Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lies and the Liars who Tell them

HeRE is a link to an excruciatingly detailed break-down of some of DANIELLE STAUB'S lies. I have a perma-link to  DEATH BY 10K PAPERCLIPS, on the side of this page, but I didn't catch this last week when it was posted. Someone from LYNN'S (link also on the side), comments pointed it out.
I guess there are "reality show" lies, and then there are "real" lies. The first category would be something that's obviously scripted, like TERESA all of a sudden coming-up with the idea to go to ITALY, and the next thing you know 20 people & a camera crew are on-the-way.
I'm going to try & leave the "reality show" lies out of this, but it does get a little confusing.
Like "birthdays". I've covered that here already ad-nausea, but DANIELLE has had four this year already that we know of. Maybe that's one of her old "tricks"? A good way to wrangle presents, money, and attention?
I'm still wondering if I can give DANIELLE a pass on her multiple birthdays, since it is true that she was adopted as an infant, and when a person is adopted, they may not really know when their birthday is since they don't usually have their original birth certificate. (which really isn't fair to adopted people is it?)
But, even if I let her slide on that, DBK1K, goes-on to illustrate exactly how DANIELLE has lied on television, and in her book, (which has the word, "Truth" in the title ironically), about knowing the circumstances of her adoption.
Which all leads me to then come-up with another excuse for DANIELLE'S behavior. She also claims that she is a victim of abuse while she was a child. I didn't read her book, but I have read parts of it, and also interviews, and she specifically claims that she was sexually abused. Yet, she is vague about who abused her.
The problem here is that DANIELLE is what's known as a pathological, compulsive liar.
Now, I do understand that there is a proven theory, that women who work in the sex industry are more likely to have experienced some kind of sexual victimization in childhood .
I don't have a reference for that- its practically conventional wisdom, and I believe it.
But you know what? At least two of our other HOUSEWIVES had what could be considered pretty traumatic childhoods, (BETHENNY & RAMONA), and although I'm positive that both of them have participated in, "reality show" lies, they wouldn't be considered as "liars". OK, maybe it wasn't sexual molestation or being adopted, but there are a lot of people who have lived through those problems, and they wouldn't be called "liars" either.
So, there just really is no excuse for DANIELLE'S lies. None.
Is she a damaged person? Yes. Maybe she got more abuse than anyone should be expected to endure, especially a child. Unfortunately, because of the fact that she lies with impunity it really is hard to believe anything that she says.
I'm sure that DANIELLE has been telling lies for a very long time, so by the time that she announced her tale of abuse, her reputation made anything she says questionable. As far as I know she never did name names, except to say that her Mother was unable to protect her.
And what could possibly be the reason for DANIELLE not naming her, (alleged), abusers?
She sure isn't afraid of the COLOMBIAN MAFIA, or really even the AMERICAN MAFIA, or The HELLS ANGELS either, she's publicly made fools of them ALL! She apparently put people in prison, AND owes them money!
And she sure made sure that ASHLEY paid for PULLING DANIELLE'S HAIR.
Let me get this straight. A grown woman, who is obviously NOT afraid of anyone,(oh yeah, except THE MANZOS-"reality-show" lie?),  a woman who believes in "justice", and "Law & Order", so much that she insists that charges are filed against someone that SHE teased & provoked, who pulled her hair.
And yet, this same person is willing to keep a perverted child-molester's secret. Someone who, (allegedly), hurt her very badly when she was unable to fend for herself.
Does that make any sense at all? Even by REALITY SHOW standards, it doesn't make sense.
And yet no one so far has called her on this. Because most people are too polite or too disturbed by the idea of child abuse, that we are willing to accept a victim at their word.
Maybe lying could be a consequence of being forced to keep sexual abuse a secret? Which, if it is, is a really horrible consequence for a victim to have. And actually, there is a person that I know in real life who has that lying problem who was forced to keep a secret when they were young-so maybe it does have something to do with the, (alleged unfortunately), abuse.
But I do know people who have suffered terrible abuse, including sexual abuse, who don't lie.
I could appreciate when CLAY AIKEN "officially" came out-of-the-closet as gay, and when he was asked what it was the helped him decide to make that information public, he said that he didn't want his son to feel like he had to lie about his dad when he was older.
DANIELLE on the other hand is using homosexuality as an element of intrigue to make herself appear mysterious.
No matter what the cause of it is, it really is annoying. People have wondered about KELLY and the source of her lying behavior also. And  THE GIUDICES-lying is more of a criminal nature with greed and avarice being the source.
But I really think that DANIELLE takes the cake when it comes to being a bald-faced liar.
And there really can be no excuse for that kind of behavior after a certain point. Its a terrible habit and if one is in the habit of doing it, (lying), well-that's what therapy is for, isn't it?
DANIELLE announced today that she is doing a "spin-off" reality show. We do know that there is a "spin-off" BRAVO show currently in production, set for viewing in the Fall, but I don't think that BRAVO would give DANIELLE a spin-off. Or if they did, who would watch it?
She is a big fat despicable, (in my opinion), liar. And in this season of RHONJ, her character did nothing except give the other characters a bit of diversion from their own short-comings.
TERESA & JOE are con-artists? LOOK!, DANNIELLE is a slut. TERESA is raising brats? OH look, DANIELLE is taking the moral high-ground & calling herself the best mother in the world. AND her children are portrayed as the best behaved children on the show.
ASHLEY never should have physically touched DANIELLE. BUT, the woman should not have called ASHLEY a "coke whore", either. And you know what? I get that CHRIS & JACKIE don't like ASHLEY'S attitude, but if I was the girl's mother, or her lawyer that they supposedly made ASHLEY pay for, I think I would have supported a counter-claim based-on the "coke-whore" comment alone.
That was completely inappropriate & vile. As was an item that DANIELLE posted on her first BRAVO blog of season II about ASHLEY, which I think she later deleted.
I don't know yet what happened at the re-union. I've heard that DANIELLE & CAROLINE sat on the same couch, and that there will be surprises.
I don't think I'll believe one word that DANIELLE says. And I resent the fact that BRAVO gives her a platform for her lies.
Besides the fact that I find DANIELLE physically ugly & repulsive, I think it is the lying that gives me that impression mostly.
Personally, I don't like the botox, "plastic", bat-wing-eyebrow, or any over-done or obvious plastic-surgery look, but it usually doesn't bother me if the character is not too annoying.
The fake JERSEY accent is another problem I have with DANIELLE, and of course her terrible attempts at "acting". A fake NEW JERSEY accent is unforgivable in my opinion, and ruins just about any kind of entertainment because it is a distraction, but in a "REALITY", even a FAKE-REALITY, a wanna-be JERSEY accent is contempt-worthy in my opinion.
OK-so I really don't like DANIELLE, and I don't feel sorry for her, (especially when she looks at the camera and talks in baby-tawk, yuk!), but I think the main reason, aside from the rest of my reasons, is the lying.