Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fashion Show at Posche

CAROLINE & FRANNIE, (CAROLINE'S sister), and COOKIE, (the oldest sister), are having lunch together. CAROLINE tells her sisters about ALBE and law school.
Apparently, he was told that ,
"His excuse was not compelling enough."-(CAROLINE)
CAROLINE cannot talk about it in narration without crying.
COOKIE is a gran-ma now.
SAVINI restaurant gets a plug!

JACKIE and TERESA are waiting for KIM D, (from POSHE), to have lunch.
TERESA says that KIM better not be friends with DANIELLE.
KIM arrives. They start talking about DANIELLE.
TERESA asks KIM if she talks about her behind her back with DANIELLE.
KIM invites them to her fashion show, she says that about a hundred people will be there.
KIM says,
"DANIELLE might be there."
"The trust word doesn't have to be there."-(KIM)
"Am I gonna stop going to places 'cause DANIELLE'S gonna be there?"-(TERESA)
JACKIE says, "I have to think about it."

(btw I heard that JACKIE hates being called JACKIE. Too bad.)

DANIELLE says that she received
"about 16 people at the same time.", text messages telling her that JACKIE & TERESA will be at the fashion show.
She wonders why KIM D. would invite,

"The ladie's behavior at the desk, I found unacceptable for a money-paying customer"-(DANIELLE) says when she goes to see KIM D. at POSCHE, but KIM is not there.
DANIELLE implies that the person working at POSCHE, who she never met before, was rude to her.
DANIELLE gives that person the finger in narration talking about it.
We see the person saying,
"excuse me, I didn't get your name?", after DANIELLE orders her to give KIM the message that she was there.
(?) This scene implies that DANIELLE is paranoid or suspicious, I don't really get the point.
KIM shows-up and says,
"What happened?"
"DANIELLE, nobody did anything to you."-(KIM D.), on the phone with DANIELLE.
DANIELLE is going-off,
"KIM D. is playin' me for the last time."
"I can have my employees treat you any way they want."-(DANIELLE says that that's what KIM D. is saying by the way that DANIELLE feels that she was treated).
"I'm not going to come here anymore."-(DANIELLE),
 KIM asks her to leave.
In narration DANIELLE does a full 360 eye roll talking about KIM D.( it makes her look stupid). then says, "Buh-bye"

CAROLINE is talking to ALBERT about her empty-nest feelings. She says, "You have to retire."
But you can tell that she's not even serious. This must be a foreshadow of the trip to Italy?
ALBERT says,
 "I'm gonna die workin'"
ALBERT says that he has to go to work.
 "IF you get bored, gimme a call and maybe I'll buy you lunch."-(ALBERT)

KIM D invites ASHLEY to walk on the catwalk for her fashion show.
"What size are you."-KIM D.
"Probably like small/medium."-(ASHLEY)
we see a flashback to season 1 when JACKIE took ASHLEY to model.
ASHLEY narrates something about how she has the height to be a model, and that its not her business if CHRISTINE is in the show or not.

KIM D calls DANIELLE and apologises and asks to put it to rest. She asks her to come to her fashion show.
 "OK, see you tomorrow."
in narration she says, "North Jersey Country Club is in Wayne. I live here."-like this is her territory or something.

JACKIE and TERESA talk to CAROLINE about the fashion show.
They explain that DANIELLE will be sitting with KIM G., and they will sit with KIM D.
JACKIE mentions that ASHLEY will be in the show.
"Don't let her stop you from living your life."-(CAROLINE)
"Let her be the fool that she is."-(CAROLINE).
 "You win by doing nothing"-(CAROLINE)

KIM G. shows up at DANIELLE'S without her pants on.
"I'm not the dawg last year that needed to be kicked."-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE starts talking baby-talk with KIM G.-(yuk)

ASHLEY is very excited and impressed about modeling.
Something looks weird about ASHLEY. Is it the effect of the birth control that she's using? or did she have surgery on her face?
JACKIE & TERESA are wearing fur shrugs.
It makes them look a little matronly in my opinion.
DANIELLE arrives with DENNIS the bodyguard and KIM G. She says that KIM D had issues with DANNY so she brought DENNIS.
DANIELLE is late.
DANIELLE does a little swagga in narration and says ,
"PARIS HILTON taught me that, pretend that you're on the phone. It pisses people off."
A-HA! All this talk about no trouble, bla bla bla. And DANIELLE admits that she's TRYING TO "PISS PEOPLE OFF?" (I so hope no one cared!)
DANIELLE, is, stupid. I just have to say it.
And, repulsively ugly when she makes faces, maybe all of the time.
DANIELLE says that when she walked in she,
 "felt such warmth.",
 that she knew everybody there.
She's mad that JACKIE & TERESA are sitting with KIM D. she says that it was
"an insult."-(DANIELLE)

CAROLINE & ALBERT are having dinner at The Chart House.
Wednesday is their date night. Its ALBERT'S day off.
ALBERT says that LAUREN came to see him about CAROLINE being "depressed".
He offers to do a 12 hour day as opposed to a 16 hour day at work and take more time off.

The fashion show begins.
DANIELLE does her,
"Ultimate dis"-(DANIELLE)
She announces that she's gonna pretend that she's on the phone.
She acts bored.
KIM G tells DANIELLE to act like a lady and watch the show.
"coke whore"-(DANIELLE)
when she walks the runway.
BRAVO makes sure that we know it. They caption it. "coke whore."
She says something about how now she knows why they didn't ask CHRISTINE because obviously there are no professional models.
"That's when I got pissed, I'm not gonna lie."-(DANIELLE)
DANIELLE goes-off on her entire table about how KIM D. is not her friend because she sat with TERESA & JACKIE.
We see TERESA staring at DANIELLE with her mouth open.
The tension is rising between the tables.
DANIELLE asks her table to tell her if that "stalker" ASHLEY is looking at her.
They say "yeah-she's lookin'"
DANIELLE in narration pantomimes dramatically and sarcastically that Jacquelin did a "great job parenting."(in an ugly way with sarcastic hand-clap).
I'm sorry, this woman is just U-G-L-Y as-in no alibi, she's just FUGLY. WHY do I have to look at her ugly dramatic face on this show? WHY does she keep making ugly dram-faces????? WHY!?
DANIELLE may be a perfectly nice-looking, even attractive person for her age, but the minute she becomes animated, I just want to cover my eyes. SHE IS AN EYESORE.-blechk.
TERESA gets-up to say hi to DANIELLE. She waits in the lobby for DANIELLE to walk through a door. TERESA tells JACKIE that she doesn't want to be mean.
DANIELLE passes her, TERESA says,
DANIELLE stares her down.
"No hello, no nothing?"-(TERESA)
"You're running away?"-(TERESA)
AHhhhh, DANIELLE keeps moving. SAFE!-Wait. KIM G. tells DANIELLE to go back and talk to TERESA.
TERESA tries to make some small talk. Then she goes into "After I flipped the table....I'm the nicest person."
"No you're not"-(DANIELLE)
They start to exchange words, and next thing you know,

-to be continued-

OK-I would have to say, for all the posturing that DANIELLE did, TERESA, with the help of KIM G., started whatever goes-down here.