Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who is Dennis D and What is he Doing With Bravo?

So I was perusing, (here)(Adult Video News), to see if I could get any sales data for DANIELLE'S sex video, and I happened to notice this article;(copied from AVN)

DNA Owner Dennis D. Shooting Reality Show

DNA Owner Dennis D. Shooting Reality Show
LOS ANGELES—DNA owner Dennis D. has always been a busy man. While DNA is still in business, though with a lower profile, he’s got mainstream projects firing on all cylinders.
D. told AVN today that he’s currently filming a reality TV show that’s slated to air on Bravo this fall that follows the exploits of him and two friends. The show is a spin-off of a popular show currently on the cable network. D. wouldn’t divulge the name of the show because it’s currently in production.

 OK. I'm intrigued. A "popular" BRAVO show, "currently on the network"...............SPIN-OFF???
Dennis has a TWITTER, so I'm off to TWITTER-STALK him a little, and see if I can find any more clues about this one.
(EDIT/UPDATE) OK-so He's following 21 people on TWITTER. Here are all of the women he is following, copied from his list. LIZZIE GRUBMAN is one name that stands-out for me as a "possible" here. Her name has been mentioned as a replacement for BETHENNY a few times.(copied list from TWITTER)

DENISE_RICHARDS   Denise Richards
Jessalynnhinton Jessica Hinton
TheRealEve   Eve
ShandiMissUSA Shandi Finnessey
Lindsaylohan   Lindsay Lohan
AubreyODay   Aubrey O'Day
juliebenz   Julie Benz
AudrinaPatridge   Audrina Patridge
hollymadison123   Holly Madison
LizzieGrubman Lizzie Grubman
joannakrupa Joanna Krupa
HollyHuddleston Holly Huddleston
ShannaMoakler   Shanna Moakler