Monday, June 21, 2010

DANIELLE is a liar & what else is new

"Getting my breasts done wasn't for aesthetic reasons. I'm gonna be very clear,  it was a necessity"-(DANIELLE)
Oh yeah, that was REAL, (insert sarcasm), clear-NOT!
She's trying to give a false impression here, isn't she?
Is she talking about the FIRST time that she had them done? The 2nd?, The 3rd, or this 4th operation?
I don't know because she did not CLARIFY, she was not "clear", she was evasive & slimy about whatever the truth is.
"Necessity"-because she was a man? Because of the pain?, To help her career as a prostitute?
While DANIELLE was still under the drugs, the first thing she said was, "How do they look?"-I think that is the definition of "aesthetics"-isn't it?
She also said something about  being in pain every minute of every day, so that's a good reason, but then she says something about being "desirable".
Ewww she's talking baby-tawk in her narration again.

I don't feel like wasting my time blogging the entire episode, so I'll just mention the parts that really stood-out for me tonight.
TERESA took a page out of JILL'S book, and told JACKIE that KIM from POSCHE could not be her friend if she was friends with DANIELLE.

ALBIE----ok, I love him. (in case you didn't see the episode, he flunked-out of law school and had to tell CAROLINE. She cried. Then she gave him a great pep-talk. I think I love her too for that.)
I don't know about this whole "learning disability". But I do believe it when ALBIE talks about how hard he has been working in school, and that it really doesn't come easy for him at all, but he keeps working because he has a dream to be a lawyer. The school told him that he wasn't cut-out for law, basically told him to give-up. Something tells me that he's going to keep working.

CAROLINE tried to cut-off all mention of the word "DANIELLE". KIM, KIM, and ASHLEY wanted to talk about her. The KIMS got JACKIE to talk about her too.

OK, it looks-like next week will be the big showdown with DANIELLE, ASHLEY, TERESA...