cross, just to make sure that no bad mojo landed on me.
How did JACKIE know that the person on the other-end wasn't a soul-sucking energy vampire?
Geeeze she is so naive.

ALBIE tells CAROLINE and ALBERT about the plan with his lawyer.
I'm wondering if his "handicap" gives him extra help with the State Bar exam, the LSAT, and the SATs?
OK, I get that a learning disorder should be accommodated. But ALBIE is not Dyslexic, or blind, and I am having a little trouble with the idea that he even has a learning disability.
And, someone not answering, or returning a phone call, in my opinion, is a bad excuse for not following-through if he needed extra help.
I bet that there are some people who were kicked-out of law school who are seething when they see ALBIE get away with this?
And, you know there is a reason why law schools cut students like ALBIE. Its because THEY CAN'T DO THE WORK! If he is so "handicapped", law school is also a waste of his time. Isn't it?

DANIELLE and KIM G. have lunch.
"They said Ashley posted on her Facebook, "Tonight was unbeWEAVEable." -(DANIELLE)
"You can not lay your hands on another person. Legally."-(DANIELLE)
They are having french-fries, with gravy. And ketchup. And cheese.

JACKIE and ASHLEY are having a mother-daughter talk in their jungle-animal-print PJs and full hair and make-up.
"I can do whatever I want to her."-(ASHLEY)
"No you can't."-(JACKIE)
"Just because you're 18, doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want to do."-(CHRIS)
He asks her where she plans on getting money for a lawyer.
Ashley pretty much says, "Duh?"
ASHLEY & JACKIE argue about Facebook. ASHLEY says that the "unbeweaveable" was part JACKIE'S idea.
coming-up next, they throw ASHLEY out. (again).
"Your life is becoming her.(meaning DANIELLE)"-(CHRIS)
He tells her that the next time that ASHLEY has anything to do with DANIELLE, she's "Outta here."

"We didn't walk in with an entourage."-(TERESA)
The poll question is who's fault was the fight?
They want to talk all about the fight.
Flashbacks are shown of DANIELLE saying, "I wanna go home."
The question is asked, "Why didn't she just leave?"
ANDY asks about the chinchilla. They don't mention that the furs were borrowed.
"It looked like you picked a fight, it looked like you picked a fight."-(ANDY)
A caller asks about the children being exposed to too much.
JACKIE says that ASHLEY butts-in and JACKIE can't control that.
"We're dealing-with a psycho-maniac."-(TERESA)
"She told the supermarket that I broke all the windows on her car."-(TERESA)
TERESA says that DANIELLE got special permission from the store to park in front.
JACKIE says that behind the scenes DANIELLE  causes trouble.
TERESA & JACKIE imitate DANIELLE pretending to be secret lesbians, but "not sayin' anything" like DANIELLE did when she was on WWHL . JACKIE NAILED DANIELLE. It was scary how much she looked like her.

ANDY mentions TERESA'S book. They show scenes of TERESA saying what a "nice person". she is.
A CALLER asks what game JACKIE was playing on her phone while the psychic talked to her.

What's the real deal with your house?
Your in quite a bit of debt.-(ANDY)
Trump just filed in February"-(TERESA) "Husband's business partner...real estate..."-(TERESA)
"You have food to eat?', "You're ok?"-(ANDY)
Good question ANDY.

TERESA says that her house was "never in forclousure."
Ok honey, but your kids were eligible for a free lunch and food stamps, so the jig really is up with your rich-bitch act-ok?
Maybe someone should ask her why they put her house up for sale, and then quickly took it off the market?
Would the amount of money that they were asking for it have been the reason?
After-all, if you live in a FIVE MILLION dollar house, (like she said on tonight's episode), but your bankrupcy filing, not to mention prperty taxes say that the house is woth A LOT LESS, in assets and equity, then you might just NOT want to ADVERTISE it?
You might not want to advertise your husband's new pizza restaurant either, especially when you left THAT ASSET, (actually the property, which they paid cash for in 2007), out of your bankruptcy filing also.

"Welcome back to our pulled-hair-extension-intervention"-(ANDY)
they "reminisce" DANIELLE'S phony lesbian song.
"I'm never surprized by anything DANIELLE does."-(TERESA)
TERESA asks if she should do a song about " Bitch ""& prostitution whore".

ASHLEY is invited on the set. They discuss where the hair that DANIELLE was holding really came-from. "Her ass."-(TERESA)
ASHLEY says that she didn't have any hair in her hand after she pulled DANIELLE'S hair.

The winner of the poll, was DANIELLE! 59%.
TERESA got 38%, that's just crazy.