Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Boycott Begets Another?

I boycotted the premiere episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of DC tonight. I did that to protest what I see as BRAVO going "too far" with the series in general. I was not the only person who decided to boycott DC, we'll see how they do in the ratings. I hope there was an impact.
But that's not why I'm posting this message. I'm posting this to remark about what I DID watch.
It was a repeat of an episode of LAW & ORDER SVU, that originally aired on ST. PATRICK'S DAY, (March 17, 2010). I missed it the first time around.
The episode was titled, "Witness".  Season 11, episode 19 according to my YAHOO TV-Guide.
The story had the usual twists and turns of LAW & ORDER, and it was the very ending that left me in tears.
The title character, who's name I don't know-but her testimony scene stunned me, delivered a monologue about conditions in the CONGO.
I'm making this post as a marker, and a place-holder for future research on this topic, because I'd like to find some quotes from the show, and also do some research to learn more about current conditions in the CONGO. There was one line in particular, a line about the "three T's"; tungsten, Titanium, and something else, that the "Witness" articulated as being valuable components for the USA electronic/cell-phone manufacturing market, as being the cause of AFRICAN-RWANDAN violence.
I need to know if any of what was said in this story, was truly, "ripped from the headlines".
Because if it was, you can sign me up for any/ and all boycotts or protests that affect UNITED STATES policy regarding violence in AFRICA.