Monday, June 14, 2010

Is the Sleeveless FUR VEST leaving The HOUSEWIVES 4-eva?

No commercial-break after the NEW YORK PART II RE-UNION.
Back-to DINA & DANIELLE in the restaurant.
DINA tells DANIELLE that she was "on your team."
THEY both talk over each-other.
DINA says in narration, "You can't even have a conversation with her."
DINA gets up. She says, "I'm leaving to cut you out of my life."
DANIELLE says, "I'm not dis. pose. a. ble."
"Don't you ever mistake my kindness for weakness again."-(DINA)
They get catty about hair & age.
People in the restaurant are looking.
DINA leaves. "Crazy bitch."-(DINA)
DANIELLE calls her goon-squad.
MILANIA, (age 3), is wearing THE FUR VEST on the outing to The Pumpkin Farm.
DINA visits CAROLINE & JACKIE to discuss her talk with DANIELLE.
She makes fun of DANIELLE saying "I'm not crazy".
"She's pure evil".-(CAROLINE)
"This was her chance to make it all better, and she blew it."-(DINA)
(I thought it was DINA'S plan to tell her she never wanted to see her again?)
DANIELLE is out with KIM G. and some gals.
She imitates DINA.
DANIELLE then shows a "very long email" on her phone, that DINA sent her the next morning.
DANIELLE says that she replied, "Lol, whatever."
JACKIE has a sick baby. KIM G. drops by JACKIE'S house.
CAROLINE, in narration says that she has reservations about this friendship.
KIM brings-up the DINA/DANIELLE drama.
JACKIE tells KIM that DANIELLE hunts-out friends who have money to meet a rich man.
BRAVO shows KIM G. telling DANIELLE that she should call an attorney about nasty texts.
KIM G. tells JACKIE that she told DANIELLE to, "Let it go."
On the BRAVO clip, KIM is shown egging DANIELLE on to "call the police & press charges."
KIM, is double-crossing JACKIE here.
Memo to self: read BRAVO BLOGS to see what they say about THIS!
I think I just heard some jaws drop in FRANKLIN LAKES NJ.
The guys are at A&S purveying delicacies for poker-night.
DEREK is invited.
ALBIE & CHRIS discuss initiating DEREK.
The tab at A&S is $548. and change, for six guys.
DANIELLE has some girls over. "There were hidden-cameras planted."-(DANIELLE)
"My attorney shut him down."-(DANIELLE)
They're talking about STEVE.
STEVE is shown arriving at JACKIE'S house for poker-night.
TERESA & JACKIE are in the kitchen discussing DANIELLE & STEVE'S sex-tape.
They call STEVE into the kitchen.
JACKIE tells STEVE that what he did was "disgusting."
STEVE tells the girls, that DANIELLE sent him videos on his phone. "The majority of the stuff was stuff she sent to me."-(STEVE)
He says that that is why she dropped the case. That she had no case against him.
"DANIELLE video-taped herself, with mirrors & everything, and sent 'um to me on my phone."-(STEVE) tells the guys.
DANIELLE is wearing the sleeveless FUR VEST. (OK. See my NY HOUSEWIVES DRINKING GAME. I'll have to add "take a drink", for THE FUR VEST).
She's trying-on lingerie with her girlfriends in a store.
ASHLEY's purple-hat has changed to a moldy-green color.
The ladies are spying on the men with a baby-monitor/camera.
ASHLEY gets pissed because her mom tells her that she looks like her grand mom.
JACKIE throws ASHLEY out of her house.
DEREK stays.
DANIELLE, KIM G.and SUE, go to a titty-bar called THE SQUEEZE, (sleeze? skeeve?) LOUNGE. DANNY & goons are there.
KIM G. can't handle the pole.
DANIELLE humps the pole. She reverts to baby-tawk in narration explaining how it was for her in the old-days.
ANDY says, "Keep watching. Something BIG is about to happen.", on the set of WWHL.
DINA is in narration. BRAVO shows flash-backs of DINA & DANIELLE.
"Maybe she's got multiple personalities?"-(DINA)
"I tried. I'm done. I'm out."-(DINA)
"I'm not even sure what she's fully capable of doing, but I'm not gonna be here to find-out."-(DINA)
TITLES come up that say that DINA chose to stop filming to avoid contact with DANIELLE. Bla bla.