Friday, August 6, 2010

The End is Near?

The title of this post about the DC HOUSEWIVES, caught my eye. Of course I don't have to bother to learn how to spell the WHITE HOUSE PARTY-CRASHER'S name, since I will not be watching the series, or commenting much about it. Over at CRAZY DAYS AND NIGHTS DOT NET,
they have an Apocalyptic view of REALITY TELEVISION, courtesy of THE HOUSEWIVES. As with any good doomsday scenario, the author includes a prediction.
"In order to get attention in the 24/7 world of buzz, everyone who is on a show or wants to be on a show will push a little harder and harder and then finally in the next year or two, something will make it explode. I don't know if it will be a death or an injury, but something will happen. It has too. You can't just keep pushing and pushing and not expecting anything to happen. The bubble will burst. Michaele Salahi is the beginning of the end."-Crazy Days & Nights
Personally, I think "something" already has happened. And that's why I won't be watching the DC bunch. I think it started somewhere before SPOOKY ISLAND, and continued with RHWONJ. And yeah, those people who's name I will never have to learn how to spell are the continuation of it. Maybe the "something" will be terrible ratings that force BRAVO to act responsibly?