Monday, June 7, 2010


Gia is at acting lessons. She's working-on her audition for a CHRISTIAN SLATER movie.
There's a wedding at THE BROWNSTONE. CHRISTOPHER narrates that he "got a promotion", at The BROWNSTONE."
JACKIE & KIM G. show-up at THE CHATEAU salon to have pedicures at the same time!
KIM G. says that she's "So drained, so exhausted." because she is friends with DANIELLE.
This is the night after the charity event at THE BROWNSTONE.
KIM G. says that she was "very embarrassed, very uncomfortable." about what happened.
JACKIE tells KIM G. that "You can't say anything negative.." to DANIELLE-(JACKIE), and that DANIELLE basically makes a big dramatic deal out of everything.
"My good friend KIM G. is going to throw me my first adult Birthday party."-(DANIELLE)
KIM G. asks if DANNY is going to be there.
"A choice of an escort could have been better."-(KIM G.) they argue about what happened at THE BROWNSTONE and the use of the word "faggot."
They go to the party.
DANIELLE crys because THE MANZOS will "get satisfaction" out of seeing KIM G. & DANIELLE argue about them at her party. boo-hoo.
DINA and her assistant are working on PROJECT LADYBUG.
"DANIELLE is dangerous, one of her friends called my nephew a gay slur."-(DINA)
She says that she's going to see DANIELLE.
She says that she wants to stay away from her and tell her, (DANIELLE), to, "stay outta my life".-(DINA)
GIA gets some feedback about her accent. She didn't get the part in the movie. She's assigned a voice coach.
GIA decides that she wants to stay true to her JERSEY GIRL roots, and she will be tawkin' cawfee-tawk!
Good girl GIA!
DANIELLE'S dog is FACEBOOK FAMOUS! Someone made an, "I HATE DANIELLE'S DOG" page on FACEBOOK. KIM G. tells her to call the police!
Why do I have the feeling that as I write this KIM G. is becoming FACEBOOK FAMOUS in some demented way?
"I got a phone call this morning that Danielle is telling people that my daughter is threatening her and that supposedly she is sending the police to my house to have her arrested."-(JACKIE)
JACKIE calls ASHLEY and summons her to lunch with her & THERESA. JACKIE tells TERESA that while she was in the hospital she heard something about ASHLEY & DANIELLE having a facebook war.
JACKIE asks ASHLEY if she sent DANIELLE a text saying, "I will kill you."
"She said that I need to lose weight in my arms!"-(ASHLEY)
ASHLEY confesses to messaging DANIELLE after she heard about what happened at THE BROWNSTONE.
DANIELLE takes DANNY to a mens store. She wants to do a My Fair Lady on him & his vulgar language.
While they are there DINA calls on DANIELLE'S cell. DANIELLE pretends that she doesn't know who DINA is. They agree to meet at CHAKRA at 6 to have a talk.
DANIELLE & DANNY assume that DINA is going to apologise.
"Is it just you and I?"-(DANIELLE), "Its just me and you."-(DINA)
DANIELLE asks DANNY to stick-around for more bodyguard duty. Wonder if the HELLS ANGELS will be needed? Maybe they better invite the KKK just to be sure?
ASHLEY tells DEREK that DANIELLE made up a lie that ASHLEY said that she was going to kill DANIELLE.
ASHLEY'S mom read her FACEBOOK status & calls her to tell her to take-off what she just posted there about DANIELLE having a warrant out for her arrest.
ASHLEY says that she wants people on TEAM ASHLEY.
ASHLEY wants to talk trash about DANIELLE and DEREK tells her "Enough."-(DEREK)


BIG family dinner at CAROLINE' S. EVERYONE is there except DINA. TERESA'S baby pooped, so they'll be an hour and 45 minutes late.
Big lead-up to DINA & DANIELLE'S meeting. Going back and forth between the two of them in narration and set-up.
ASHLEY brings-up DANIELLE at the big family dinner table. JACKIE says that she was getting a lot of phone calls about what DANIELLE was saying.
CAROLINE says that ASHLEY had the right intentions but that her "delivery was all wrong."
"We will make a pact never to speak of her again."-(CAROLINE),

"Ze vibrator changes everyting!"-(BRAVO promo), starting to burn a hole in my brain.

Five minutes left to go, so I guess the meeting between DINA & DANIELLE is the climax to tonight's episode? Lucky thing that DANNY is waiting in the parking-lot with his cell-phone in his lap because DANIELLE fears that she may be "ambushed."

DANIELLE is at CHAKRA before DINA. They do a little PR 102. ("you look pretty") .
DINA declines to order because she says they won't be there very long. She launches into a speech. She says that the only thing that makes her unhappy in her life is having DANIELLE in it. She says that she wants to set boundaries to keep DANIELLE out of her and her family's life.
"Shoosh.", "Don't shoosh me." (both of them)
"You have no right to sit here and tell me who you think I am."-(DANIELLE)
and that was it.