Saturday, June 5, 2010

Theresa is a F'ng B

There's no other way to put it. MY first clue, (ok-some of you were on to her a LOT earlier), was the fact that she just HAD to mention DANIELLE in her (cook) BOOK. Yep, she named the "prostitute's pasta", after DANIELLE. Cute? NO!
But then she went too far. She's been Twittering nasty comments about my girl BETHENNY and her darling baby-girl. Posting crap-comments, for no reason really, about BETHENNY'S weight-loss, and the fact that baby-girl is a light-weight. (AS-IF its ANY of her business BITCH!).
Is BETHENNY a JERSEY GIRL at heart? 'Cause she sure knows our REAL state motto, "PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH.", and THERESA just got paid-back.
It was bad enough that TMZ  posted a photo of THERESA along-side of ZIRA from PLANET OF THE APES, with a "seperated at birth?"-type headline. THAT almost made me feel sorry for her.
But that wasn't ALL of it. Today's NY POST finished-off what TMZ started, and published the details of THERESA'S financial situation.
How embarrassing! And WHY do they owe 12-grand to a fertility clinic yet pretend like they can't stop pooping-out children?
Somebody sure has BETHENNY'S back. THERESA made a big mistake when she messed with her.
Why couldn't she just mind her own sordid business?