Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kim G. Works for Free? 

After all of the fuss yesterday about our JERSEY GIRLS and how much they are paid, I was surprised to see that TOM, aka, "The Celebrity Magnet", actually has an item on his blog, (link above), that says exactly what more than a few commenters were supposing about the HOUSEWIVES yesterday. And that is, that at least one HOUSEWIFE, KIM G., does the show FOR FREE!.
OK, maybe KIM G. isn't an "official" HOUSEWIFE yet, but I'm willing to bet that DANNY P. collected a paycheck.
TOM has a few great stories about KIM G. on his blog, it's worth a visit, and speaking-of visits, he says that he spent the day with KIM G., (and has photos & video to prove it!).
Here's the quote about KIM G., copied from his site., also, he says that KIM D. is KIM G.'s cousin.
Hmmmm. I thought they were Sister's-in-law?
"…like how the other Kim on the show, “Kim D,” is actually her cousin. And, how Kim G does not even get paid to do the show, she just enjoys working on it, and would definitely do another season if it happens." (from Celebrity Magnet)