Monday, August 2, 2010

Another lie? *edit/UPDATE*

FOURTH B-DAY this year! So Far.  
EDIT. It seems that DANIELLE can't get enough Birthday. -(added Aug 7th) Photo story from Big "news" this morning, Radaronline has an exclusive story about how DANIELLE & her GF went out to celebrate her B-day.

Wiki does say that DANIELLE'S B-day is July 29. But just last night, TERESA TWEETED this, to a fan:

Eps were shot Sept-Apr. Reunion hasn't filmed yet [cue scary music] RT @WTFGARRETT when is the reunion shot as opposed to the episodes?
I think I have to give DANIELLE a little slack here, since she was adopted, and she just might not know for sure when her B-day really is? But if BRAVO taped from Sept.-April, how does that explain the Birthday party that KIM G. threw for DANIELLE  this past season? I don't recall anyone saying that it wasn't "really" DANIELLE'S birthday, if they did, I missed it.