Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everything you always wanted to know about Danielle.....

So I stole this LiNK from a post on Death by 10K Paperclips about DANIELLE. Some excellent background information on DANIELLE that I really have not seen anywhere else.

DANIELLE in my opinion is disgusting, gross, a pig, a bad mother... She may be everything that her castmates on RHONJ say she is, BUT, her castmates , and especially ASHLEY, should just leave the hating to us.

BTW-Did anyone else think that TOM STAUB's pretty new wife, REBECCA,  looked a lot like the cute actress in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE?

I went on a pretty big rant about the fact that JILLIAN is not the next MILEY CYRUS, as DANIELLE has claimed,  and that her musical singing ability is so off-key that even Auto-Tune© is useless. BUT!---I do think that JILIAN'S performance was a beautiful sweet act that did deserve to be performed.
The problem that I have is the hyperbole, exaggeration, mis-representation...of  JILLIAN'S God-Given, natural, singing talent.
She has a lovely voice, but she was off-key, and out of tune, what some people call "tone deaf".
I will stand by my statement that DANIELLE'S delusion about JILLIAN'S potential as a singer are cruel.
I do not want to take-away from the fact that JILLIAN'S performance was extraordinarily cute, and even well-executed, and entertaining. It was all of those things and it was a good act.
Unfortunately, DANIELLE cannot even allow JILLIAN'S act to stand on it's own without heaping overly dramatic, and technically incorrect praise and predictions about what JILLIAN'S performance means to her future in the music business.
Pushing the kid to do her act is one thing. Calling her the "next Miley Cyrus", and ignoring the fact her singing is as out of tune as WILLIAM HUANG'S,  is just wrong.