Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little ANGELS & big devils

"I think they're gonna have to make a bigger Cadillac for us TERESA."-(JOE)
KIM G. tells DANIELLE, "I live in this town and I live in a very beautiful home.", but that her close friends live somewhere else, and are not wealthy.
JOHNNY G. comes home from California and The Manzos are happy to see him. CAROLINE tells JOHNNY G. that KIM G.(GRANATEL?), (his mom), invited her for lunch, and that she said "No."
"I cannot risk you guys and your friendship over petty things."-(CAROLINE)
DINA and THERESA have a talk about DANIELLE.
"DANIELLE coming to THE BROWNSTONE, there's an agenda behind it."-(DINA)
"DANIELLE is just like a ticking time bomb. Tick-tok, tick-tok. Psycho bitch!"-(TERESA)
ASHLEY goes out to dinner with ALBE, LAUREN, and her boyfriend DEREK. In narration ASHLEY tells us, "I'm on birth control and everything, I'm making good choices."
ALBE says to DEREK at dinner, "Look at ASHLEY, at a young age she has made a lot of mistakes in her life."
JACKIE tells us in narration that she fears that ASHLEY will "end up pregnant". (most women do get pregnant eventually!) JACKIE again tells us that she married too young the 1st time.
JACKIE and DEREK'S mom share a bottle of wine at DEREK'S home.
DEREK'S mom tells JACKIE that she "partied with the best of them.", then they get tipsy & silly.
ALBERT talks to CHRIS about the charity event. They agree on "No DANIELLE drama."
Its GIA'S birthday!
She's having a SWEET & SASSY SALON party, complete with pink limo, a trip to the salon, chocolate facials, and dirty-looks from her middle-sister. Her present is a 4-wheeler, and she already knows how to drive it.
"Gia's a girly-girl. Theresa only raises divas, not tomboys."-(TERESA)
Later-on in this episode, DINA says about DANIELLE, "That bitch, she pissed me off."
But maybe that explains the mystery of WHY? it appears that DANIELLE'S make-up person was "pissed-off"? Did DINA get-to the person who did DANIELLE'S make-up here? Because from the way that I understand it, make-up is supposed to enhance a person's looks, NOT make them ugly.
Which is what someone did to DANIELLE in this evening's episode. Instead-of playing-up DANIELLE'S better features, the ugliness of DANIELLE'S soul, (if she has one), was brought-out and enhanced with her make-up job.
DANIELLE, KIM G. & DANNY are getting ready for the charity event. They agree that the event is "all about the baby."
DANNY says that he can drink without asking permission in 6 days, when his parole is over.
KIM G. bites her lip.
JOE has the new baby's name added to a tattoo on his arm.
CAROLINE tells JACKIE & TERESA that she shaves her "entire face", every day. She says that its an "exfoliate."
DANIELLE arrives at THE BROWNSTONE. DANNY has an entourage there to meet them.
"DANNY brought the head of the HELL'S ANGELS."-(DANIELLE)
We see a few goonish-looking guys, and one is wearing motorcycle club colors that say, "HELL'S ANGELS MC~NY"
DANIELLE & CHRIS shake hands and exchange greetings. In narration DANIELLE says that she shook CHRIS'S hand as an "FU."
CHRIS says hello to KIM G. and tells her that she's "in for a surprise.", because they are "overdressed."
We see that the other guests at the event are wearing camouflage. A hunting club is sponsoring the event. Later, CHRIS calls the club's style of dress, "ELMER FUDD."
DANIELLE meets the sick girl's family. She tells them that they can have anything they want from her. She says, "She's going to be fine." about the sick baby.
Someone tells us that DANIELLE brought "10 or 20 NON-PAYING guests." in her entourage.
"Our table was nowhere to be found."-(DANIELLE)
DANNY brags that he went downstairs & ordered CHRIS to set-up another table. Its explained that THE BROWNSTONE sets-up tables exactly as the guests request. We see a table being set-up in the already crowded room.
"Who pushed my wife?",
 "Why are you moving people?"
(BRAVO captions)
DANIELLE & her crew decide to leave.
"How much are you going to disrespect us before we wreck the joint?"-(DANNY)
DANNY used a lot of bad language in front of KIM G. "F"-this, "F'n"- that. KIM G. maintained her composure, but I could tell that she'd much rather be drinking white wine with RAMONA-NYHOUSEWIVES.
ALBERT debriefs CHRIS about "DANIELLE drama?"-(ALBERT).
CHRIS explains exactly what happened, and said that a "guy came to me saying, "We don't want these people here,".
JACKIE narrates that DANIELLE will play the victim in her version of the story, and says,
"She's not a victim, she's a nut-job."-(JACKIE)