Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bravo makes actors Pay for Sets! URL for TERESA'S Online Auction

HERE IS THE LINK to register & bid on the contents of TERESA'S home. The online company only charges ten dollars, unlike the in person which requires a $300. deposit to attend.
It looks like they plan on web-casting the event if/when it happens. (Aug 22)
If you have seen the photos of the inventory, you may have noticed that you've seen the items ON TV!
ROB @ POPEATER posted a plea this morning that our HOUSEWIVES are not being paid fairly.
Was he only guessing, based-on TERESA'S bank papers?
OR, is he serious?
IF he was serious, think about it.
Who pays for their own sets?
Should JOE & TERESA and their family pay for that crap for years?
Should they have had to buy the sets in the first place?
Or, are the cast willing to continue to say that HOUSEWIVES is "reality"?
Also keep in mind that the daytime syndication deal will be affected by this.
http://absurdtosublime. (HeRE)  did a story about syndication today.
Think about the REALITY TV children. Do their parents have the right to sign-away their residuals & syndication rights?