Monday, August 9, 2010

I can't wait to say Arriva Derci' to Season II

So I'm getting warmed-up here for this episode, and I notice how easy it is for DANIELLE to lie.
I'm watching the scene with DANIELLE & KIM G. at  PORTOBELLO, when DANIELLE says to KIM G.
that her daughter, (CHRISTINE), was,
 "very upset"-(DANIELLE talking about CHRISTINE), to hear that DANIELLE was looking-for her biological mother.
We all saw the scene where CHRISTINE told DANIELLE that she knew about looking for the biological mom, and it was very clear that she was not upset at all. To DANIELLE, that was, "very upset"? LIER.

THE GIUDICES are having a dinner-party to celebrate JOE'S DUI.
"You gonna do any driving-'cause I'll drive."-(CHRIS)
"Whaddaya tryin' ta say?"-(TERESA)

DANNY & DANIELLE are out together talking about JOE'S DUI.

Back to THE GIUDICES' place-JOE describes his version of the story. Wine is being served in individual fish-bowls.

Back at the diner, DANIELLE says something about how,
 "strip-clubs are open"-(DANIELLE), at 2am, and what the hell is JOE doing out at that hour when he has four children at home.

"CAROLINE didn't investigate TERESA & JOE did she? ....why did she investigate me?"-(DANIELLE)
Yeah-I bet that CAROLINE'S been asking herself the same question!
We see DANIELLE chewing something. Is there something wrong with her teeth? My God, this woman can't even eat without being dramatic.

"We need to seriously relax and get away from all this drama."-(TERESA)
"How about Italy?"-(TERESA)
They toast to , "Bella Vita."

"I said as a joke, "we should go on vacation", and TERESA decides we should go to Italy"-(CAROLINE to ALBERT)

"ASHLEY can't go, but maybe we should bring the little ones."-(JACKIE)

"Are you payin' for it? If you pay for it we're goin'."-(JOE)

TERESA is wearing Rosary beads around her neck.  Everybody is packing and getting ready to go.
JACKIE explains that ASHLEY is staying behind because she has to work to pay her lawyer bill from the attack on DANIELLE.

JOE and NETTIE,  CAROLINE'S parents, FILOMENA, JOE'S mom, FRANK, JOE'S father, , and an assortment of in-laws bring the party to a total of 20. (not including camera crews!)

JOE has his hands full of wine as they all get aboard a limo to the airport.

Now we're in VENICE.
"The master plan is we spend a day in Venice and then we board a cruise ship..and so it begins"-(CAROLINE)

For as much crazy I may or may not have to endure on this trip, seeing them made it all worth it"-(CAROLINE)

TERESA wants to go to CHANEL.
"That girl was on a mission, a quest, to find CHANEL."-(CAROLINE)
They finally found it, but it was closed.
JOE tells TERESA that she has a problem with spending money and shopping.
TERESA shows everyone an ugly green emerald ring and says, "At least I got to buy sumptin' in Venice."

The party embarks on the COZA DELIZIAOSO ship. They all wave "Arriva derci" to Venice.

JOE talks to CHRIS about,
"putting all that bull-*beep behind me."-(JOE) at the bar on board.
Then they gossip about DANIELLE.

During the commercial break, we see a preview of next week's episode about DANIELLE'S search for her biological mom. There's another episode? I thought this was it.

CAROLINE is going to watch the GIUDICE children so that TERESA & JOE can have sex. JACKIE and CHRIS take a cooking class together. They make pasta with pesto sauce. ALBERT and CAROLINE entertain the GIUDICE girls. CAROLINE says that she had a bad attitude about baby-sitting, but ALBERT was better. I agree.

Its MILANIA'S birthday. She's four.
 "I'm four!"-(MILANIA)
TERESA has planned a private party.
JACKIE and her son are sea-sick
MILANIA falls asleep during her birthday party. They wake her up for the cake.
The cake has chocolate frosting and what looks like potato-chips as garnish.
That was a really bad idea. Of course she cries, what did they think would happen?

Three minutes to go in this episode, and I don't think there was any drama except for the children whining a little, and hearing TERESA'S whining. At one point in the gondolas, JACKIE remarked about hearing TERESA whine.

We end the episode with CAROLINE talking at the dinner table about how relaxed JACKIE is, and how great everyone is, bla, bla, bla... In the scenes from next week, we hear CAROLINE saying,
"This trip is anything but civilized. This trip is mayhem."-(CAROLINE)