Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Viewer Participation IRL Round-up of contests & stuff

I just found an item about  THIS (click here)  in the BRAVO Message boards.

Participate in a RHNJ Survey for an Article with a Major Online-Media Outlet!

Its an invitation to answer a suvey and email your responses to be included in an article "addressed to ANDY COHEN".
Also, if you haven't already heard, or you did hear, but need the link, there are a couple of contests going-on.
THE REALLY OLD HOUSEWIFE OF MANATEE, is awarding a "survivor" magnet to people picked-from comments posted on her blog. HeRE is the SURVIVOR Contest
And the eagerly awaited TWITTER Inagural awards, live on TWITTER! (Central Standard time).
HERE! is the link  for more details, and yeah, it looks like cocktail/semi-formal dress is required?
Also, LITSNITCH is entered in THE COUNTESS'S Lip-syncing contest, and she needs VOTES!
You can find your way there (here) by following instructions and voting, "thumbs-up".