Monday, August 23, 2010

Finale Finally

We started-out with scenes from the season.
Bla bla bla
Looks-like the MANZOS  & LAURITAS are coming for dinner at the GIUDICES.
TERESA says that she feels like,
 "We're just one big happy family"-(TERESA)
ASHLEY is not there but they talk about the hair-pull.
JACKIE says that she talked to "the bodyguard, who was right-there" and he said that ASHLEY did not say that she would kill DANIELLE.
CAROLINE names what DANIELLE is doing to ASHLEY, and says that DANIELLE is spreading lies about "this house", (TERESA'S house).
CAROLINE decides to try & make a deal with DANIELLE.
She wants to ask DANIELLE to drop the charges against ASHLEY.
She says that she will give DANIELLE her word that ASHLEY will stop.
That everything will stop.
They toast to it, and send DANIELLE a text.

"This is interesting"-(DANIELLE)
"CAROLINE MANZO just text-ed me." -(DANIELLE)
"Are you really going to go?"-(CHRISTINE)
"What normal person would want to go?"-(JILLIAN)
"You seem upset."-(DANIELLE to JILLIAN)
"I don't want you to go."-(JILLIAN)
DANIELLE decides that she will go. She says that she doesn't want anything to do with them, bla bla bla, that CAROLINE is the "Matriarch" of that family, but that she is the "Matriarch of her family".
UM. at least 1/3rd of her family asked her not to go, so why is she going? Maybe to get more screen time?

CHRIS & JACKIE have a talk with ASHLEY.
They tell her the plan.
"None of us are going to talk about her anymore....that includes the internet"
"She's like herpes, she never goes away"-(ASHLEY) *correction 8/25
CHRIS says that her attitude isn't helping.
"I don't CARE!"-(ASHLEY)
"Promise me you won't do anything else, no internet, no nothing,'s time to move-on"-(CHRIS)

"I'm not the one that started anything"-(DANIELLE)
(calling ASHLEY a "coke-whore", playing her little PARIS HILTON phone thing to "piss people off", holding-up the fashion show for two hours.....didn't start anything?)
"This is what they're telling their daughters & sons to treat woman like; Chase them, investigate them, claw them..."-(DANIELLE)
"Woman that I know? I don't tink so."-(DANIELLE)
(AHA!---sorry DANIELLE, you just proved again that you're no JERSEY GIRL. JERSEY GIRLS don't have to tell their children to investigate people. JERSEY GIRLS are born knowing that we investigate everyone).
"I'll bring security"-(DANIELLE)
"She's living her life, I'm gettin' chased all-ova da place."-(DANIELLE)

CAROLINE talks to her children about her meeting with DANIELLE.
CAROLINE says that she's going to try & get pretty.
She wants to close the book.

DANIELLE does some breathing mumbo-jumbo
"DANIELLE'S Mafia, in place"-(DANIELLE)
we see JERRY, DANIELLE'S driver & bodyguard.
"There's guys here wit guns"-(DANIELLE)
CAROLINE explains that she arranged for a private room because DANIELLE likes to "make a scene".

The family is waiting back at THE BROWNSTONE.
ASHELY & JACKIE have an argument and ASHLEY walks-out.
CHRIS tells DEREK to tell ASHLEY to "keep her mouth shut".-(CHRIS)
JACKIE talks to ASHLEY like she's two years old and tells her to pull herself together & then come upstairs.
LAUREN gives ASHLEY a pep-talk.
She says that they'll go upstairs arm & arm together & be laughing and everything will be normal.
DEREK tells ASHLEY that she, "Needs to know your place."-(DEREK)
He tells her that she raised her voice.
This poor kid can't do anything right-can she?
Personally, I think that JACKIE is a real B-I-T-C-H to ASHLEY, and ASHLEY is constantly groveling for approval.
Can JACKIE ever let ASHLEY get the last word?
It sure seems like she ends-up apologizing every time she tries
And I don't know about their family, but if anyone tried what CHRIS did, with that "be the man" crap in my house, they might get kicked in the balls.And so would DEREK for having the nerve to go there.
Even the Italian people in my family wouldn't try that shit around women, unless they were looking to get hurt where it counts.
I really think this all had to be an act-even so, I resent the fact that it was acted-out.

CAROLINE says that she wants to teach their children how adults should act.
DANIELLE says that "What she did was illegal", "You do have to and I did have to be punished."
"You were that girl-you were that kid, is your chance to show everyone"-(CAROLINE)
CAROLINE explains that she agrees that what ASHLEY did was wrong.
"What did I do that was wrong?"-(DANIELLE)
"Tell the truth, then I'll respect you"-(CAROLINE)
"What have I done to attack you?" "Give me one example right now"-(CAROLINE)
CAROLINE gets pissed.
CAROLINE starts complaining about DANIELLE and her entourage at the BROWNSTONE. And calling her son a "faggot"
DANIELLE accuses CAROLINE of investigating her.
"You're not fooling me"-(CAROLINE)
"You wanna know something? You wanna know what you are? You're a clown."-(CAROLINE)
"When I called you garbage, I meant that you were garbage."-(CAROLINE)
that's it. CAROLINE leaves.
"TERESA'S husband's a drunk. and here's a little message for TERESA, at that age, my kids wore crinoline, my dogs wore lepord."-(DANIELLE)

DANIELLE brings the bodyguards in and makes her girls hug them.
We see an ad for her sex-video.

CAROLINE tells everyone what happened.
JACKIE says that she will never forgive DANIELLE.
I think that ASHLEY says thank-you to CAROLINE.
ASHLEY apologizes to her mom for the millionth time.
JACKIE tells her that she loves her "no matter what."

The two babies are adorable together. someone says that they are "falling in love".

SO, that's it. I have to say that I haven't liked DANIELLE, or JACKIE at all this season. And TERESA- well, when do I get my "free" 11 million dollars? When do you get yours? What would WE spend 11 MILLION DOLLARS ON?
If The GIUDICES were a private family, or friends, I probably wouldn't care, but I don't see how they expect to get-away with what they have done financially, and be in the public eye.
In my book, you can't have it both ways.
The only way that I will watch RHWONJ next season if THE GIUDICE'S are on it, is if they act like a family that is worth negative 11 million dollars. Which is worse than broke. Worse than being "poor". They are "poor" PLUS negative 11 mil. They are NOT the TRUMPS. They do NOT employ thousands of people with the money that they took and spent on themselves. They DO NOT deserve to have their debt forgiven. And if they get away Scott-free, I will not watch if they are on next season.

One thing BRAVO forgot to add in the ending credits, NONE of them, including BRAVO, are EVER! allowed in The NORTH JERSEY COUNTRY CLUB again! And I don't know if they'll be allowed in my house again either.