Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Everything the Media Tells us a Lie? REAL HOUSEWIVES Make me Real Cynical

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I've watched every single episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES of NEW YORK CITY, and NEW JERSEY in 2010. Even the many of the "real", (and I'd almost feel stupid at this point to not put quotes around that word), "Housewives" themselves, have spoken-out about how "real", "reality"-TV is.
To say that I'm cynical about REALITY TELEVISION right now, would be an understatement.
But has my experience with "reality"-TV, clouded my vision, so much so, that I now see FAKES everywhere?
When it comes to THE HOUSEWIVES, and their "reality", or their version of it as-seen-on-TV, it's currently my opinion that it's a mixed-bag.
KELLY and DANIELLE, have both made public statements claiming that they are actors doing their jobs.
Those two have good reasons for saying that!
Some of the others, insist that they are, "keepin' it real".
Do I think that THE REAL HOUSEWIVES are as scripted as THE HILLS? No. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
THE HILLS were caught red-handed, even exposed for sending dialogue/lines via text-message, during taping. So they coined a new term, "scripted-reality", and continued-on. They even had a spectacular surprise ending to have a laugh over how fake they really were.
We KNOW that HEIDI is technically, physically, um, plastic/FAKE. But is SPENCER really nuts? Or just "reality"-nuts?

And don't even get me started on THE KARDASIANS. They're eye-candy, and mostly a mindless pleasant way to waste an hour, or an afternoon if you're watching a marathon. But maybe they should stay-away from sensitive subjects like Domestic Violence? Was that an act? Because those Kwazy-Kardashians didn't fool anyone when they convinced ROB to pretend like he "accidentally" ingested un-stoppable boner-pills.
And KIM did a pretty bad job herself of acting like she found a sick pup when she actually borrowed the dog.

But just like TWOP classifies "competitive reality", with "candid reality", when it comes to competition, I know that I expect a higher-standard. OK, maybe not in a silly "pimps & whores" competition like FLAVOR OF LOVE, or ROCK OF LOVE, but in something like AMERICAN IDOL, (HEY! They have the word "American" in the title, that has to give it some credibility-doesn't it?),  one would hope that there's not a lot of cheating. It's a TALENT show. How do you CHEAT in a talent show?

Well, VOTEFORTHEWORST.COM, has already exposed how its done. Those stadium cattle-calls? FAKE according-to In one recent season, had ferreted-out the fact that the MAJORITY of finalists, had been selected for Golden Tickets BEFORE the auditions had even begun.

Oh well, its still a talent contest-right? We can see with our eyes, and hear with our ears, and we can judge for ourselves who is the most talented.

That is unless the producers CHEAT.  That's right. The British version of AMERICAN IDOL, X-FACTOR, where SIMON COWELL now sits at the Judges-table, has ADMITTED that they use AUTO-TUNE, not only to enhance bad-singers, but to make good-singers, sound BAD! And even in some cases, to make bad-singers sound even worse.
And that sympathetic sweet "amateur", who claimed to be a receptionist for the past 5 years, who charmed the audience into wild applause and fake-flubbed only to beg SIMON for one more chance? That would be katie-waissel-aka-katie-vogel aka ... , a seasoned professional.

All right then, I tell myself,
"Don't trust entertainment.".
News. Cold hard news. They can't screw with that too much, can they?
"Just the facts M'am "-as they say.
I love a good conspiracy theory maybe even more than most people. I am naturally a little bit cynical & suspicious in general. I try to keep myself balanced somewhere between healthy skepticism and paranoia.
But the media sure isn't making that easy for me.
I recently watched an interesting investigative-journalism news report, (or should I say, "story?"), exposing those scoundrels hawking education. The FBI was even mentioned as being involved. I found the story so interesting, and legitimate, that I found myself synopsizing the highlights for some friends.
Apparently, homeless people and other unfortunates were being taken-advantage-of by being relentlessly hounded to sign-up for bogus educations at "degree mills". The hapless homeless were easy-pickin's for OBAMA GRANTS, a marketing-term for Federal Student Loan & grant monies.
An investigation ensued, and the GOOD-GUYS win!
Just a minute. An INVESTIGATION? Maybe someone should investigate the investigators?
THAT would be paranoid-wouldn't it?
Sure. But, just in case, let's find-out who PAID for that investigation.
So they did. And (article here) discovered that the "investigation" was bought & paid-for by an INVESTMENT FIRM.
An investment company that just happened to have a financial interest in the "outcome" of the "research".
Yeah-I put the sarcasm-quotes there again because its not really research if you manipulate the "outcome" is it?
Apparently, making diploma mills look bad can make stock-market short-sellers rich.
They even convinced the subjects of their "research" to sign a plea to the Federal Government.
Incidentally, the same group of short-sellers actually made money by short-selling in the sleazy/shaky mortgage market when the economy crashed.
(copied from article on
executives from homeless shelters and service agencies around the country eventually signed the letter, addressed to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, asserting that "for-profit trade schools and career colleges are systematically preying upon our clients." The June 17 letter pledged "unequivocal" support to the department's steps to tighten regulation of the for-profit industry.
Some who signed had personal knowledge of aggressive recruiting tactics, but others told ProPublica they had only heard about them secondhand from colleagues and news reports. Early visited with many of the executives, they said, drafted the letter and coordinated the effort to get them to sign.
What Early did not tell Panico or several others who signed: She was working for a financial firm that pays her to investigate for-profit schools.-(
If you've seen DANIELLE'S "hit" (there go those pesky quotes again), song, 
(I like PEREZ'S version. (Here) "HORRIFFIC!" and the comments are great),
then you might be thinking like I am that someone either accidentally, or accidentally-on-purpose forgot to plug the AUTO-TUNE in? Because they sounded OK on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE. Was THAT fake?
Or-could it be a double-whammy mind-F?

I'm not the greatest PHOTO-SHOPPER in the world. In fact, I use MS-PAINT.  Recently I've been playing with my #TWITTER avatar & background. I was fooling-around with a photo, or what looked-like a photograph, of one-of the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. I won't name who it was, because like I said, I'm no expert in digital graphics. But when I enlarged the image, I wondered if what I saw were the tell-tale signs of an entirely FAKE, (computer-generated), image of a person.-The jury is still out on that.

What about MARY BALE? Did she really throw someone's pet kitty in a WHEELIE-BIN (story here)?
Is there even such a thing as a WHEELIE-BIN???????
Maybe its all just RUBBISH!