Thursday, July 15, 2010

The hits keep coming for JOE & TERESA

RHWOManatee has it all on her blog. I didn't know that The WSJ© has a "Bankruptcy Beat" column.
Well, guess who today's is dedicated-to?
We've been paying attention to how this situation has-been playing-out, and apparently, so has the Bankruptcy Trustee.
Today we know just how closely the Trustee, has been watching.
Because he came to the same conclusion, IT DOESN'T ADD UP!
Not only that, but TERESA herself, has alerted The Trustee, the creditors (see below), and us, by TWEETING, and BRAVO-blogging, and even writing in portions of HER OWN BOOK, (where I saw for myself by reading "Inside the Book", on AMAZON.COM where she declared exactly when she contracted to write the book), EXACTLY where to look for THE HIDDEN, (in plain sight!), ASSETS.
Yes, TERESA completed mandatory  bankruptcy class, as required by law. And that's her signature on the forms where her ,(apparently incomplete, or shockingly underestimated depending how you look at it), assets are listed, so I really have to wonder, WHAT??? was she thinking?

Claiming illiteracy won't work, because she's a published author, working-on her 2nd book deal.
The, "business partner/bad-economy", doesn't work here either.
"Temporary adrenaline blackout", has been taken recently, by ASHLEY, on her BRAVO blog.
There's always the possibility that they could just pay the bills I guess?
THAT could be the "plan", and it may be the only option, if it even is an option, because any North Jersey lawyer capable of handling this mess, at this point, is gonna cost J&T a bare minimum of $500. an hour, and it could take a lot of hours to prevent the penalties mentioned in The WSJ©, and RHWoManateee's site.
(someone with the legal fortitude of ALBIE,  I wonder what HE would do here?).
And what's to prevent a criminal case being filed against T&J?
I think there are a few local POLICE OFFICERS, (the ones we saw TERESA disrespect on-the-air), who wouldn't mind serving TERESA a summons?
As a curious person, that's something I'd be interested in seeing, if it happened.
But as a human-being, with a heart, I think I've now added yet, ANOTHER victim, to the jumping-of-the-shark-of Bravo syndrome, that syndrome that JERRY SEINFELD described so well to ANDY, on WWHL, when he, (SEINFELD), talked-about how people, "destroy"-(SEINFELD) themselves, (and their families), by being a "BRAVOLEBRITY"-(BRAVO).
I may be a "player-hater", and we're a part of the fans of reality, Or, love to hate, 'cause that's what some of the reality audience likes to do. but BRAVO, is a "Playa-destroyer", and even-though I'm an admitted "hater", as a "hater/viewer", it's way more than I bargained-for.

This might be it for me right here.

After this season of NJ had already began, (and after the long, drawn-out torture of the NY HOUSEWIVES recent season, with this death-match mentality from BRAVO), and seeing what BRAVO was allowing DANIELLE do to her self & her children, (and BRAVO not laughing with her-laughing AT her, see: DINA'S cat!), I decided that it was TOO LATE to stop watching the NJ HOUSEWIVES.
The news came out, that for sure, the WHITE HOUSE PARTY CRASHERS, (who's name I hope I never bother to learn how to spell!), were DC HOUSEWIVES.
I took the temperature of the comments and columns, and I noticed that OTHER HOUSEWIFE VIEWERS, were mentioning here & there, that they would not watch DC. (some got-out before NY was even finished, when this "trend" started showing).
That was all I needed to know, to know that I won't watch a single minute of that franchise (HOUSEWIVES OF DC). Not even if I'm in bed for a week, with Swine-Flu, during a BRAVO-marathon.
Not only that, I want to make sure that BRAVO, and everyone involved, right-down to the sponsors, know that its this bloodbath tendency, that's running-through the HOUSEWIVES franchise, with the JILLS, and THE KELLIES,...the just going too freekin' FAR! With the criminals, the phonies, the fakers, the women, THE MOTHERS!, that is the reason for my boycott of DC. 
I could say more, but LYNN from I HATE JILL ZARIN probably said it best, when she called-out the producers of this series, and ANDY, and BRAVO. And she called it by name, and the name was "misogynous".  I agree, and you may as well throw in misanthropy, since when you hurt these women, and their families, and don't forget us viewers, you're hurting mankind in general.
 Do I want to see THERESA  get humbled a little? Sure. She has that coming (unless, and I am seriously starting to wonder, she has a perceptual impairment, or she is legitimately retarded). But do I wanna see real irreparable destruction of people's reputations, families, and lives? Do I want to see TERESA'S childrens' birthday presents auctioned-off ? NO I DO NOT.  If these people are that bad, I do not want to see them on tv in the first place. I sure don't want to see BRAVO give them just enough money, BRAVOLEBRITY, and rope to hang themselves with.
So, I was planning-on waiting 'till DC, to stop watching the HOUSEWIVES, in protest. But I just don't know if I can take anymore more of this real life "destruction".
(and if they even DARE go-after my girl BETHENNY, I will quit BRAVO entirely).